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According to the Mayo Clinic, you should see your doctor if your ears start ringing after a cold and it doesn't go away within a week. If serious medical causes have been ruled out, and treatment from your doctor doesn't seem to help, you might try massage. Researchers have found that trigger points in the jaw and the front of the neck can contribute to or cause ringing in the ears.
Trigger point therapy is a specialized form of massage, so you'll need to make sure that a prospective massage therapist is familiar with it. Lymphatic massage (lymphatic drainage) to the neck, jaw, head, and ear are worth trying, especially if inflammation is playing a role in the problem.
Lymphatic massage, like trigger point therapy, is a specialized form of massage that requires additional training beyond the basics of massage school. Fascia is the connective tissue that is found everywhere in the body, including the face and ears.
Swedish massage is generally relaxing and can have an impact on the muscles and fascia of the face and ear.

All licensed massage therapists should be able to provide you with Swedish massage to the face, neck, head, jaw, and chest. If nothing else, massage helps you to relax, which will make irritations such as ear-ringing subjectively easier to bear. All these massage techniques can also be helpful in other minor ear problems such as ear pressure issues and pain with airplane landings. You can find information about other alternative therapies at the American Tinnitus Association website. Remember: Do not pursue any advice given here if it conflicts with the advice of your doctor, and don't continue doing it if it makes your symptoms worse. However, it can drive people crazy, robbing them of sleep, concentration, and peace of mind. If ear-ringing appears suddenly, with no apparent cause, or if it comes along with hearing loss or dizziness, see your doctor as soon as possible. They can cause a whole host of weird problems (in addition to their most common effect of referring pain elsewhere in the muscle).

Deactivating them with targeted trigger point massage may bring relief or at least lessen the symptoms. You'll need to confirm that a prospective massage therapist if trained in this particular therapy. Swedish massage targeted to particular neck and chest muscles can also improve or resolve thoracic outlet syndrome, which is thought to be a contributing cause in some cases of tinnitus.
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