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Author: admin, 10.02.2014
It is an Alternative, Holistic Health & Wellness business that is rooted in the belief that love is the unifying force of the universe, and consciousness of that love is the ground of all being. It is focused on assisting individuals in unifying and transforming their bodies, minds and spirits, by raising their awareness that the ability to heal and transform is in their own hands. MapQuest, Vistaprint, and their suppliers make no representations or warranties about content, road conditions, route usability, or speed.

I believe wholeness can be achieved when individuals open their hearts and minds to the healing power and consciousness of love in all aspects of their lives.
My clients' individual needs are of the utmost importance, and I am committed to assisting them in meeting those needs by working in the areas of their lives that we decide together they are ready and willing to address.

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