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Author: admin, 18.09.2015
I am constantly astounded at the number of people at events who are aware of how hard it is to talk, who leave events early, who complain in general because they are hoarse from shouting over the music, but never say anything to the club, the restaurant, the organizer, etc.
At his peak, town crier Keith Jackman used to reach noise levels of 118 decibels - similar to Concorde taking off. Bell in hand but with heavy-duty ear protection, town crier Keith Jackman sets about his task.
Mr Jackman said his hearing started to deteriorate in his right ear about ten years ago because he rang the bell in his right hand.
One thing that has always intrigued me about my experience of being deaf is the question of my ‘musical tinnitus’. For as long as I remember, I’ve always had a series of ringing noises, whether high or low, marching a symphony in my head. At one point, someone suggested that I try a series of ‘healing’ sessions with a local man near where my Gran lived. My introduction to Michael Jackson completely changed my relationship with the sounds in my ears.
When I went to see Lost and Sound, Lindsey Dryden’s film exploring deafness, music and the brain, it made me wonder what the neuroscientists would have thought about my tinnitus and musical tuning. The fear that I felt when I was a child, the sirens and the wailing, the rising of pitch, is still on the edge somewhere.
Mostly, though, tinnitus is an old friend, a musical orchestra, something that entertains me – reminding me of how much I love music. The Limping Chicken is supported by Deaf media company Remark!, provider of sign language services Deaf Umbrella, the Deaf training and consultancy Deafworks, the RAD Deaf Law Centre, and BID’s upcoming 5th anniversary performance by Ramesh Meyyappan on 12th October – don’t miss it!
Lizzie is a cupcake baking, rock loving, blogging, writing, scrapbook making, theatre going, sci fi and fantasy obsessed geek-feminist.
The Limping Chicken is the UK’s deaf blogs and news website, and is the world’s most popular deaf blog. You might like to know that the latest research results of a project designed to pin down the cause of tinnitus show that it is caused by overstimulation of a particular area of the brain. It sometimes becomes intrusive if I’m about to be ill, and the way I deal with it is to make it conform to a tune in my head. One question, I do get to feel the vibration in my ear especially hearing intense music and does anyone have that?
I’m pretty confident that there are number of deaf people have MES, but fear themselves being label “mental illness”. I recently discovered I can change the tune at will simply by thinking of a different one, Usually the sound appears in one ear or the other, I can actually feel a sort of slight pressure in the ear when the music is playing, Does anyone else get that? Sometimes I can hear a fainter different tune playing in the other ear & it often moves from one ear to the other without me noticing if I am distracted, i dread that one day both ears might be as loud at the same time.
The article would focus on you and your experiences with the condition, you would need to be named and pictured but it would be a sensitive and informative piece which will hopefully go someway to publiciing MES.

The radiologist and ENT having been at all helpful and l am at a loss as to which specialist to see….would it be a neurological problem? I find also when stressed or anxious the Tinnitus gets louder and louder as if it is somehow regulated by the heart and emotions….
Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. So it comes as little surprise that 25 years of ringing a bell and shouting have taken their toll and the 86-year-old great-grandfather has lost the hearing in both his ears.'Twenty five years of ringing the bell in my right hand has had an effect on my hearing,' he said.
The former engineer believes ringing the bell for 25 years made him deaf 'The local council tested me once on a noiseometre and it registered 118 decibels. I had an overactive imagination (I still do) and would watch The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and have real trouble drifting off to sleep – not to mention the terrible time I had after repeated watchings of The Neverending Story!
I didn’t understand the whole thing at the time, and thought it was just like a relaxation session or something, but I think what actually happened was that he tried to ‘cure’ my tinnitus by holding his hands over my ears. I would absorb and learn his music and I found that when I wasn’t listening to his music, I could ‘tune’ the noises in my ears to sound like something resembling, for example, Billie Jean or even Thriller. Surely if I have ‘musical hallucinations’ it would come out of nowhere rather than me actually tuning the noises to my favourite or random songs.
Sometimes, when I’m alone and it’s dark, having read something particularly disturbing (I blame Neil Gaiman, mostly), I feel my heart pound and the pitch reaches a crescendo. She is passionate about access to the world for deaf people and is clinging to the hope of peace, love and music. In my opinion earworms are not tinnitus; songs move forwards in a predictable way whereas tinnitus just does its own annoying and unpredictable thing. By turning it into a piece of music it seems to become quieter and will even eventually die down like the fading notes of a song. I’m now trying to find a way to force the sound into a low single tone as I think I might be able to accept that easier. The reason I am contacting you is I’m keen to write an article about Musical Ear Syndrome and during my research I came across you blog post and was hoping you may be interested in sharing your story? Concorde taking off is only a bit louder than that.'Although he retired from the job in Christchurch, Dorset, three years ago, he was brought back when his successor died. On the British Tinnitus Association website, it is referred to as sound in your ears without any external stimuli. The tinnitus would amplify my fear and I would listen to the pitch get louder and louder until I couldn’t bear it any longer and would leave the darkness of my room to the warm yellow light of the sitting room and my parents. I thought it was a good opportunity to get a bit of sleep, but I think he got wise to that eventually. Then when I started to learn his lyrics, in they would pop, becoming a veritable rock concert in my head. The way I learn music, by repeated listening, watching of subtitled videos on YouTube, reading of the lyrics – means that I learn a song or piece of music by heart and that is perfect for the noises I hear in my head.

Usually, it occurs to people who experience late-onset deafness or people who go deaf in their twilight years. If myself and the commenter (Aw Diddums) both have this experience with tuning our tinnitus to music, who else does? As Professor Nigel Osborne says in the film – deaf people engage with music with all their senses, and everyone, hearing and deaf, has a different way of listening. It was thought for a long time that the noise was produced somewhere in the ear but it has now been shown that it is within the brain. I hear individual instruments, I hear announcers, I hear the beginning of a song and I hear it’s end and I hear both applause and the roar of a pleased crowd. Some quite surprising facts about tinnitis are emerging from research and it’s all helpful. Often it is a clicky kind of sound which has only started since I got digital hearing aids which makes me think digital aids might be the cause.
And sometimes, I listen to the song end and the silence between the end and the DJ name the artist and song. My damage limitation is either to ignore it, listen to something – music, TV – or, yes, tune it.
Any sound may trigger the oversensitive neurons and send them into a self-sustaining cycle, rather like hearing aid feedback. Best of luck with yours, I hope it doesn’t drive you nuts as it does for some people! Also nice to know that other people have musical tinnitus – or have the tuning thing too! I heard Christmas music during the season and I hear both contemporary artists as well as classical and country and western.
The point is, because it is in the brain (rather than elsewhere) this explains why you can tune the sound out.
As a previous letter above stated it was all my favourite songs especially the old ones of years ago that I had sang or listened to.
I love some sounds likke rain and thunderstorms, the sound of horses galloping or trotting and, of course most music-excepting the screaming of some groups. I will say, however, IF this is an hallucination, I am quite happy to have the pleasure of the experience.

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