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Earlier this morning Google officially unveiled the brand new upgrade to the Google Play Store. If you wanted to see how things have changed for yourself, though, you won’t have to wait for the rollout to hit you. Google is looking for a few good men and women in Arizona to help test their self-driving cars. In a recent update, Google made it impossible to block any phone numbers for 48 hours after you make a call to an emergency number like 911. In case you didn’t know, the official Google Phone app (aka stock Android dialer) can now be installed on non-Nexus devices. Verizon’s latest idea is pretty neat if this trademark is any indication of forthcoming plans. As a way to enhance the User Experience, Samsung will be making some major changes to the TouchWiz UI on its upcoming flagship, Samsung Galaxy S6.
If true, the Galaxy S6 will come with Microsoft OneNote, OneDrive, Office Mobile bundled with a free Office 365 subscription as well as Skype.
Samsung has heard all the bad reviews and decided to slim down the Touchwiz version that comes on the Galaxy S6 and its brother. While having less bloat apps is a nice thing to have, if you are a power user you know that every bloat app should be removed, no matter how intensive it is. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Du coup pour son Galaxy S4 a venir, Samsung a ameliore la reconnaissance et notamment en francais. Pour information, le nouveau S Voice est compatible Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III et Nexus 4. S Voice utilise un langage naturel, suggere des choses, repond au question et vous envoie sur le bon service. Installer sur galaxy s2, fonctionne mieu que le dernier, est en faite plus de meteo, et a du mal avec le micro en fin de phrase ?
Disclaim : ?????S for Kakao was offered completely free and safe, this is the original ?????S for Kakao APK file, no editing intervention into APK file, does not contain malware or malicious script.
The HTC 10 sports a number of enhancements and new features and, at least on paper, should have no problem standing shoulder to shoulder with the newest flagships from Samsung and LG. HTC is very proud of the prominent chamfered contour of the 10 and its dual-texture finish. HTC claims its new flagship can last up to 2 days on a single charge thanks to a 3,000 mAh battery and a new 'PowerBotics' system that enhances hardware and software efficiency. HTC also promises that its newest version of Sense runs lighter, leaner, and faster than previous versions. The HTC 10 will also feature the latest version of HTC Themes, lending users the option of thousands of themes that change icons, backgrounds, sounds, and other elements. Inspired by light and sculpted to perfection, the HTC 10 employs a new approach to design where bold contours are carved out of solid metal.
Passionate about the small details, it’s not just the materials that come under scrutiny when we create a new handset.
With HTC 10 we’ve delivered what we believe to be the best smartphone camera available on the market today. Boasting a DxOMark score of 88*, this is one of the highest camera quality scores of any smartphone to date and is the result of tens of thousands of hours spent fine tuning each element to deliver world–class photos and videos. Built for audiophiles, the HTC 10 is certified for Hi–Res audio and has been designed to make music sound the way that the artist intended.
Engineered from the inside out to last longer, the HTC 10 boasts the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with enhanced 4G LTE.
Not only does Boost+ optimize performance, making it easier to launch apps, but its App Lock function also adds a new layer of security by enabling you to lock any app you choose, whilst App Manager provides an instant fix for when an app isn’t behaving. By reducing the number of duplicative and pre–loaded apps and bloatware and integrating the best of both HTC and Google, we have created a more streamlined phone that enables you to decide what you want on your handset.

The latest version of HTC Themes also provides you with access to thousands of professional looking themes that each come with their own icons, backgrounds and sounds so you can customize your phone based on your own personal style. Battery life may vary based on cellular network, location, signal strength, feature configurations, phone usage, and many other factors. All benchmarks (with the exception of DXO) have been produced as a result of testing both HTC and competitor products in HTC labs. HTC, the HTC logo, HTC 10, UltraSelfie, HTC BoomSound are trademarks or registered trademarks of HTC Corporation.
Putting the bottom speaker on the bottom versus the front bottom bezel is better design wise. Depends on what you mean by "design wise." If you mean purely aesthetics, then yes I would agree. I have the s6, but this device is crafted for people that dont care about gimmicks, and just want a phone thats great and solid, looks aweosme, performs beastly, all around and innovated.
But does the S7 have dual speakers, USB C, Quick Charge 3.0, OIS on the front camera, or 24-bit audio? The A9 gets incredibly quick updates because it runs a version of Sense extremely similar to stock. For the rest of the world, like Hong Kong (where Taiwan is closer to than US and with (almost) the same written language as in Taiwan), we still haven't get updates for various phone models. LG is just as fast as HTC on current flagships, but has been much slower than HTC on older flagships, that's a fact. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that any fanboy accusations coming from someone with LG in their name and the LG logo as their profile pic hold no weight at all.
Correct, the Moto X Pure got 6.0 in late December or early January if I remember correctly.
Pre-registering means you will be notified on your device when the app is available to download.
According to the the latest reports, Samsung will remove some of the pre-installed default Samsung apps such as S Voice, S Health, S Note and Scrapbook from TouchWiz UI.
Samsung may pre-install few of Microsoft apps in their place as a result of the deal between the two companies regarding their patent royalty case. Trimming the TouchWiz features is also allegedly making the Galaxy S6 Lollipop experience a lot more fluid and quicker than the similarly updated Galaxy Note 4. This will be the first thing you will ask after buying the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6, or its brother, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge carry a few bloat apps, including Microsoft OneDrive, OneNote, Skype and all Google apps.
You can delete a good number of apps including calculator, S Health, S Voice, all Google Apps like Books, Newsstand, Games, Google+, as well as Microsoft OneDrive, OneNote and Skype. The chief enhancements are focused on the phone's multimedia capabilities; its cameras, display, and audio output.
I'll admit that the phone is quite striking in my eyes, though I'll reserve full judgment until I see it in person and experience how that precision-cut edge feels in my hand. I'll buy that claim when I see it for myself, what I am happier to see is USB Type-C charging and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 support for rapid refueling. It comes in Glacier Silver and Carbon Gray, is priced at $699, and will ship in early May. With customer feedback an integral part of the development process combined with an obsessive attention to detail, the HTC 10 delivers everything that you would want from a flagship device.
Capturing the light beautifully, the chamfered edges boast a slimmer, more slender look with its full–glass front merging seamlessly into the metal body.
With the HTC 10, our design teams worked tirelessly to build a phone where even the power button has been beautifully crafted, where the speakers deliver a sleeker look and better sound quality and where the fingerprint sensor recognizes your finger from almost any angle. All the settings are also conveniently located at your fingertips with Pro Mode still offering advanced options for more experienced photographers, including RAW format functionality. By creating a unique profile that is tuned to your individual hearing, it dynamically adjusts specific sound frequencies to each ear, allowing you to hear music the way that the artist intended.

With apps that launch twice as fast and that perform to the highest standard and a next generation quad HD display that is 30% more colourful, creating a true cinematic feel, and that is 50% more responsive to touch than its predecessor, even the smallest and fastest of finger movements track perfectly. Each device also comes with Boost+ which is designed to make your phone faster, to consume less power and to provide effective security and applications management features. So when that next call or message comes in, when you need to skip a track or snap that perfect shot, you can do it without opening your smartphone’s case. They will both offer the same design, audio, camera and display, with a similar software experience and battery life.
As a global innovator in smart mobile devices and technology, HTC has produced award–winning products and industry firsts since its inception in 1997, including the critically acclaimed HTC One and HTC Desire lines of smartphones.
All other names of companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. Thanks to its speaker being on the bottom giving the device a very clean, slick look, I love looking at my Nexus 5. Yes the edge has gimmicky features, but the htc 10 innovated, innovated ALOT of things that matter and will create the next flag ships for the next 10 years. If you buy a non-Nexus, you know what you're getting into regarding updates (not that the majority of users even care about updates anyway).
I was just commenting to Brendon because the Moto X Pure got 6.0 faster in America then the G4.
If you are a power user, than you know that every little thing makes a difference, especially when performance comes into place. If you detect copyright infringement applications or you're owner of the application, you can contact us to remove.
The rear facing camera is outfitted with a 12 UltraPixel sensor with laser auto-focus, dual tone LED flash, and a new pro mode with RAW image capturing. HTC BoomSound speakers also make a return, with a front facing top speaker and downward firing speaker at the bottom of the phone. HTC has also obsessed over button performance, promising better feedback and a more premium feel to the power and volume buttons.
HTC is also introducing a new optional layout called Freestyle that gives users extended flexibility and customization options on the home screen. Layer them, group them, link stickers to apps or get rid of screen icons altogether, the choice is yours. Putting it on the bottom increases the likelihood that it will be covered up if you hold it in landscape mode and I imagine it probably also has some sound-projection implications as well. If I'm out, I use headphones (people who use their speakers out in public are the worst kind of monsters).
Every other companies will now start putting OiS on selfie cameras, and wont cheap out on specs. You could argue multi-window, but I suspect the HTC 10 will get that feature in a few months with Android N.
You can't release a phone for the same price as a competitor flagship and have a lower screen resolution. You could even be in your own home and your roommate or spouse doesn’t want to hear the TV. According to benchmarks, it is the fastest and most powerful chipset out of all, blowing the Snapdragon 810 out of the water. Touchwiz is the most criticized launcher or skin for being way too heavy for a normal phone to operate without any lag. The headphone jack also has its own dedicated amp and delivers twice the power of a conventional headphone amp with ten times less distortion.

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