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There are unlimited earrings styles where diamonds punctuate colored gems’ beauty and the most desirable of these is halo diamond style. Like the starlets if you also wish to add some extra sparkle to your looks then try these enticing halo diamond earrings with some fiery center stones. These timeless classic green diamond earrings are perfect for those who believe in something extraordinary. The passionate red rubies in these earrings are shinning extravagantly from the center of a pear shaped diamond halo! The color of nature with the border of brilliance will surely resonate the ambience with its amazing shine.

The fiery citrine with the chilly diamonds in this cute pair of studs will surely overshadow everything in your collection. Pick any of these or design your own halo diamond earrings to set your unique fashion taste and let the world follow you! If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. The four prongs set center diamond is receiving much light through the circle of white diamond halo.
The drop shaped blood red ruby in each earring is looking even brighter due to the presence of white diamonds around it.
A trillion emerald earrings is enjoying the companionship of lustrous diamonds in each piece and the combo set in white gold will add a flavor of excellence to your persona.

Wear it in office or for a night out, the glamor and glitter of diamonds with the spark of citrine will keep you lightened.
The sheer beauty of diamonds not only resonate the ambience but also lends the luster to the personality.
Not just that it will compete your style, you will also be showered with compliments when you’ll wear them. And when it is accented with other gemstones it doubles the elegance and charm of the jewelry.

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