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Ribbon cutting ceremonies provide new or expanding businesses an opportunity to promote their products or services.
Ribbon cutting photos are sized in high-resolution format on the web for 90 days following their publication date in the print issue of Chamber News. AMaVo is an eclectic mix of the old and the new, specializing in women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts. Canterbury Village is maintenance-free, carefree luxury coduminiums at a great value with a pool, clubhouse and fitness center all on site. Since 1921, Carhart Lumber Company has been family-owned and operated with 10 full-service locations.
Complete Nutrition is dedicated to providing Sioux Falls with the best nutritional products, with outstanding service and the best prices. David Fashions for Men and Women is a high-end men’s and women’s clothing store that sells casual wear, dress wear, formal wear, outer wear, fine leathers and foot wear. Farmers Union Insurance is a multi-line insurance organization featuring home, auto, farm and commercial insurance. Hello Gorgeous is a salon of wellness offering non-toxic, organic and all-natural products and services to help you feel happier, healthier and younger.
The International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) is a not-for-profit professional association that strives to promote excellence in the field of administrative professionals. Johnathan Blake Home Decor is a custom interior design store helping to create a unique, modern look to fit your style. John Harris Elementary School and the community of Sioux Falls built a playground without limits where all children, including special needs children, can play together. Novartis Animal Health is a Biologics vaccine manufacturer with full research and development facilities.

Each of the five units are approximately 1,200 square feet, 2-bedroom affordable town homes.
Sioux Falls Christian Schools provides a Christ-centered, excellent education to students pre-K-12. The South Dakota Multi-Housing Association is committed to lifelong education and dedication to represent those in the rental industry. Washington Crossings offers luxury senior apartments that compliment the lifestyle that they have become accustom to without the hassles.
Wilde Prairie Winery strives to produce quality wine and invites people to come out and enjoy a sip of the country. Y’s Buys is a retail goods store with new and gently-used clothing and household goods, made possible by the YMCA. The Sioux Falls Tennis Association, along with a partnership with the Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation, renovated the tennis courts at Spellerberg Park into short courts — one of three sites in the nation. There is significant medical research attempting to identify why some people develop nasal polyps.
Medical treatments include intranasal steroids, systemic steroids, antibiotics, leukotriene modifiers and aspirin avoidance. The Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce holds ribbon cuttings for members to celebrate joining the Chamber, anniversaries, grand openings, expansions or remodelings. Members may download photos to make their own prints of any of the images included during that time period.
L to R: Ron West, Mary Johnson, Marv Miller, Curt Soehl (district manager), Dave Stadheim, Lyle Dabbert, Eric Anderson, Wayne Bartscher and Tracy Skuza.
Their products are designed to prevent disease in cattle and swine while providing economic benefits to their customers.

The project is part of the Mayor’s revitalization initiative of the Pettigrew Heights neighborhood. L to R: Kim Van’t Hul, Dean Karsky, Jay Woustra, Steve Kirby (school board president), Matt Covey (elementary principal), Dave Rozenboom, Gita Hendricks, Nathan Engbers and Vern Ten Napel. When polyps develop on both sides of the nose and are widespread they are generally caused by a chronic inflammatory process. In this setting, the polyps consist of swollen mucosa which normally lines the nose and sinuses.
These include a genetic predisposition and an environmental trigger (such as an infection). The purpose of surgery for nasal polyps is to restore the nose to normal function by removing the polyps, unblocking the nose and allowing drainage of infected sinuses. The Chamber invites members of the Board of Directors, members of the Ambassador and Diplomat committees, and local elected officials to share in the event. The tissue becomes so swollen that it hangs down into the nose causing a blocked nose, a runny nose or sinusitis.
Modern sinus surgery for nasal polyps is assisted with key-hole techniques, computer navigation and micro and powered instrumentation.
The Chamber member requests the date and the Chamber staff assists by organizing the agenda and providing the ribbon and scissors.

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