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It would appear that I have died in duty; yet mien spirit lives on in this body unlike my own.
Life is short but not always a single occurrence, as a young Irish boy discovers through a cruel twist of fate. Twilight wakes up two-thousand years in the future on a salvage boat and finds out that Equestria is gone.
Photo-journalist and frequent L4LM contributor Adam StraughnA set out on a quest called "NO-vember," avoiding the typical intoxicants that have and will always continue to pervade the crowds at live music events.
This is the question that I set out to answer last month, which I appropriately dubbed a€?NO-vember.a€? Thata€™s right, for 30 whole days I abstained from all foreign substances and focused on staying healthy and enjoying music.
As a photo-journalist with a few years in music scene, I can tell you in confidence that there is essentially no escaping the temptation of drugs and alcohol, both out in the crowd and backstage.
Fast forward a few years and I now work anywhere between 2 to 5 shows a week either writing reviews, photographing a concert, or both. Lets face it, sometimes you end up at a concert because of the hype surrounding the act, or because of the fact that your friends are going and they wanted you to come. When you dona€™t plan on drinking, you can bank on the fact that you wona€™t miss any major part of the show. Whether ita€™s to enhance the music, or mask the fact that it actually sucks, you will be happy in the morning when you still have some spending money left in your pocket. Have you ever seen a video of yourself after an eventful night in complete and utter disbelief? Okay, okaya€¦they might not look AS trippy, but a good visual display will be entertaining nonetheless if the VJa€™s and LDa€™s are doing their job.
A few times during this past month of sobriety, Ia€™d wake up from an awesome show and my first groggy thoughts were a€?Oh man, Ia€™m so hungover.a€? A few seconds would pass and Ia€™d slowly come to realize, a€?wait, no Ia€™m not!a€? Waking up the day after a killer show and being a productive human being is usually a rare occurrence, but when you are staying sober at shows, every morning is practically the same, minus the occasional ringing in your ears. This kind of goes without saying -- when youa€™re not filling your body with toxins, you will start looking a lot less toxic.
Typically, the calories you burn dancing (or moshing) would be replaced by all the carbohydrates in alcohol, but when you arena€™t drinking, your concert experience can also double as a€?exercisea€? giving you one hell of a good excuse as to why you didna€™t go to the gym this month. News: We open another RJAgency Branch at Tagbilaran Bohol ( beside Bureau of Immigration ) last March 2010 come to visit us!
A Closer look at the Kohjinsha SR8: Worlds smallest netbook with an integrated DVD-RW Drive. Here is my near completed Hoverboard display that I started working on over a year ago and just finally got around to get working right.A  The board actually uses magnets to achieve levitation just like in the Back to the Future movies.
It seems that a Japanese coder has released USB Windows drivers for the Playstation 3a€™s Dualshock3 controllers. Googlea€™s mobile OS a€?Androida€? has been making appearances on quite a few devices lately.

Modder John Maushammer, who was best known for his creation of the Pong watch, has added another amazing time piece to his collection.
Fresh off the boat from Japan is the Kohjinsha SR8 7in netbook, the worlda€™s smallest netbook with an integrated DVD writer!
After pretty much breaking my new Acer Aspire One last week (from carless soldering while trying to install a touch screen) it is only typical that just today a solderless version has been released on ebay. Herea€™s some info for anyone who wants to add a little more fun and functionality to their boring old TI graphing calculator. Destiny may await him on the field of battle, but is it better to have no talent than the talent of ending other ponies lives?
StraughnA shares his story, complete with 10 lessons learned after seeing music in a clearer light. Whether it be alcohol, hallucinogens, stimulants, or your casual smoke session while hiding from security behind the dumpster between sets, there is no question that altering onea€™s state of mind has the ability enhance onea€™s experience while enjoying a concert. That meant no alcohol, no drugs of any sort, no fast food, and very limited caffeine consumption.
Hell, when I first started doing photography in clubs in Boston, many promoters would try to pay me with alcohol tickets. With enough booze, almost any music is enjoyable, or at least tolerable, but when you show up sober ita€™s not as easy to pretend youa€™re having a good time.
Whether ita€™s to go to the bathroom for the fourth time to make room for more booze or to sneak a puff off of a joint outside, walking away from the stage comes with the risk of missing your favorite song or something completely unexpected.
Ticket prices are expensive enough these days and spending on those extra mood enhancing substances only adds to the total price of a good time. If youa€™ve ever opened up the doors that hallucinogens hold the key to, you wona€™t need drugs to appreciate a good light show.
Those bags under your eyes will begin to disappear and that sluggish feeling will be lifted. You also dona€™t make the irrational decision to order two pizzas with a side of cheesy bread and gulf it down like you havena€™t eaten in weeks after the show. My inspiration came from an instillation piece I saw a couple years ago by an artist named Nils Guadagnin who was able to achieve the same effect. Well, I guess I shouldna€™t say a€?trya€?a€¦.In my earliest years as a concert photographer, I actually worked for free booze on a few occasions, as sad as that is. My first day of this a€?NO-vembera€? challenge was the final day at Suwannee Hulaween, a festival catered to mind-enhancing medicine, and it was by far my favorite. Ia€™m never sure how, but it happens a lot at concerts and more than likely it would be because Ia€™m buzzed and careless. You can only make up the excuse that you look like shit because you went to a concert last weekend so many times before your boss begins to think youa€™re a booze bag.

I used an electromagnetic kit that has a laser stabilization technology in it to get the magnets to hover in place.
Even Repeater had his ears down, and as far as Trench could tell Repeater was a very upbeat pony. Venues make their money on alcohol sales, and fans partake in a smorgasbord of drugs to enhance their experience.A  Once you're backstage, nearly everything comes free, making the challenge of staying sober in the music business a tough task.
Countless people embarrass themselves on a given night, and thata€™s precisely what concerts are great for. Ia€™m happy to say that I just went a full month without drinking at shows, and therefore, a full month without losing any one of my possessions. An addiction to music doesna€™t mean you have to look like a drug addict and in addition to being physically healthier, your mental health will begin to get stronger as well.
All their eyes were on him, not looking at him specifically, not focused, but on him nonetheless.
STS9 put on an amazing show to close out the main stage and I had more fun during their set than any other all weekend, without the aid of any substances.
We gather around music to shed the stresses of the real world, and dancing like an idiot is a great way to do so. Having self-control, especially in a challenging environment such as a concert or festival, reaps plenty of benefits for onea€™s self-confidence and self-esteem.
If you in fact cannot enjoy yourself at a concert without your vice of choice, than you may have bigger problems at hand.
Admittedly, having a few stiff drinks will give you the confidence to let loose, but what Ia€™ve found is that sometimes the environment alone is intoxicating enough. Longshot and Eyes, Ah want ya ta start trainin’ on the SMCC again, ‘cause there’s no way you’re gonna be able ta take Marcia with ya if we go over. They named ya Trench Broom ‘cause ya’ll sweep the trenches clean, especially with that sword ya got on the end a your machine gun.
Ah don’t know when, but we will.” Repeater looked out past Trench at the rest of the squad, and sat in thought briefly. But ya are the most experienced pony in the squad when it comes ta this close up fightin’, and ah need ya ta teach us how ta fight in the trenches.

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