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Author: admin, 26.01.2016
Twenty-one of the world’s top-25 news organizations have been the target of likely state-sponsored hacking attacks, according to research by two Google security engineers.
The attacks were launched by hackers either working for or in support of a government, and were specifically targeting journalists, Huntley and co-author Morgan Marquis-Boire said in interviews.
Security researcher Ashkan Soltani said in an earlier Twitter post that nine of the top-25 news websites use Google for hosted email services. California-headquartered Google also owns VirusTotal, a website that analyses files and websites to check for malicious content.
Huntley said Chinese hackers recently gained access to a major Western news organization, which he declined to identify, via a fake questionnaire emailed to staff.
Marquis-Boire said that while such attacks were nothing new, their research showed that the number of attacks on media organizations and journalists that went unreported was significantly higher than those made public. While many of the world’s biggest media players have been targeted in these attacks, small news organizations, citizen journalists and bloggers were also targeted, Huntley said, noting hacking attacks on journalists in Morocco and Ethiopia. The problem, Marquis-Boire said, was that news organizations have been slower than other businesses in recognizing the threat and taking action.
Many journalists are now taking individual action to protect their computers and email accounts, he said. I woke up in the morning at the unearthly time of 6.00 AM only to make sure that I am able to book at least two units of the much publicized Freedom 251 smartphone – one for myself and one for my father. Microsoft is set to launch its first line of Windows Phone 7 products next week and announce which carriers and manufacturers will be making and selling handsets based on its next mobile operating system. T-Mobile is holding a separate press conference Oct 11 that is not part of the Microsoft conference, a Microsoft spokesperson said but declined to comment on whether T-Mobile would be among initial carrier partners offering Windows Phone 7. Now a new website has surfaced that will supposedly offer Freedom 651 and claims it to be the "new freedom" in an apparent attempt at mocking Freedom 251's tagline.The website, owned by "Doesn't Ring a Bell", has been created on the same design and layout of Freedom 251 website. Most such attacks involve carefully crafted emails carrying malware or directing users to a website crafted to trick them into giving up credentials.

The attacks usually involved sending the target an infected email attachment masquerading as a human rights document. The Desire HD and Wildfire both got updates recently and now it looks the HTC Legend is getting a Froyo update as well.
Windows Phone 7 is Microsoft's complete do-over of its mobile operating system previously dubbed Windows Mobile, the tech magazine said. As a result, Microsoft scrapped the Windows Mobile project and redid the entire OS into a tile-based interface incorporating elements of the Zune media player and Xbox Live gaming, Wired said. However, on the landing page it says the phone will be made available starting 30th June, 2026. Microsoft established an early lead on mobility with its older mobile operating system, but in recent years the company has suffered substantial losses in market share.
Media-wise the handset also has quite a bit to offer starting with a good music player and pretty good camera. Even though it's a parody website, it sure looks interesting.It shows some quirky content where the phone's specifications should go. In its price range, the Legend is going to be a tough act to beat.__ENDQUOTE__via Gizmodo Australia.
The parody phone will have the same camera specifications as Freedom 251, along with an "inbuilt touchless" technology. Given the dirt cheap price of the phone and the advertisement blitzkrieg, it is evident that lakhs of people in India would have been making an attempt at buying the phone at the same time leading to some technical issues.
Meaning a company executive will come and take your photo every time you say "I want a selfie".The Freedom 651 will offer the users "Freedom to Disconnect". What is concerning, however, is how and from where did this phone appear on the market so surreptitiously, and how will the company, ‘Ringing Bells’, fulfill the demand if people are able to place orders?
It says the phone will made using "components found only on the planet Mars" and it can only manufacture the phones once humans reach the planet in 2025.

Freedom 251, claimed to be the cheapest smartphone, was launched last week by a Noida-based startup Ringing Bells. The pricing is inexplicable There is no nothing in the world that can justify the Rs.251 price tag of the phone.
Experts say that a phone with similar features will cost more than Rs.1,000 even if one uses the cheapest stuff.
The best of economists cannot explain how something can be sold at price four times less than its cost unless there is subsidy from government.
A report published by the NDTV says that the Freedom 251 has been made with “immense support of the government”. One must note that merely using the ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ logo for a product promotion does not mean the government is part of it. But he is a BJP MP from Kanpur but holds no cabinet post, which means he is not part of the government. Yes, the look and functioning of the site does not match the level of hype generated over the phone. The poor English grammar in which the company is responding to queries on its Facebook page hints that a tyro is handling it. The company, according to Hindustan Times, is clueless that its product was sent to the HT office as ‘Freedom 251’ phone. That the company presented two different phones in their advertisements of Freedom 251 strengthens suspicions, and the Internet has found something new to make fun of.

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