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Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts. In the meantime, allow me to provide a little more color—and describe some things I tried in between—so I know I'm not missing something else.
Shown below is a rough schematic of the circuit under discussion, followed by screenshots of the waveforms at different points in the circuit. I located some 2N3906 and 2N3904 transistors, added the complimentary BJT circuit suggested by Spehro Pefhany, and put a 10 ohm series resistor in parallel with the existing 120 ohm gate resistor to lower the latter to about 9 ohms.
Slight improvement in MOSFET drain output waveform from dropping series gate resistor from 120 ohms to ~5 ohms. Same configuration as 1., but 10 paralleled standard LEDs used in place of single high-power LED. Same configuration as 1., but 5 series standard LEDs used in place of single high-power LED. I suggest a complimentary BJT emitter follower after the Si8710AC with a series resistor to the gate selected to trade off ringing vs efficiency. Connect a small Schottky diode gate to source of MOSFET & reverse biased (Anode to source, cathode to gate).
Zener diode gate to source reverse biased (ie zener conducts when gate reaches zener voltage +ve going). Gate driver as Spehro suggests - the above Schottky and zener fixes can both be used with this driver and may be useful in some cases. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged mosfet or ask your own question. Why does drain current stop increasing after a certain value of gate voltage is obtained by a MOSFET? I think our Two Weapon Fighting house rule is hurting our game, but the DM thinks taking it away would be unfair.

Microsoft’s ringing in its fiscal year 2016 quarter 2 earnings with some rather impressive numbers for a company still transitioning away from providing traditional box retail software.
According to executive vice president and chief financial officer for Microsoft, Amy Hood, “We delivered double-digit operating income growth in non-GAAP constant currency while investing in key strategic areas that position Microsoft for continued long-term growth.” Looking at Microsoft’s numbers for its relatively new bundled Productivity and Business Processes division, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the company’s investment and in Office 365 and Online and re-investment in tools such as Dynamics CRM are helping shift its bottom line in a positive way.
People who complain about hearing the hum describe it as truck motors running in the distance and usually hear the noise at night or in isolated locations.
It wasn’t until 1998 that seismologists discovered the Earth is giving off very slight vibrations all the time around the range of 10 millihertz. After 1998, with the seismic cause isolated and the existence of an Earth Hum verified, the search for the cause of the phenomena began. The problem with both theories is that seismological data collected on The Hum produced outliers for each model.
I don’t really have much in the way of "stock" components, so each iteration I make involves cycles of ordering online and waiting for stuff to show up, then testing, etc. I'm still puzzled that I get those "70V" spikes; it doesn't seem to make sense in the context of a 3V LED.
You can also minimize inductance in the drain circuit by shortening or twisting the wires arc., add a snubber or even a flyback diode to the supply. Among the numbers, Microsoft is hanging its quarterly revenue hat on are the gains from its Productivity and Business Processes division. This was vindicating news for a very small minority of people throughout the world who were obsessed with a low hum that seemingly only they could hear. Some people even claim that the sound gives them nausea, headaches, and nosebleeds on top of being very, very unsettling. A seismic observatory called the USArray EarthScope furthered another theory by measuring the intensity of the hum with wave height: the collision of waves against each other and battering up against the coast of the Western United States and Europe. Sometimes it would be stronger than what a deep wave could produce or lighter than what would be made by mass wave collision.

Its leading-edge slows down when attached to MOSFET (Miller effect?) but basic operation seems okay. O-scope is a simple handheld, but think issue is real--from what I’ve read this is not surprising. To verify that this was not complicating things, I tested the MOSFET against a single high-power LED with short wires and still reproduced the problem. I could only bump up the current significantly at the higher duty cycles, it wouldn't move at the lower ones. If these are present the negative half cycles are clamped by the diode and reduce signal energy very rapidly. Before its existence could be proved most doctors and scientists wrote off people complaining of a constant low rumbling as victims of delusion or tinnitus (ringing of the ears).
MOSFET drain is connected to a constant-current bench power supply presently set at about 2 Amps. The second screenshot is taken at the same point, but with the isolator connected to the resistor that feeds the MOSFET gate. I haven't seen much discussion of using a CC power supply on the mosfet output in this way--they usually show some +Vcc.
Saves you from death by Millar injection due to load inductance transients that you could have sworn could not possibly exist.

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