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Rattling sound after getting stuck in mudd?This is a discussion on Rattling sound after getting stuck in mudd?
Grizzly Engine & Transmission Discuss your Grizzly engine and transmission modifications here. 2 heat range hotter plug, Warn Winch, Passenger Foot Rests, Rock Deflectors, Heated Grips and Hand Mitts, Grab Strap, Cooling System Up-Grade and multiple position mirrors. But it seems to have some type of clamp around it like it may have been connected to something.
I have checked some other online forums and have seen things about intake manifold resonating and timing belt tensioner getting bad and even checking the ocv filter (i intend to tackle that one this weekend). If it gives u a DTC code P1346 chances that ur timing chain or tensioner or some oda stuff is worn out.
I will take the valve cover off over the weekend to see what the tension in the chain is like and what the timing is like as well.

The rattle got louder and engine sounded like a diesel engine by the time i got to the villa but power or economy didnt take a dive though. After several consultations with different mechs who were recommended by reliable friends, i changed the camshaft.
Have since travelled to lag and back with the car and no issues so far so i guess they were right. The actuator is the ( round stuff at the end of the camshaft with the sprocket (teeth or gear) attached to it as is depicted in the pix I attached.
Intake cam is the one close to your intake (plastic) manifold and exhaust cam is close to the exhaust manifold as well. However if you are not getting any of this codes, then ur camshafts and OCV are still okay. Heavy oils like Mobil XHP or oils of similar weight will have the car make that noise at start up.

You probably just have noisy valve lifters (that's a guess since it cleared when u switched to slightly thicker oil) or the pin in the camshaft sprocket that locks the cam in slowpoke angle is slightly worn (Also happens to high mileage 2AZ FE). I used one on my 2007 camry with high mileage and d engine noise was too much,tho no oil leak. The 2az fe engine was so successful, toyota used it for more than 6 years and the variants are what you see in newer camrys. The rattle is not a problem unless your camshaft actuator is being starved of oil in which case you just change the actuator and you are good to go. The 2azfe engines have some of the highest recorded miles in cars in the US without a rebuild.

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