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If you are eligible for the PRSI Treatment Benefit Scheme the Department of Welfare will pay for half of the cost of a hearing aid, up to a maximum of €500 for a single aid, or to up €1,000 for a pair. At Specsavers, we have a range of affordable digital hearing aids which are designed to meet every level of hearing loss. Our advance range of digital hearing aids starts at ?495 and comes with two digital hearing aids, four years’ worth of batteries and a four-year guarantee included in the price.
There are many aspects of day-to-day life where even with hearing aids a little extra help is needed. Modern digital hearing aids are small, clever devices that can be specifically programmed to your needs by one of our qualified hearing professionals.
Our qualified hearing professionals will ensure that you get the right hearing aid for you and not just the most expensive one. At Specsavers, once you are fitted with one of our hearing aids, you get full and comprehensive aftercare, free. Not only do we supply digital hearing aids, we also offer specialised hearing protection products designed for use in specific environments where noise-related hearing loss is a potential risk.

Siemens binaxTM technology is the very latest in fully automatic hearing aids offering the wearer such a natural hearing experience that you might not even realise you’re wearing them. Not finding what you are looking for?See our full list of storesFind details of our Highlands and Islands service and our Home Eye Tests service. No quibble, no fuss guarantee.If you have any problems within three months of purchase, we'll put them right. You can also claim up to 50% off repairs and replacement hearing aids too.That means that if you’re eligible for PRSI benefit, even our top-of-the-range hearing aids at €2,000 a pair are available at half price.
Our qualified hearing professionals have years of experience to help you choose the hearing aids that are right for you, and ensure that you receive the quality hearing care you need.
Specsavers has teamed up with Geemarc to provide you with a full range of assistive devices to help with your hearing.
The service includes free hearing assessments (by registered hearing aid audiologists), fitting and aftercare. The powder blue colour is extremely flattering to most skin tones, including more mature skin.

One in six people in the UK suffer from some form of hearing loss, we want to encourage people not to suffer in silence.’Teignmouth Specsavers offers top of the range hearing service facilities that includes a soundproof testing room and state-of-the-art hearing testing equipment. A wide range of digital hearing aids are available to purchase with prices starting from ?495, including Specsavers’ exclusive ‘advance’ range.
Ear defenders, instant-fit as well as custom-made, are also available.Bluetooth technology is also offered within hearing aids from Specsavers.
This allows the device to connect remotely to everyday technology in the home such as telephones, televisions and personal music players.Specsavers Teignmouth is also accredited to provide a local free NHS hearing service, from initial assessment through to provision of hearing aids and aftercare. This service gives Teignmouth residents a greater choice and more convenience when it comes to appointment times to see an audiologist on the NHS. To receive NHS treatment patients will first need to see their GP to request a referral to Specsavers.For further information on free hearing tests or hearing products visit the store at 4 Bank St, Teignmouth, Devon TQ14 8AL or call 01626 870513.

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