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An example of a good sight picture if you happen to be using ghost ring sights on a pistol. Marui GLOCK 17 with JLP Accelerator fiber optic front sight and Ghost Ring CQB rear sight shooting test. In this video, Bo Wallace of XS Sight Systems goes through a How-To tutorial on adjusting your ghost ring aperture for proper windage and elevation settings. Ragnarok Odyssey Ace also includes a Yggdrasil Hat and Yggdrasil Ring for use in Ragnarok Online. I would say it can get repetitive at times, but the combat is actually pretty good and fluid. If you played the first game you can import character data like your: name, gender, body color, face type, hairstyle, hair color, class, and voice type.
However, clothes cards and cards received through the near application will not transfer over.

You get the Kingdom Knight Leader costume for male characters and the Princess Dress for female characters. I had to go fight him over 100 by myself until I discovered what were his weak points, his patterns, and where to stand still whenever he decides to do his volcanic move.
Your clothes and the color of your clothes will go back to the default for whatever class your character is.
These items give you Ace Spirits skills, increase your max HP, and ups the damage for all Ace skills. But it is pretty tasteful, not like those games where they believe one would have to grind in an early spot for 40 hours until you can move on to the next stage, and repeat that for another 40 hours. Hrungnir, the Frost Giant Leader, he was my second problematic foe, until I discovered that all you have to do was simply to lock onto his face and dash around in midair, making sure never to get near his head (the weakest of all weak points he has) until you break his shoulders (which they generate an invisible barrier that blows away any unfortunate warrior crazy enough to attack his face from the get-go).
All it missed was the ability to do Friend Requests and Player Invites from within the game.

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Here, the grinding is enjoyable, since all you do during your outings is train your player skills with you weapon of choice! And it was tedious to do so, because pressing home would automatically disconnect your session when coordinating a game with your Grouo Messages. And the only people who don’t use it are those who are very shy to use the voice chat.

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