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Once your circuit get more complex they will wan to communicate to other device or to store information or to manipulate information. There are many ways and languages used to interpret these signals, Morse code is just one of them.
Signals, however are never perfect, it takes time for voltage or current to change and after effects like 'ringing' can distort the true message. Anonymous234it actually stood for nothing at the time it was appointed as the international distress signal.

Also most signal will encounter varying degrees of noise for random events and outside interference. The track drips ambient layers into a smooth slow jam that makes you want to take a long drive and zone out.
These are most commonly know as pulse signal and can be read by measuring the presence, or lack of, current. If the voltage you send is representing a number (eg sending 12 volt is sending the number 12) there is ambiguity, is it 12 or is it 12.00034 etc.

You may only have low levels of noise, but if your signal has low levels too it might get lost against the noise.

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