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Tim McNary of the Bibliography of the Cicadoidea website, let us know that Clidophleps cicadas are also able to create should using a stridulatory structure. Just in time for Halloween… the Zammara a genus of cicadas with a collar like Dracula! Andreas Kay has been posting photos of the insects of Ecuador on Flickr for around a year now. Cicadas are well known for the songs male cicadas make with their their tymbals, which are drum-like organs found in their abdomens. Cyclochila is unique among the Cicadoidea in possessing a stridulatory file on the underside of the lateral angles of the pronotal collar that interacts with a scraper on the fore wing base (Fig. Stragglers from Broods II, IV, XXIII, and VII might emerge next year (see our brood chart for locations). Finding and photographing Magicicada septendecula, thanks to Elias Bonaro’s keen hearing.
Having Roy and Michelle Troutman visit New Jersey (I think Michelle enjoyed the beach more than the cicadas).
The Joy of Six Legged Sex event at the Staten Island Museum, featuring John Cooley and Ed Johnson. Going cicada hunting with John Cooley, David Rothenberg, and a crew from the New York Times, and ending up at my folk’s place in Metuchen. Discovering that the periodical cicadas along the shore of Staten Island survived Superstorm Sandy. All the cool cicada citizen science opportunities presented by, the Simon Lab, the Urban Buzz Project, Gene Kritsky and Radiolab.
Between now and the spring, I have to spend some time labeling the unlabeled species of cicadas on my site.
Lozang Yonten posted this image of a Masked Devil aka Cyclochila australasiae on our Facebook page.
The green form of this cicada is called a Green Grocer, the yellow form is called a Yellow Monday, and the Blue Form is called the Blue Moon.
Visit Tim McNary’s Bibliography of the Cicadoidea for many, many more cicada papers and articles.

Zouga is an easy to hear, but difficult to catch genus of cicada that exists in South Africa. Walker’s cicada, or Tibicen pronotalis, is a Tibicen cicada found in mid-western and southern States.
The Whiskey Drinker aka Cherry Nose cicada (Macrotristria angularis) can be found in eastern Australia. The White Drummer (Arunta perulata) is a cicada than can be found along Australia’s east coast.
When adult cicadas have eclosed (emerged from their nymphal skin) their bodies are soft and vulnerable, so we say these cicadas are teneral. Thirteen-year Cicadas are periodical cicadas that belong to the genus Magicicada, and emerge every 13 years. Tibicen is a genus of cicadas that exist on several continents including North America and Europe. Tosena is a genus of cicadas that are found in Asia and are know for their beautiful wing coloration, such as the turquoise, white and black Tosena splendida, or the orange, red, yellow and black Tosena paviei. Allen Sanborn, a Barry University professor of Natural and Health Sciences, is an expert at identifying and classifying cicadas. The Scissor Grinder cicada (Tibicen pruinosa), is known for its call, which sounds like a scissor grinding on a sharpening wheel, and for the abundance of pruinose on its body. Seventeen-Year Cicada is another name for periodical cicadas that belong to the genus Magicicada and emerge in 17 year intervals.
Chris Simon is a cicada researcher and a professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut. R is for rostrum, which is another name for the beak of the cicada, which makes sense as rostrum means beak in Latin. Red-Eye Cicada (Psaltoda moerens), aka Cherryeye cicada exist in South-Eastern Australia, and are known, obviously, for their red eyes. Clidophleps is a genus of cicada that can be found in California, Nevada, Arizona, and I assume adjacent parts of Mexico. Watch this video where a male Magicicada is convinced that the snapping of fingers is a wing flick.

This method of creating a sound is unique to the Australian species Cyclochila australasiae (aka the Green Grocer and Masked Devil).
Brood XXII is a good excuse to visit New Orleans (even if it isn’t on the cicada map). The Cyclochila australasiae might have more color variations than even the Gaeana festiva of Southeast Asia. The Yellow Monday cicada is the yellow form of the Cyclochila australasiae (the green form is the Green Grocer). It gets its name from its red clypeus, which resembles the red nose of someone who drinks too much whiskey. Here is a photo of a White Drummer, which features large areas of (white) pruinose on its abdomen.
Cicadas spend most of their lives in the tunnels they dig so they can travel from one plant root to another.
Chris Simon is principal investigator of The Simon Lab, which is home to many other well-known cicada researchers, like John Cooley, David Marshall, and Kathy Hill. I had called the forest preserve to see how soon the babies come out and he said they will be really small and he said that if i took a magnify glass i would be able to see the eggs write now and so i grabbed a magnify glass and was able to see a bunch of little eggs all lined up that resembled rice but 50 times smaller. Note: Magicicada males will also flick their wings once they become infected with the Massospora cicadina fungus (which removes their sex organs).
These cicadas have stridulatory ridges on their pronotal collars (the collar shaped structure at the back of their head), and a stridulatory scraper on their fore wing. Clidophleps differs from Cyclochila in that the stridulatory structure is on its mesonotum, and not its pronotal collar. Yellow Monday Cicadas lack a turquoise pigment that normally combines with the yellow pigment to form a green color. The area where I was walking consisted of a city ball field on one side of the road and an AT&T switching station on the other.

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