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Marquette freshman Kolten Bauer, shown hitting a shot before rain washed out the Alton Tee-Off Classic on Tuesday at Spencer T.
MADISON – Dene Schickedanz was the not the happiest Marquette Catholic alum at Gateway National Golf Links on Thursday. But the Edwardsville boys golf coach was duly impressed with the Explorers’ 308 score that took out his Tigers in the Madison County Tournament.
Marquette junior Michael Holtz was among the first scores posted in the nine-team tourney split into a five-school large division and four-school small.
Marquette, coming off a 311 to win the Hickory Stick Classic on Monday at Belk Park, got a 77 from sophomore Jack Patterson, 79 from junior Nick Messinger and 81 from freshman Kolten Bauer to win at Gateway. The Tigers have long been the hunted in the southern part of the state and Schickedanz understood Marquette’s desire to celebrate.
Marquette was unchallenged in the small-schools team standings with runner-up Civic Memorial (347) finishing 39 shots back of the Explorers.
Everytime a new band is added or a new section is added to the website, you'll be the first to find out! They rehearse regularly at Belgrave Comprehensive School and have played gigs there and at Wilnecote Youth Club. They would like to record some of their numbers on a tape but reckon that’s not really a priority.
Two Tamworth bands BHX and Java, are appearing on a double bill of live music at Tamworth Arts Centre on Friday 22. Their set consisted of a slick combination of cover versions and their own brand of distinctive Java treatment. The band seem to have a new confidence in themselves and their music, which is aided by the addition of ex-Badger drummer Stuart Pickett to the line-up. The PA was loud and clear and the band played their best set so far – all of them getting in the carnival spirit. Scarab played their own brand of heavy metal which anyone who saw them at Polesworth Top Club will remember. The group have already made a big impact on the town and have future gigs and recording in the pipeline. But they feel their progress is being hampered by a lack of a permanent drummer who can give them solid commitment.
BHX made a strong claim to being the town’s top heavy rock band recently when they turned in a powerful performance at the Tavern in the Town. The group played a set full of raw power which was highlighted by a remarkable performance by Mick Goodby.
What sets BHX apart from the seemingly hundreds of bands that play this style of music is that all their songs are originals. The set they delivered brought an enthusiastic response from a small but keen audience and the group were called back to play three encores.
Each member of the group performed creditably but a special mention must go to Richard Deane who had a remarkable live debut and delighted the audience with an excellent two-minute drum break at the end of the set.
All in all, an excellent night for the band, it is just a pity that in a town so full of heavy rock fans there wasn’t a few more people there to witness the gig. TAMWORTH rock fans can kiss goodbye to Sunday afternoon boredom this weekend when four of the town’s young bands will be appearing in a special free concert at the Arts Centre.
The indoor festival is all part of the Young People’s Arts Festival and the emphasis has been on relatively new groups. Refreshments are available at the gig – which begins at 2pm and the organisers are hoping for a bumper turnout to ensure that rock music stays permanently on the Arts Festival line-up.
First up were Sitting Pretty who have done so much since forming a few months ago that they already seem like local veterans. With youth, a nice modern image and confidence on their side, the potential of Select Elect is awesome. SEVEN Tamworth bands will be battling next week to win the prestigious Burton Musicians Union rock and pop contest. The contest is divided into four separate heats from Monday to Thursday and the top two bands on each night will be asked to appear at the grand final on Friday. The amount of competitors from Tamworth is the highest ever – reflecting the increasingly healthy local scene.
On Monday night the town’s sole representatives are Talk Back who with their professional and commercial sound are sure to take some beating.
On Wednesday night two of the town’s top bands, Laughter in Heaven and the Royal Family, should guarantee that at least one local act makes the final. With such a varied selection of local bands playing, by the time you read this it is possible that three or four Tamworth bands will be getting ready to play at the grand final for a variety of prizes.
Entrance to the Burton Town Hall on all five nights is just 50p – a remarkably small sum to see six new bands a night in action. THE year gets off to a cracking start this month when the Arts Centre at Tamworth plays host to plays host to two exciting looking gigs. On Friday, January 20 a double-bill of top heavy music is on the menu in the appetising shape of BHX and Roseham. On the following Friday two of Tamworth’s talented young pop bands will take to the Arts Centre stage. Both bands boast new songs and for Sitting Pretty fans, there is the added bonus of seeing new keyboard player Greg Stevenson in action. Both gigs cost a modest 50p, and for the Sitting Pretty concert tickets will be available shortly from Tamdisk Records in Lichfield Street. The fans were there to witness the first Tamworth gig by One On One and another exciting instalment in the short but impressive story of BHX. His voice never faltered throughout the 45-minute set and at times showed quite inspiring flashes of skill.
With their melodic, well-structured sound, putting a label on One On One is very difficult.
All in all a quite splendid debut which has certainly planted the seeds from which One on One are sure to grow. BHX are appealing for all their fans to support them at a gig on Sunday night at the Park Inn at Kettlebrook.
For on April 26 the Assems will come alive to the original and devastating sound of cult rock band the Sumo Giants. The band, who promise an extravagant and eye-opening stage show, will be joined by three bands in a night which could put Tamworth firmly on the rock map.
For the Giants, who have played extensively throughout Europe and America, intend to bring coachloads of supporters to turn the gig into a major Midlands event. Tetley added that Tamworth is ideally positioned to take top bands and he hoped a big turnout for the exciting Sumos would provoke interest from other promoters.
Joining the colourful Sumos, who’s fans include no less that John Peel and Tommy Vance, will be two Lichfield acts the SAT Band and Bashful Alley and our own top rockers BHX. For BHX, gaining one prestigious gig could be the first of many that the band will be involved in, because a German tour early next year now seems on the cards. At the moment the talented rock band have a more pressing problem due to the departure of guitarist Keith. The band are confident that everything should be in order by the time they line up with the Sumos at the Assembly Rooms. And remember, the Beatles once played at the Assembly Rooms, so a big turnout for the Sumos may make people look again at Tamworth and bring some more famous names to this gig-deprived town. THREE OF Tamworth’s top bands will tonight (Friday), converge on the Arts Centre to play a special charity concert. And with tickets costing just 50p, it means that local people can do their bit for charity – and have a great night out in the process. The idea to do a charity concert came from top rockers BHX, who will tonight be aiming to re-state their case that they are Tamworth’s most popular heavy band. The quartet, who recently gave a fine show alongside glam rockers The Sumo Giants, ahev a varied, melodious rock sound that many local punters have likened to Rush.
Alongside BHX are One On One who have been steadily building up a following since they launched they launched themselves on the area earlier this year. One On One’s sound, although rock orientated, has a feel all of its own which distances them somewhat from the straight rock sound that some people have tried to confer on them.
Their recent show at the Arts Centre brought widespread praise, and they will be keen to keep up the momentum when they step out for tonight’s performance.
Also aiming to keep up the momentum are the excellent Breaking Point, who, after just two viewings, have convinced me that they are potentially the best band in Tamworth. The trio play a set of nearly all their own material packed full of rousing guitar breaks, sing-along choruses and that vital spark of passion that can send shivers through an audience. They are Tamworth’s answer to the Alarm, U2 and New Model Army, and I would urge anyone who likes bite and feeling in their music to come along and cheer them tonight. All three bands have a lot to offer, and with a worthy cancer charity standing to benefit, Tamworth’s rock fans should pack out the Arts Centre and make it a night to remember. TAMWORTH’S music fans turned out of force on Friday night to give a bumper boost to a leading local charity. For the Arts Centre was packed to near capacity to enjoy the special charity gig which was held in aid of the Marie Curie Fund for fighting cancer. Opening the proceedings were the spirited Breaking Point, who had to battle not only against a fairly rock-orientated audience, but also some terrible sound problems. The latter hampered the trio’s set from the beginning but despite this, the sheer awesome power and passionate delivery that characterise the band still shone through.
After the gig, Breaking Point were clearly very unhappy because of their sound problems – but the crowd still loved it and gave the band one of the best receptions ever. Next up were One on One and although I prefer Breaking Point’s songs and style, I have to admit that they were the real show-stealers on the night.
Playing with a relaxed air of confidence, they delivered a set which had the audience mesmerised and the compliments flying round the room. Musically they have no equals in the town, from the solid drumming of Stuart Blaine to the sheer skill and inventiveness of guitarist Tim Latham.
How long Tamworth will be able to keep One on One remains to be seen for I have no doubt that sooner rather than later, someone is going to pluck them out of the town and make them very, very big indeed.
Completing Friday’s line up were the gig organisers BHX, who brought their own original brand of rock to the still-enthusiastic Arts Centre crowd. BHX turned in their normal high-powered selection of thundering heavy numbers and more gently melodious rock numbers. They have sharpened up their image (always important in these look-conscious days) and they have become a tighter, more accessible outfit. So closed a highly-successful night which was good for the bands, goof for the crowds and, best of all, good for the Marie Curie Cancer Fund. Musicbox – Shock for band as Ralph quitsThe BHX Information Service hope that t-shirts and badges will also soon be available.

BHX, a band still trying to hold onto their rock band in Tamworth tag, have just come out of the studio with a tape that aids their cause no end. With bands like Wolfsbane grabbing all the limelight at the moment, BHX have hit back in the best possible style with a four track tape overflowing with ideas and sheer dynamism. The band sound more powerful than ever on this tape and any of the group’s old comparisons with softer outfits such as Rush are completely swept aside by pure ferocity in the four numbers. The first song is my personal favourite because it sounds like it has been recorded 100mph too fast. TAMWORTH’S top two rock bands will tonight stage a unique battle to try and see who is the heaviest group in the town. For seasoned favourites BHX have accepted the gauntlet from Wolfsbane to have a public musical battle at the Arts Centre to see just who is the raunchiest, heaviest and loudest rock outfit in Tamworth. The battle which begins at 8pm is certain to be lapped up by the town’s swarm of rock fans and a capacity ring-side audience is expected as he bell goes off signalling the title fight to begin.
In the red corner will be BHX, still proud of the fact that they were the highest placed heavy band in last year’s Musicbox poll. Trying to describe them is very difficult because they have achieved that much-sought heavy distinction – originality. Their vast experience and wide range is sure to give them a lot of punching power tonight and Wolfsbane will have their work cut-out to take the heavy title.
Like BHX they are great believers in the maxim that variety is the spice of life and their set is packed with songs of all shades, styles and speeds.
I will go along tonight and act as official referee and next week I will give my own personal decision on who has grabbed the title.
THERE was a time, not so very long ago, when I would have thought it impossible that I could go to a heavy rock concert and thoroughly enjoy myself. Personally I have always thought that heavy metal was the musical equivalent of watching someone being whipped – obnoxious to the eye, obnoxious to the ear and painful for all concerned. Wolfsbane played a tight entertaining set which embraced all the influences from traditional heavy music right through to the gritty rock and roll of Johnny Thunders and the New York Dolls. As Wolfsbane left the stage to a standing ovation (yes at the Arts Centre) it seemed BHX were on a hiding to nothing but it wasn’t to be. Musically they played it straight, hard and heavy and won an equally enthusiastic response from their own contingent of die hard followers.
FOUR hard-hitting rock bands will descend on the Arts Centre this weekend for two power-packed concerts. Tonight promises to be a fierce assault on the ears as highly rated Birmingham band Scarab and ever-active Tamworthian BHX. Then, 24 hours later, just as your ears have stopped ringing, relative new boys Caprice will be handing out their own brand of rock alongside passion-wielding Breaking Point. Tonight’s double-header looks set for another Arts Centre sell-out date due to the increasing popularity of both bands on view. Scarab have done what few non-Tamworth bands have managed to do in the town by picking up quite a following. One reliable gig watcher told me that Scarab were the best heavy band that has ever played at Tamworth, the group’s own determination to play gigs in this area shows that they really have built up a goods rapport with Tamworth crowds. BHX, of course, need no introduction, having spent the last 12 months picking up fans with every gig they do. Another band for whom disappointment is a null word, is tomorrow night’s headliners Breaking Point.
Caprice believe they should appeal to quite a wide audience and I, for one, will be keen to see how their lively, endearing sound is received by the Arts Centre crowd. So there we have it, two very entertaining-looking gigs which promise a lot and will no doubt deliver the goods. The first band to assault our ears was the experienced Tamworthians BHX, lead by black haired Mick Goodby on vocals and Peter the Python on lead guitar. They burst into a powerful heavy rock set which put paid to any claims that they are a gentle Rush type band. I haven’t seen BHX so powerful and confident in a long time and I think that their future is looking brighter than ever. TAMWORTH’S two most powerful rock bands will tonight join forces to bring a glam-orientated wall of sound to the Arts Centre. After their last performance together, Wolfsbane and BHX decided to drop the idea of a battle of the bands and tonight are just intent on giving the audience a concert to remember. BHX have added a couple more songs to their repertoire and are aiming to go straight for the audience’s throats. For Wolfsbane, who came into the gig as late replacements for Spirit of Water, mystery surrounds who will be their drummer tonight. The gig, which is almost certain to be a sell-out starts at 8pm, and it promises to be a very noisy way to blow away the winter blues.
MUSICBOX is having a seasonal break this week in preparation for a bumper full page special next week which will give you all the details of who has won what in out record breaking poll. The polls have been piling in since Day One and we have now passed the magical figure of 500 votes – including those for 20 different local bands. Everything will be revealed next week but in the meantime there are three good gigs to put I your diary over the Christmas period.
Tonight (Friday), rock hits the Arts Centre in the shape of two of the areas biggest and boldest outfits – BHX and Scarab.
And then tomorrow, the outrageously wonderful Wolfsbane will join up with the equally wonderful One On One for a Christmas special that promises a lot.
And finally The Dream Factory will be playing a belated Christmas show on December 27 at Grendon Working Men’s Club.
It just remains for me to wish all Tamworth’s musicians and music fans and MUSICBOX contributors a very happy Christmas packed full of your favourite Yuletide spirit. BHX have been given the biggest break of their three-year history – a major national tour. The band have been taken on by a new financial manager, local businessman Phil Ball, and he is keen to get the band on the road as soon as possible. What it means is that the popular rock quintet will be travelling all round the country on a staggered national tour embracing many small venues in places such as Leeds, Manchester and London.
The band will be playing a gig in the town after a long absence next week, and hope that this new twist in their fortunes will bring them the success they richly deserve.
More details of dates and places for the BHX tour should be available in the next few weeks. Already the contest has attracted great interest and has been packed full of surprises and controversy. It all began last Thursday when three very different acts – Dance Stance, One On One and The Original Royal Family took to the stage. Controversy started to rage however, when one of the five judges was disqualified for walking out half-way through the gig of the last band The Royal Family. Twenty-four hours later at the Arts Centre a packed-to-overflowing audience saw an amazing four-band contest.
The shock continued when Vicious Malicious – an unholy alliance of Select Elect and The Elusive They took to the stage and proceeded to smash up guitars and tape recorders as well as run riot with a chainsaw. And, if that wasn’t enough of a culture shock to the audience, then the new Pulsebeat, who after starting cautiously, had the whole crowd on their feet with some brilliant, individual guitar playing.
The third heat was held last night (Thursday) and one of the following four acts will be in tomorrows final – Ideal Standard, Spirit of Water and Sitting Pretty.
The final heat will be tonight when Breaking Point, BHX, Sacred Oath and Caprice will battle it out. Each of the acts has a lot going for them and predicting the result is extremely difficult.
On the first two heats, Childs Play and Pulsebeat both with 59 points held second equal though it is likely that this total will be surpassed tomorrow night. THIS column’s debut was very well received last week and so we hope to make it a regular feature. Well we start this week with a happy rumour that Talk Back have been linked with no less a label than EMI. Talking of Sitting Pretty, what have their guitarist, Julian Amos, One On One drummer Stuart Blaine and Caprice singer Mike Fleming all got in common?
Breaking Point were awarded 88 points out of a possible 100 and will receive their trophy at the Young People’s Arts Festival night later this month. No matter how much the vocalist screamed and bawled, he didn’t manage to put himself over at all. The band was holding a special meeting with their commercial backer Philip Ball when Keith made his announcement. It left BHX with a giant-sized headache with the first date of their country-trotting tour just two weeks away. The departure of Keith comes at a time when BHX have many gigs lined uo and a single in the planning stages.
BHX’s music is a mixture of traditional and metallic rock which is generally fast, direct and hard-hitting.
They know that finding a replacement at such short notice is going to be very difficult indeed, but it is an ideal opportunity for an ambitious rhythm guitarist. BHX tonight launch first ever national tour with a special performance at Tamworth Arts Centre. The band, who will be travelling around the country over the next three months, will stop-off at Tamworth Arts Centre, three times – before appearing late in August in the Bank Holiday festival.
As well as being the first convert of the tour, tonight will also be the debut appearance in the band of Paul Keeton.
Paul who stepped in as a late replacement for Keith Edwards, has apparently fitted in very well and according to the group’s manager Ralph Rea has picked up the songs at an impressive speed. Tonight’s show promises to be quite an important one for the band who, as well as showing off guitarist Paul for the first time, will also possibly be introducing some new material. Another band who look destined for success are Tribal Sweatshirts, featuring former BHX drummer Richard Deane. And, although it is not certain what remaining members Rob Rea, Robin Baxter and Paul Keeton intend to do, it looks like the old BHX has been consigned to the rock and roll grave forever. Mick sees the demise of the band as happening quite recently and admitted that until the night of the split, things had been good among the members of the powerful outfit. Now, although it is still not certain whether the remaining members of BHX will continue to play together, it is certainly the end of the road for Mick’s involvement with the band. Mick now faces the difficult task of reviving himself to get a fresh band together with fellow BHX man Mark Hopkins. TOP ROCKERS Scarab will play a very special concert tomorrow night (Saturday) – dedicated to recently split kindred spirits BHX. Just to make the show even more of a thank you to BHX, it is rumoured that Scarab will resurrect some of BHX’s former standards.
As well as being a BHX special, Scarab have also promised another two unusual items on the gig menu.
First of all, they expect tomorrow’s show will be the loudest the Arts Centre has ever heard, because they are using a thumping 3,500 kw pa setup.

And secondly, the band are supported by a previously unknown band called Nothing – of whom I know less than nothing about. IT LOOKS as if one of he splinter groups from BHX will now be joining the rock festival’s two-day warm-up gigs at Tamworth Arts Centre. On the subject of heavy rock, lovers of this form of music have now got their own regular disco. For on December 23, Depth Charge make their first headlining show at Tamworth Arts Centre alongside heavy outfit Earthquake and the eccentric Boozy Brothers. It is a show that according to lead singer Mick Goodby will be packed full of traditional spirit of all kinds.
Former BHX man Robert Rea was back in town briefly last week to report that things are going very well indeed with his new metal outfit, Platinum Hi. A band of many members but the same unified ideal - to put metal into the forefront of the Tamworth music scene. Starting around the same time as the Wolfies, BHX included many notable musicians over the years including Sitting Pretty and Great Express man Julian Amos, LO Girls star Rob Rea and current Ark sticksman Richard Deane. Olin in Alton, posted an 81 Thursday at Gateway National in Madison to help the Explorers win the Madison County Tourney.
The Tigers finished at 313, using a 75 from large-schools medalist Tyrrell, 77 from Justin Hemings, 78 from Tanner White and 82 from Jon Ratterman. Homie Parnham, the evening got off to a flying start with local band BHX receiving a good reception for their self-penned numbers from 50 or so punters who turned up for the event.
If they can continue to build on the great strides they have already made, there is no reason why they should not become one of the top bands in the area.
Despite an extremely poor PA system, BHX battled on and clearly won over the large group of rockers in the audience. BHX and Eyes will both be appearing – the night before the two groups will be playing together in a previously arranged gig at the Arts Centre. In previous years Tamworth acts have suffered because they took no followers with them while groups from Burton and Derby particularly seemed to bring armies of fans. Sitting Pretty, now in their guise as a quartet, will join Select Elect for a night of modern, original music. They are about as far away from traditional heavy rock as an Eskimo is from a suntan, yet their music still has a hard feel to it.
For BHX it confirmed that 1984 really will be their year and for One On One it proved that they too have enough talent and ideas to go all the way. The club does not normally put on rock bands and BHX say that a good turnout might convince them to make it into a more regular venue.
The group who are getting more ambitious with every gig, will probably headline tonight’s show which begins at around 8pm. For me the real icing on the cake is still the cool and harmonious vocal work of Dave Ingham, who seems to get better and more confident with every show. It has a flavour of Iron Maiden with just a touch of Deep Purple thrown in for good colourful measure.
I would have preferred to see some of their older numbers recorded but as it is, you couldn’t ask for a better first attempt in the studio. BHX have gone through many ups and downs in recent times, but lately the band seem to have had a succession of ups.
They try and hit their audience on every front but they know that if you don’t get them in the ears, the rest is academic. The band spend so long making sure they look the part as they do trying to sound it, and they are determined to out-pose their audience if all else fails.
They both look good, sound good and play well and there is no reason why tonight should not be one of the most exciting nights the local music scene has had in a long, long time. Suddenly there were two acts that I actually enjoyed seeing, bands who realised that rock is all about fun and fun is all about rock. They hit the stage to an ecstatic reception (the sort I have only ever seen once before locally – for The Dream factory) and played a dynamic set in which they never put a note wrong. The bands had loved it, the fans had loved it and it had been the only battle I have ever attended where EVERYONE won. They stole one of the best reactions at the Bank Holiday Festival and have a thumping, dynamic sound full of modern influences such as U2, The Alarm and New Model Army. Guitarist and vocalist Kevin Briggs has promised a new and exciting show tomorrow, bursting with energy and musical vitality. Caprice are an amiable trio who find it very difficult to describe exactly what they sound like. Unperturbed, they went ahead with a drum solo while roadies struggled to get the sound back. For headliners BHX it will be the first Arts Centre performance for new drummer, Rob Baxter, Rob who used to be with popular Lichfield rockers, Bashful Alley, made his BHX debut last night (Thursday)  but tonight in front of a packed Arts Centre he looks set for his first major test. The Factory are expecting hordes of people to turn up to a gig that will be the culmination of a year that the band are unlikely to forget.
The popular heavy outfit have decided to spend time writing new material and preparing an entirely new stage show. The popular heavy band are looking for a dedicated lighting man willing to follow them to all their local and not-so-local gigs.
To coincide with the tour there is also talk of a debut single from the band to be released during the summer. The disqualification gave One On One a clear victory, making them the first band into the final – and therefore the Bank Holiday rock festival. Childs Play opened the proceedings with their former guitarist, who had been dragged out of the bar because their normal player had disappeared!
They came on and gave a blinding show bashing out 100mph rock anthems which sent their loyal fans into a state of acute frenzy. The finalists will be given only 20 minutes to impress the judges that they are Tamworth’s top band.
If you have news about local bands or musicians be sure to let us know so the truth can be told!
According to my reliable informant, the label are very interested in the ambitious quartet and are considering sending someone up to watch them in action. They have recruited former Breaking Point drummer Clark Stewart and experienced bass play Steve Parkin to the line-up and although it is the latest in a series of changes, there is a general feeling that this one is going to stick. This was just one of the fascinating facts I picked up when researching BHX’s history for their forthcoming national tour programme.
It has been a full-blown fight between 16 competitors to find out the cream of the local groups. The five brought with them the crowds of faithful fans who were packed like sardines into the rainbow-lit auditorium. I did detect a melody at one point but it fizzled out pretty soon beneath the drummer’s monotonous onslaught. There was plenty of variety in their performance and the group had the advantage of a talented vocalist. They produced a well rounded sound though unfortunately the performance was a little disturbed by microphone trouble. If there had been a prize for the highest number of decibels achieved, they certainly would have won. For the hard-working heavy rock band have lost the services of their guitarist Keith Edwards.
Ambitious Paul has joined the band after former guitarist Keith Edwards pulled out just weeks before the group’s first-ever national tour. The hope is that if the band make an impact in one part of the country, they will be able to return to it within the tour. The band, who play modern commercial pop, have already attracted considerable interest and now they need a new bassist to complete their line-up. The band are full of ambition and determination but they need a bass player to complete their heavy rock line-up. When vocalist Dave left, in stepped Mick Goodby, the former BHX and Witzend singer, and one of the most popular people on the local scene. The group have received a lot of interest in London and report encouragingly that the competition in the capital is not as fierce as it looks up here.
The man usually at the helm was vocalist Mick Goodby who held together a very tight and successful ship indeed. Now 3 hours sleep before a crazy day of US TV shows starting with Good Morning America #NewAlbum'. They know (Edwardsville) is the best big school in Madison County, we want to prove ourselves again as small school. East Alton-Wood River, Roxana and Maryville Father McGivney sent individuals, but did not compete as a team. In between these nights they will be at the Tavern on the 16th and to round off the dates they should be playing at the Arts Centre on May 11. They all looked the part with Rob Rea doing the seemingly impossible of looking better and cooler than all of Wolfsbane and guitarist Keith even added by wearing a live snake as a necklace. They threw in volcano-style fireworks, flashing lights and fake blood to provide a riveting performance.
The overall winner will be invited to play at the Young People’s Arts festival night in March where they will also be presented with their winning trophy. Although Wolfsbane did a similar highly successful thing with BHX last year, the indications are that they won’t pick up the gauntlet. The tour has already started to blossom with venues as glamorous as Dudley, Blackburn and Stoke-on-Trent on the itinerary. Where other bands leaned heavily on the impact of barrages of sound, they concentrated on detail.
After the fireworks, the fake blood, the amazing verbal ad-libbing from the band and the blatant flouting of the 20-minute time limit.
Two qualities needed are dedication and ambition, and if you think you can provide these – as well as good funk rock bass contact the band. It makes fro a refreshing outlook and a refreshing sound, so if you have still got any money left after the alcohol-ridden Ethiopia gigs, then this is where to spend it. It costs just 75p for a rock and roll party and this includes the chance to see the legendary Simon Le Chien and his Boozy Brothers! We both went to Marquette and Quincy University, so we’re alums of both institutions. And that, as the lead singer pointed out in no uncertain terms, is what it’s all about.

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