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Author: admin, 15.11.2015
People are beginning to realize that ringing ears are more than just a simple annoyance, it is a sign that something else is wrong.
That annoying ringing, which can impact our ability to think clearly, is an indication that something else is wrong.
As more of us are turning to homeopathic remedies to address many of our health concerns, it just makes sense to investigate natural cures for Tinnitus.
While sitting around lamenting our millennial lives, a friend of mine shared this morsel of wisdom she'd gotten from an older acquaintance. Truth be told, many of us are looking forward to aging, and getting to a point where we've passed most of life's major hurdles -- not spending our entire paychecks on the newest anti-aging serum to help us cling to our exponentially fading youth.
I can't wait to celebrate my 30th or 40th wedding anniversary with someone I've been through thick and thin with. This "paradox of aging" has to do with a shift our perspectives as our sense of temporal reality changes. Photo-journalist and frequent L4LM contributor Adam StraughnA set out on a quest called "NO-vember," avoiding the typical intoxicants that have and will always continue to pervade the crowds at live music events. This is the question that I set out to answer last month, which I appropriately dubbed a€?NO-vember.a€? Thata€™s right, for 30 whole days I abstained from all foreign substances and focused on staying healthy and enjoying music. As a photo-journalist with a few years in music scene, I can tell you in confidence that there is essentially no escaping the temptation of drugs and alcohol, both out in the crowd and backstage. Fast forward a few years and I now work anywhere between 2 to 5 shows a week either writing reviews, photographing a concert, or both.
Lets face it, sometimes you end up at a concert because of the hype surrounding the act, or because of the fact that your friends are going and they wanted you to come. When you dona€™t plan on drinking, you can bank on the fact that you wona€™t miss any major part of the show. Whether ita€™s to enhance the music, or mask the fact that it actually sucks, you will be happy in the morning when you still have some spending money left in your pocket.
Have you ever seen a video of yourself after an eventful night in complete and utter disbelief? Okay, okaya€¦they might not look AS trippy, but a good visual display will be entertaining nonetheless if the VJa€™s and LDa€™s are doing their job.
A few times during this past month of sobriety, Ia€™d wake up from an awesome show and my first groggy thoughts were a€?Oh man, Ia€™m so hungover.a€? A few seconds would pass and Ia€™d slowly come to realize, a€?wait, no Ia€™m not!a€? Waking up the day after a killer show and being a productive human being is usually a rare occurrence, but when you are staying sober at shows, every morning is practically the same, minus the occasional ringing in your ears. This kind of goes without saying -- when youa€™re not filling your body with toxins, you will start looking a lot less toxic.
Typically, the calories you burn dancing (or moshing) would be replaced by all the carbohydrates in alcohol, but when you arena€™t drinking, your concert experience can also double as a€?exercisea€? giving you one hell of a good excuse as to why you didna€™t go to the gym this month. German quintet Claire debuted their first EP in September of 2013, and since then they’ve already garnered attention from the likes of Passion Pit and Giorgio Moroder.
It feels like just yesterday that Texas quintet Midlake released their fourth album, Antiphon, and delivered a savory collection of harmonious melodies. The Elliott Smith documentary Heaven Adores You premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival last month, and while there’s no wide release date yet, the first few minutes of the film are available to watch online. British singer-songwriter Jessie Ware has been dropping hints about the details surrounding her next album, and today we finally have a real taste.
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Sufferers of Tinnitus (the medical term for ringing in the ears) often believe that the thudding, whining or humming they hear is just something they have to put up with. Medical doctors will often attribute the problem to allergies or problems with the ear canal or Eustachian Tubes. Some of the underlying causes of Tinnitus can be quite serious and may require medical intervention. It is critical that you work closely with your doctor to rule out serious medical conditions and to then look at your lifestyle and history to determine what may be causing your ringing.

While we're getting bombarded with messages telling us to YOLO, to "dance like nobody's watching," and love like we've never been hurt before -- we're busy dealing with unemployment, wondering how to pay for our weddings, and how to lower our astronomical student loan payments. Not worrying as much about things will "turn out." After 50 or so, I'm guessing most major questions of life have been answered.
Simply put, the less time we have, the more we cherish it and the more expansive simple pleasures become.
StraughnA shares his story, complete with 10 lessons learned after seeing music in a clearer light.
Whether it be alcohol, hallucinogens, stimulants, or your casual smoke session while hiding from security behind the dumpster between sets, there is no question that altering onea€™s state of mind has the ability enhance onea€™s experience while enjoying a concert. That meant no alcohol, no drugs of any sort, no fast food, and very limited caffeine consumption.
Hell, when I first started doing photography in clubs in Boston, many promoters would try to pay me with alcohol tickets. With enough booze, almost any music is enjoyable, or at least tolerable, but when you show up sober ita€™s not as easy to pretend youa€™re having a good time. Whether ita€™s to go to the bathroom for the fourth time to make room for more booze or to sneak a puff off of a joint outside, walking away from the stage comes with the risk of missing your favorite song or something completely unexpected. Ticket prices are expensive enough these days and spending on those extra mood enhancing substances only adds to the total price of a good time.
If youa€™ve ever opened up the doors that hallucinogens hold the key to, you wona€™t need drugs to appreciate a good light show. Those bags under your eyes will begin to disappear and that sluggish feeling will be lifted. You also dona€™t make the irrational decision to order two pizzas with a side of cheesy bread and gulf it down like you havena€™t eaten in weeks after the show. With Neverlove (out September 30th on Warner Music), Richard Terfry explores his emotions while experimenting with new sounds. The lyrical content, while still poetically vague, acts as a fitting narrative for these two lovers who've found themselves fleeing to a secluded home and altering their appearances to hide from the DEA.
The documentary, directed by Nickolas Rossi, is the first to get permission to actually use Smith’s music, and also features more than a dozen of his previously unreleased songs. Pitchfork confirms that the new album will be titled, Everything Will Be Alright In The End, though there's no set date yet.
Because many people first only experience the problem at night, it is easy to try to ignore the symptom. Most doctors overlook one of the most common underlying causes of Tinnitus – whiplash.
Tinnitus sufferers who can attribute their symptoms to allergies may experience relief by using a Netti Pot. Implementing some of the natural cures for ringing ears can help you to alleviate your symptoms while also helping you become a more healthy person.
That's the sort of intimacy that easily trumps the passion and fireworks of a budding love. They never should be, but let's face it, younger folks have more pressure to look a certain way.
After doing a 180 and switching from my business degree to now an infinitely happier and fulfilling career in journalism, I often question how wise it is to let high school seniors decide what mark they want to leave in the world, when most of them haven't really been out in the real world.
No longer will I have to pretend to prefer HBO's "Girls" over my secret late-night "Golden Girls" rerun habit. According to research on age and happiness, older people tend to be happier than young people.
Well, I guess I shouldna€™t say a€?trya€?a€¦.In my earliest years as a concert photographer, I actually worked for free booze on a few occasions, as sad as that is. My first day of this a€?NO-vembera€? challenge was the final day at Suwannee Hulaween, a festival catered to mind-enhancing medicine, and it was by far my favorite.

Ia€™m never sure how, but it happens a lot at concerts and more than likely it would be because Ia€™m buzzed and careless.
You can only make up the excuse that you look like shit because you went to a concert last weekend so many times before your boss begins to think youa€™re a booze bag.
This session showcases their evolution into a tight and formidable live act, including spot on vocals from frontman Jordan Beckett and beautiful guitar work. As the ringing gradually begins to affect their hearing during their waking hours, sufferers often become more concerned.
Many people who suffer from whiplash due to a car accident or chronic neck strain also suffer from Tinnitus. Natural, homeopathic cures often work to relieve the underlying cause of the ringing and can give sufferers a degree of relief they have not received from medical intervention. Others, who know their underlying issue is stress, can benefit from relaxation exercise, yoga and meditation. Because there's no I-still-live-with-my-parents discount or student-loan-repayment- discount.
For many students, four years and $50,000 later, they end up disillusioned and trapped in their line of work. No more clearing my Netflix history of my favorite BBC funnies or "Rosemary and Thyme" episodes. Venues make their money on alcohol sales, and fans partake in a smorgasbord of drugs to enhance their experience.A  Once you're backstage, nearly everything comes free, making the challenge of staying sober in the music business a tough task.
Countless people embarrass themselves on a given night, and thata€™s precisely what concerts are great for. Ia€™m happy to say that I just went a full month without drinking at shows, and therefore, a full month without losing any one of my possessions.
An addiction to music doesna€™t mean you have to look like a drug addict and in addition to being physically healthier, your mental health will begin to get stronger as well. Understanding the role that underlying causes like Whiplash can have on Tinnitus is often the first step towards alleviating the aggravating ringing in the ears. In the case of Tinnitus sufferers who also have Whiplash, physical therapy, massage and chiropractic care are often helpful. Besides that, you also have to choose your first car, home, city, political affiliation, and spouse.
STS9 put on an amazing show to close out the main stage and I had more fun during their set than any other all weekend, without the aid of any substances. We gather around music to shed the stresses of the real world, and dancing like an idiot is a great way to do so.
Having self-control, especially in a challenging environment such as a concert or festival, reaps plenty of benefits for onea€™s self-confidence and self-esteem. By determining your underlying causes and implementing the appropriate natural cure, that ringing will soon disappear and you will finally have the silence you seek. I have a hard enough time deciding what to eat for lunch or which Obamacare plan to choose. If you in fact cannot enjoy yourself at a concert without your vice of choice, than you may have bigger problems at hand. Admittedly, having a few stiff drinks will give you the confidence to let loose, but what Ia€™ve found is that sometimes the environment alone is intoxicating enough.

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