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There are sinus pressure points around the body that can help to relieve the discomfort and prevent you from getting a sinus infection. Sinus congestion caused by dust, pet dander, dust, perfume, cold weather or allergies that stimulate the sinuses causing blocked ears, a choked nose, stuffy head and painful cheek bones. Some areas of the skin are particularly sensitive to the transmission of natural bio electric impulses throughout the body. Use the tips of your index fingers at a 90 degree angle from the face to apply pressure along each nostril for 4-5 minutes.
Use your fingers to locate an indentation in the inner eye socket near the point where the eyebrows meet the bridge of the nose and apply pressure evenly on both sockets for 4-5 minutes.
Find the hollow under the base of the skull at the back of the head and press into it for 3-4 minutes to help release head congestion, mucus, mental stress and headaches. Pressing into the ridge on the lower portion of the eyebrows with your index finger can help to relieve symptoms associated with a sinus infection.
Pushing into the cheekbone directly below the pupil can also help to relieve pain from a sinus infection. For pressure in the forehead, place the pads of the thumbs just above the nose in the center of the forehead and drag them down along the eyebrows toward the temples. Use your thumb to apply pressure to the upper edge of the elbows for 4 or 5 minutes at a time. Take the webbing between your forefinger and index finger at the highest point of the muscle and apply pressure for 4-5 minutes. Find the hollows below the point where your collarbone protrudes, which should be just outside the upper portion of the breastbone. Although this method has been proven to be effective and inexpensive, some people may find difficulty in doing this at first. Although the methods on how to provide sinus pressure relief mentioned above has been proven to be effective, it is still best if you consult your doctor. Your doctor will also be able to tell you the proper and most effective form of treatment for your case. You also have to take note that if sinus pressure has not gone away even though two weeks have passed, you should consult your doctor in the soonest possible time. Applying gentle, yet firm, pressure with your fingertips to certain pressure points on the face and body may help relieve sinus pain caused by congestion, colds or sinusitis. The points Gach refers to as "Welcoming Perfume" sit just outside your nostrils and can also help relieve sinus pain and nasal congestion. The Online Acupressure Guide of Stanford University suggests three pressure points on the hands and arms that may help relieve sinusitis symptoms and ease your sinus pain. I find that once you have a sinus infection you will probably ALWAYS have the sinus infection.
We have the best treatments for Austin Hormone Allergy, please contact us today for a consultation. Here comes with steps and a few helpful tips for relieving this pressure with home remedies. An infection of the sinuses is caused when the sinus tracts or nasal passages in the facial bones become inflamed due to the presence of fungi, allergens, bacteria or dust.
If you stimulate these points it will cause a release of endorphins to release tension in these areas and encourage the body to function the way it should. This pressure point and the one described above can be worked to let off pressure and reduce mucus congestion in a few minutes.
Saline nasal spray or a hot shower will help to get moisture into the sinuses to relieve pressure.
Placing a warm compress on your face while lying down will help to take down sinus pressure.

Place a few pillows below your head when you go to sleep to encourage your sinuses to open and breathe. Nasal decongestant spray or antihistamines can help to take down stuffiness and swelling that come with a sinus infection.
Ginger extract helps to relieve pain and acts as an anti-inflammatory that can help to cure a sinus infection. This is an anti-inflammatory and an expectorant that can help to clear the nasal passages and sinuses.
Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help to soothe your mucus membranes in the nasal passages.
It is important to know them since treatment of the sinus pressure you are experiencing is also largely dependent on what caused it.
In fact, a lot of people prefer these treatment methods because they are considered to be safer compared to medications. Here, all you have to do is to turn on the hot water and keep it running for a couple of minutes. This way the obstructions that are causing pressure to your sinuses will break up and you will be able to feel relief. On the other hand, more serious cases would require going to the doctor or stronger treatment. This way, you can get proper treatment to achieve sinus pressure relief and avoid possible complications as well. She has contributed a number of articles online on topics ranging from fashion to technology to travel. While this technique, called acupressure, may help ease your sinus discomfort, you still need to see a doctor to treat the underlying condition and protect against a serious sinus infection. In the indentations of your eye sockets, where your eyebrow ridges meet the bridge of your nose, you'll find two matching points Gach calls "Drilling Bamboo." Applying pressure to these points may help relieve sinus congestion and frontal headaches. Josephson, author of the book "Sinus Relief Now," lists "Stomach 2" points as being helpful in easing headaches. In addition to those facial points near the nose, "Sinus Relief Now" also lists the "Bitong" points.
To find the first point, look for a small depression on your upper wrist, directly in line with your thumb. Whenever the soft tissue lining the sinus cavity swells up (secondary to allergy or a rhino virus) the “drain hole” will swell shut and the pressure builds up. The reason I say that is because bacteria that live on the surface of the mucus membranes lining the sinus cavity cause the sinus infection. I suggest a mucolytic enzyme like potassium iodide or guaifensin (makes the mucus thin like paint thinner allowing the sinus to drain more readily). Applying pressure to certain points is a common technique for encouraging specific organs to function more efficiently.
Warm beverages such as herbal teas that contain thyme or chamomile will help to keep the sinuses moist while offering decongestant properties.
It also contains expectorant properties that will help to thin the sputum in your nasal cavities so it will drain more easily. Drinking tea or inhaling steam from that contains boiled eucalyptus leaves 2-4 times a day can help to clear out the nasal passages so it is easier to breathe. Create a decongestant by adding a tablespoon of mustard seed powder to boiling water and placing 1-2 drops in your nostrils to clean out your nasal passages. Grind 1-2 teaspoons of raw ginger and consume each day or consume ginger tea to take advantage of these effects. You can add peppermint oil to steam and inhale, consume peppermint tea or place peppermint oil on the forehead to take down pressure, make it easier to breathe and reduce your overall symptoms.

Do not worry though because there are also a number of treatment methods that you can try to get rid of this annoying problem. Although this method can only give you temporary sinus pressure relief, this can still help in breaking up some of the obstructions in your sinuses so that there will be even little drainage there. This is very important since you may be treating yourself for sinus pressure alone but there may already be something brewing in terms of your health and the sinus problem is just the tip of the iceberg.
So even though one form of treatment worked for another person, it does not necessarily mean that it will work for you as well.
The "Facial Beauty" points, which relieve eye pressure, stuffy nose and congestion, lie at the bottom of your cheekbones, centered below your eye's pupil.
The next point lies just below your thumbnail, on the side of your thumb farthest away from the rest of your fingers.
Applying pressure to the middle of that ridge is "good for most problems from the waist up," claims the Online Acupressure Guide. When the pressure forces the vascular interface back from the surface of the sinus tissue your old friend the sinus infection arises from its dormant state and starts to have lunch…on you.
Then for the BEST holistic method, which nearly always results in shrinkage of the mucus, membrane is SINUS IRRIGATION.
The tip for using cold water was particularly helpful since I’d been using this technique as recommended by my allergist (different recipe) but with warm water.
In some cases mediation will not help relieve this discomfort, but taking advantage of sinus pressure points can help to relieve discomfort. Understanding sinus pressure symptoms and how to prevent them will help you tackle this issue head on, and acupressure is a common tool to ward off issues associated with sinus pressure such as bronchitis. You can also grind mustard seeds into a paste with water and flour and place this mixture on the chest to help relieve your symptoms.
However, avoid placing cinnamon directly on the skin as it is very potent and can cause allergic reactions. You just have to make sure that you are getting a massage from a highly qualified masseuse who knows all about the sinus pressure points so that she can do the right massage to give you relief. On the other hand, you may be having the right treatment but you are not doing it properly. Applying pressure to Gach's "Third Eye Point," located in the indentation between your eyebrows, may bring relief to headache pain, stuffy nose and head congestion. In that case, it is best to do ways on how you can experience sinus pressure relief in the soonest possible time. Afterwards, when the water is already boiling, take out the cover of the pot and lean your head over the pot. You must also take note that sinus pressure can also be a symptom of a viral infection or bacterial sinusitis. Be sure to use COOL WATER as hot or even warm water will result in MORE swelling and increased pain and pressure in the sinuses. There are several over the counter preparations and large-scale prescription ones available from your Doctor. Remember, you should ALWAYS CONSULT YOUR OWN PHYSICIAN before attempting any of these suggestions. Or when you feel like your face is being too hot already, you can lean back for a while and lean over again after a few seconds or minutes.

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