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We run jewellery making courses in an exciting, versatile new material called Precious Metal Clay (PMC). Courses are taught in small groups (minimum 2 maximum 6) in my fully equipped workshop in the heart of the Sussex countryside.
There's loads of free car parking so you won't have to trek miles or pay a fortune to park for the day. Sylvie: "When you brush your piece after it had been kilned, it is like being five again and finding that Father Christmas brought you the toy of your dreams! This course runs on specific dates.These are the current starting dates for each occurrence.
The jewellery making workshop is aimed at the beginner with little or no experience of working with silver. You will be inspired by examples on display, and can apply your own creative ideas to your new skills when you return home. Come and spend some time in with Hannah, at Inc workshop in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and make your own unique silver ring to wear with pride. Email:Your email address will not be used in any way unless you decide to sign up to our newsletter. This craft course provider has been awarded Bronze status for receiving 1 or more 5 ratings from previous students. The Students' Choice award ensures that course providers get recognised for their efforts in the teaching and practice of UK craft. They also allow tutors to gain valuable feedback on their courses and for new students to find the course that's right for them.
Student numbers are limited to 7 to ensure good access to specialist equipment and tutor support. Course details: Student will experiment with a variety of approaches to casting using the 'delft' sand method, first finding and then developing suitable forms to create a mold for casting in silver. Course details: Students will be introduced to a variety of approaches to creating boxes and lockets before designing and making their own personal piece. Sheet copper and gilding metal will be provided; students wishing to work in precious materials must purchase their own in advance. This course requires basic skills in jewellerymaking to make best use the techniques involved. Experiment with metals (brass, copper) and texturing techniques to make a ring or a pendant.
We had lots of queries regarding these free workshops but places were limited; those who didn't get a place will be at the top of the list next time around.

Several adults were inspired to babysit for the day so they could join in the fun and games here at Flux Studios! The feedback we received was entirely positive, all parties leaving with several jewellery objects (there was even a spoon!), and a desire to return for more..
PeriscopeAndrew often broadcasts via the Periscope App available for iPhone and Android smart phones.
Every piece of the suite of jewellery was made out of a base metal but real Tigers Eye stones were used.
An At The Bench member asked Andrew if he could repeat the film and also add narration this time as the YouTube film just had backing music.
Building on previous knowledge and skills you have in jewellery making, you will be learning two new and interesting techniques: fold forming and Mokume-gane.
Both techniques are highly specialised and can produce incredibly effective jewellery or sculptural pieces. This course is aimed at students who have just completed the Beginners silver jewellery course or have previous experience in jewellery making.
Welcome to The Jewellery Maker, a friendly meeting place for anyone wanting to learn or develop their skills in jewellery making.  Come and join one of our courses, learn a new hobby, make new friends and unleash your creativity.  It’s great fun! Our Quirky Workshops take place at Greystoke Cycle Café, either in our cosy converted barn, our lovely Tea Garden or the farmhouse kitchen. Occasionally our server hiccups & emails don't get through to us - we always reply - please send your message again if we don't respond within 48 hours . Although the courses are specifically designed to enable absolute beginners to produce fantastic results we tailor each course to the abilities of the participants. During the day you will be guided through the step by step techniques of sawing, annealing, forming, texturing and soldering, demonstrating the essential skills so that you can achieve a professional finish to your work.
She has a BA Hons degree in contemporary jewellery design, and is very passionate about the ethics behind the trade.
Spent the morning experimenting with texture and design on copper, and the afternoon crafting my own silver ring. It is anticipated that students will produce a range of progressive test pieces which could form the basis of a charm necklace or bracelet.
This ring will not appeal to most peoples taste but it is a simple project that anyone can try out. It was mentioned that the sand was a lot finer and had to be compressed further to hold it’s shape but the finished casting had a finer smoother finish.
Fold Forming is a process where a sheet of metal is hammered and folded to create sculptural forms that can be jewellery, tableware or sculpture.

Having learnt both techniques you will have the freedom to apply them to making pieces of your own design.
We offer courses in Silver Smithing, Silver Clay, Wirework, Macrame and Beading.  Our courses are targeted to your particular skills, whether you’re a beginner, or a more accomplished jewellery maker looking for suitable facilities to design and make your pieces. This will give you an understanding of techniques for achieving the best results in silver while making your own very unique sterling silver ring.
A fridge and microwave are available in the studio, which you can store and cook your dinner in.
It gets you used to handle the torch and also melting the silver, knowing when the silver is going to melt and how to control the heat too. The side hole seemed to be a gimick but when a few Delft Clay casting recently had not come out whole, Andrew thought these new ring would make casting fool proof. Mokume-gane is a technique where two different types of metal (copper and silver) sheets are layered and fused together to from a sold sheet.
We offer professional, well-equipped work stations and provide all the tools you need, to produce beautiful hand made jewellery. The sparkle from the stones is fantastic and I am going to enjoy wearing everything I made. Would definitely recommend this course, and I hope to go back to spend some more time with Hannah soon! In this series of films Andrew shows you how he recreated the bracelet, making an exact copy and reusing the original stones.
The solid sheet is then patterned by drilling holes and then passing it through a rolling mill to reveal the different layers and produce an effect a bit like wood grain.
Did the casting he tried work this time when it failed the last time using the traditional casting rings? Once a sheet is made it can be used to make jewellery piece such as rings, earrings, pendants or other objects. This weeks film looks at setting a small facetted sapphire on one side of the ring by raising grains.

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