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Author: admin, 20.04.2014
When you are looking for the best noise cancelling earbuds, you have to know what exactly to search for.
Obviously, the bottom line is that the sound you do hear should be the best quality possible. Believe it or not, the length of the cord is another important feature to consider before buying your pair of earbuds.
This is understandable; just be careful not to settle for inferior quality to save some money.
Reading reviews of your favorite brands and brands you may not usually use can help you with your final decision. Probably the best deal is to get a pair of earphones that have noise cancelling and are also good at noise isolation.
My only experience with this model consists of being skeptical that such a low priced option is a good choice.
These shure earbuds  do not have active noise cancelling and cost $20 more than the JVC earbuds. If you want superior sound quality and the elimination of environmental noise these high end Shure earbuds are among the best. As far as the higher end Shure SE535’s, unfortunately $400 is not something most people would consider spending for earbuds. The Shure Model 577B Microphone is a handheld dynamic microphone designed for communications and paging applications that require highly intelligible, low noise output. The 577B represents a significant improvement over most microphones with anti-noise features. A mounting bracket is supplied to provide convenient hang-up when the microphone is not in use. Rated at 150 ohms (175 ohms actual) for connection to microphone inputs rated at 19 to 300 ohms.
Do some browsing and research, though, and you will find the pair that is the best match for you and your needs. It doesn’t much matter if you find the best performers for drowning out noise if what you do hear isn’t of the best quality. Usually when looking at different products, you should see this category listed by percentage. Part of the way that the cancelation works is that the bud itself fits securely into the ear, which helps block out external noise.
Some people do not like too long of a cord because it can easily get tangled, knotted, and in the way.
Being able to pack them up and travel easily is an important aspect to consider before making your selection.
If you don’t like what you settled for or if they break quickly because they are cheap, then it wasn’t worth saving the money. When it comes to electronics and technology, most consumers have a brand they like and trust, but don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone and explore other brands too. Things like a jet engine or the white noise traffic sounds you hear in a house that is next to a busy street.

This will help you to see what some of the options are and also  learn more about earphone technology. Even though the list price from Sony is $100 you should be able to purchase them for around $50. I have not used these myself but if I was shopping in this price range  (~ $100)  this would likely be my choice. This model highlights what is probably the most interesting point about noise cancellation versus isolation of sound. It can be used in all types of mobile communications, from amateur radio to helicopter news and traffic reports. Shaped frequency response, directionality, and distant sound discrimination contribute to total noise reduction.
Either way, there are some key factors to look at and consider when making the right choice for you.
When you search online or read reviews, you are bound to see sound quality mentioned quite a bit. For example, if the background noise reduction is listed as 88%, it generally means you can expect about 88% of the ambient noise to be canceled out. However, different earbuds range in size, which means you want to make sure they fit correctly for your ear.
In fact, portability is what makes someone choose to go with earbuds instead of noise cancelling headphones, which are much bigger and bulkier.
Color, for example, is one trait that might be important to you, and many brands now offer a wide variety of colors. Otherwise you should be able to find the best noise cancelling headphones that meet the criteria above. You can find cheap or expensive options, find models labeled noise blocking rather than noise cancelling and read claims that make noise cancelling seem like the best thing since sliced bread.
Voices, inconsistent sounds and many higher frequency sounds are handled better by blocking the noise out. Ideally this is what manufacturers of noise cancelling earbuds should do when they design their products.
While the JVC’s have all the requisite equipment they do not appear to do much more than block some noise through noise isolation. The consensus, both my own opinion and reviews I have seen from others, suggest you are getting what you pay for here. On the other hand if you have a bit more money burning a hole in your pocket and you are an audiophile that values high fidelity sound…. At least for earbuds, really good noise isolation is often a better choice if you want to eliminate all of the environmental sounds. It is also suitable for public address and paging systems in noisy areas such as factories, airport terminals, and restaurants.
The microphone operates on the pressure-gradient principle and has two sound entry ports spaced a small distance apart. It may cost you a few dollars more than you had intended to spend on earbuds, but it is worth it if you care about the quality of sound you are listening to.

If they are too small, they will fall out and prevent blocking out noise; of course, too large means they will be uncomfortable and make long term use impractical. With today’s design and technology, you can get almost the same amazing quality of sound and noise cancelation even in the smaller earbud versions.
Earphones that are marketed as noise isolating are manufactured with extra attention to how snugly they fit in your ear.
Noise isolating earbuds are included here (and you can also jump to a post on this site that discusses some quality mid priced noise isolating earbuds) since they are a viable option for many people that are looking into noise cancelling earphones.
Trying to manufacture complex mechanisms and technology on the cheap often does not work out so well.
Maybe half of that is still a little pricey, but more affordable for some highly rated good earbuds – Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10. If you need to block sounds like voices or something other than a low frequency constant sound then noise isolating earbuds may be a better choice. Again, though, you should read reviews to make sure the products deliver what they claim or promise.
Most of these models try to seal off your ear canal more thoroughly by extending the earbud into your ear canal. This model appears to bear out the fact that noise cancelling is something that requires careful engineering and an attention to details that you will not find in earbuds that cost $30. This tends to be true across the board – if you want superior sound reproduction you better be ready to pay hundreds of dollars. A person flying a lot that wants to drown out jet engine noise may find noise canceling works just fine for their needs.
One caveat you need to be aware of though – if you have an mp3 collection that is composed of digital files recorded at lower end bit rates, the quality of these recordings cannot be made up by the use of a great sound reproduction system. As far as the sound cancellation, the Sony’s are useful for a plane flight or similar situation. This could also be true for a person that works in a production environment where there is a lot of low frequency background noise or any other situation that an ideal fit for noise cancellation to work well. Since we have been paying attention to this segment of the earbud market for a few years we thought it would be useful to answer these and other questions you may have about noise cancelling earphones. The technology and idea behind noise cancellation is to produce sounds that cancel out external sounds that are reaching your ears. Yet, surprisingly enough, they are not the snuggest fit so their noise blocking capabilities, important for higher end and intermittent sounds, is not that great. Another viable choice for someone wanting a high end set of earbuds are the Bose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones.

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