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We offer ABR and BOA Hearing test along with other standard tests for properly assessing the degree and type of hearing loss. If the hearing loss is due to problems related to outer or mid ear then it can be corrected through hearing aids.
It is an implant that bypasses the malfunctioning inner ear and transfer sound waves directly to the audio processing unit of brain. People with hearing loss by birth or before they have learnt to speak require essential rehabilitation through intensive speech therapy.
Maniram Sharma (IAS) success story I am Mani Ram Sharma from a remote and backword area of Rajasthan in Alwar District.
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The Communicative Disorders department of the Regional Rehabilitation Center is responsible for diagnosing and treating infants, children, and adults with communication needs. This 42 slide material provides an overview for speech-language pathologists regarding how alcohol consumption during pregnancy affects the structure and function of a child's developing brain. This 44 side material provides an overview of how to conduct functional speech and language assessments and design relevant intervention for children with confirmed or suspected prenatal alcohol exposure. If you do not have an ASHA login, you may register with us for free by creating a new account. The focus of treatment is rehabilitation of the swallow and pro-active care to keep the infant's feeding development on track as much as possible through the critical periods of the first year of life.
The center tests people before and after cochlear implants and also assess their need for post implant speech therapy. At each stage of development, the infant nervous system is ready to acquire new motor skills.

For over 12 years, Meenakshi Speech and hearing Center (MSHC), has served people throughout north India and surrounding countries.
The medically fragile infant may not have adequate feeding exposure during these periods of development. Meenakshi Speech and hearing Center identifies, evaluates and provides treatment and hearing aids for children and adults with hearing disorders, speech and language problems. Pre-Chaining helps the infant with dysphagia acquire skills with very minimal amounts of food and liquid. Food Chaining is an individualized, multidisciplinary, home-based feeding program designed to expand food repertoire by emphasizing similar features between accepted and targeted food items. This paper will discuss Pre-Chaining and Food Chaining therapy as methods to treat dysphagia and aversive feeding disorders.

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