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Through its Hearing Care Network of nearly 2,000 independently practicing audiologists and hearing care professionals and its more than 180 company owned hearing centers. HearUSA administers hearing benefits and provides related products and services to both third party and self referred clients.At HearUSA, you will receive more than just a hearing aid—you’ll receive a lifetime of better hearing. Schedule an appointment for a personal hearing screening and receive a free demonstration of the newest hearing aid technology. Patented Adaptive Sound™ technologyhas the ability to continuously and automatically “listen” to each user’sbackground for unwanted and disruptive ambient noise.

Our licensed hearing experts use advanced otoscopic technology to show you what’s happening inside your ear as part of the most complete and accurate hearing check-up available today.AARP Hearing Care ProgramAARP members now have access to one of the most comprehensive programs in hearing health available today.
In less than a tenth of asecond, it responds to intrusive noises by remixing sound profiles andadjusting volume to neutralize intrusions without becoming disruptive itself. Take back your hearing health and your life with exclusive savings for AARP members from HearUSA. SOUND+SLEEP™ offers 10 distinct sound profiles engineered topromote a deeper sleep and relaxation.

Unlike other "white noise"sound machines, SOUND+SLEEP nomad uses magnificent, naturally recorded,high-definition sounds that are up to 30 minutes in length, eliminatingannoying audio repetition.

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