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Immediately after the surgery while you are still in the recovery room, I will review you to check on your vital signs.
Postoperative advice includes, light activity and refrain from blowing the nose too vigorously. Following that I will see you twice a week for 3 weeks and then once a week for the next 3 weeks. During each visit the nasal cavity and the sinuses are cleaned with suction to remove stale blood clots, and any crusts formation. It takes up to 6 – 8 weeks for the sinus cavities to heal though in some cases it may take even longer. Your eyes will be examined for any swelling around the eye.  Eye movements, the pupils and vision will be tested.

During this visit, I will explain the details of the surgery and intra-operative findings etc.
The aim of good postoperative care is to prevent infection, promote mucosal healing and prevent adhesion formation. Adhesions and excessive scarring may narrow or obstruct sinus drainage pathways which were widened during the surgery. While in recovery, as you are still recovering from general anesthesia you may not recall this visit.
You may expect some oozing of blood from the nose and the bolster on your nose may require to be changed on a few occasions. If any infection is noted, a culture may be taken so that culture directed antibiotics may be prescribed.

Another objective is to look out for any developing complication and deal with it in a timely manner. After the discharge, I will see you in the clinic to gently vacuum out the blood clots in your nasal cavity.

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