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Author: admin, 08.12.2013
CHECK-IN My return Air New Zealand flight (NZ2) was scheduled to leave LA at 1645, so I arrived at Terminal 2 of LAX with plenty of time to spare at 1400.
I joined this shorter line and was processed within 15 minutes, having been issued a boarding pass and my case weighed and priority tagged.
Adjacent was another long line of people waiting to go upstairs to security, but luckily business and premium passengers have fast-track so I was able to skip this and go straight on after having my passport and boarding pass quickly checked. There was a five-minute wait, with shoes off, laptops and liquids out, and then a full body scan, which only took three seconds per person, so I was airside by 1430. BOARDING The terminal was small so the food and drinks outlets and lounges on the upper mezzanine level were no more than about two minutes from all of the gates. My flight started boarding from Gate 23A at 1600, with business and premium economy passengers given priority. THE SEAT I was in my seat, 23J, next to the aisle at the front of the premium economy cabin, at 1620.
Premium economy occupies its own cabin from row 23 to 31 (though side pairs on the left finish at row 28, and on the right, 29 because of the washrooms behind. Sitting at the front meant I was directly behind a bulkhead and looking at the curtain separating us from business.
In 23K, the IFE screen is mounted on the wall and there is a fold-out bi-fold tray table, whereas mine popped out of the thick panel to my left, which also housed a good-size tray table.
Before take-off, crew came around to welcome passengers individually, to hand out menus and to demonstrate how to use the premium economy Space seat if required. The twin-aisle cabin was fresh and spacious with pink mood lighting above the overhead lockers. Each pair of seats are built into a streamlined fixed shell, and built into each side is a small shelf for storing headphones and water, and an adjacent reading light and IFE remote. The seat is maneuvered manually with two levers that first slides the seat down and forward, and then tilts, to give you a feeling of recline.
Obviously, this is only an option if you are travelling with a partner and sitting in the middle pairs of seats. The seat-back IFE screen pulls out on an extendable arm and there is also a fold-down bi-fold table for placing drinks or meal trays on. WHICH SEAT TO CHOOSE? The side pairs are both angled towards the window, with one set back slightly for added privacy. The middle pairs are good for couples as, although they are angled away from each other, designed so that the middle armrests can be sunken to create one expanse of double seating, allowing you to stretch out.
Each seat can be reclined the same amount and has a good amount of legroom so you will not be disadvantaged in these respects anywhere except in aisle seats in row 23.
A fixed shell around the side pairs creates an added sense of privacy as they are separated nicely, though you will have the issue of either having to climb over the person next to you to get out, or being climbed over.
The dinner service began from the front of the cabin at 1740, with a starter of five-spiced smoked salmon topped with spicy radish, cucumber salad and sweet chilli mayonnaise. The cod was cooked pretty well but the sauces contributed to an overly salty flavour, which meant I couldn't finish it. The IFE system worked well and I watched a couple of films – the selection had been refreshed since my outbound flight a week before so I was pleased to find some movies I hadn't already seen. A certain TV presenter and his glamorous girlfriend were travelling with their two pet French bulldogs, which were sitting on the floor in front of them.
Breakfast was served at 0145, beginning with tea, coffee, juice, fresh sliced fruit, yoghurt and a croissant, followed by two cooked options – a three-cheese omelette with creamed spinach, crispy bacon and spiced tomato relish, and waffles with fresh blueberry and orange compote and whipped cream. ARRIVAL The plane started its descent into London at 0245 (1045 local time) and landed at 1135.
PRICE Internet rates for a midweek return premium economy flight in August started from £3,138. With regards to dogs being in the cabin, US Department of Transportation Rule 382 permits passengers who require an emotional support animal to travel (supporting documentation by a qualified psychiatrist required) with their dogs.
I was also very surprised to see the dogs in the same cabin as me, and a little perturbed as I am afraid of dogs. With regard to the dogs travelling on board, I have been sent this response by Air New Zealand: "I've checked with our passenger care team on the two dogs and the passengers complied with DOT regulations to carry two dogs in this case. Hi Jenny, I wonder if said Glamourous Talk Show Host had some friend who is a qualified doctor and could falsify such a note! I recently traveled United Airlines from LAX to Denver, there was a pooch in a cage in the overhead luggage compartment for the entire trip, and spent most of the time whining.I can't see how a lap dog, and it must have been this to fit in the overhead, can be a service dog, and it caused an inconvenience for all the people in the same part of the cabin. Ok guys up next on the chop block we have the LG Thrill 4G with its pretty glasses-free 3D screen and dual-core power.

The rear has a soft coat plastic that helps it from slipping and the front top and button bezels are like a brushed aluminum, it looks and feels nice and has a good even weight in the hand. Other pre-installed apps include Amazon kindle, Live TV, Qik for video chat, AT&T barcode scanner, Polaris Office, and Yellow Pages. Regarding performance I have ran a few benchmarks including Linpack, Quadrant, and Vellamo for the browser and network performance. As far as the regular camera, it works great for being only 5MP and the quality was great but low light we had more noise than expected. Even though I don't usually test the video capture unless its 1080p we gave it a small test run just to show my always helpful puppy has some ball skillz. Now this is where things get a bit tough for me as both of these devices are extremely well made, have great performance and pack a major punch in the spec's column. They are very similar in all aspects with a very close size, shape, weight, and overall feel but I personally like the Thrill 4G better.
This phone features everything a user would want in a high-end Android phone (unless 3D isn't your thing). There was a long queue for economy, but only about a dozen people for business and premium economy. I then walked across the way to drop it at one of two TSA X-ray machines, where it was then presumably then taken for loading. As I have a Priority Pass card, I was able to enter the Air France lounge and avail of a quick drink (there was a choice of soft and alcoholic beverages, as well as snacks) while looking at my Hobbit-liveried B777-300ER parked at a nearby stand. It was very crowded so I had to push my way through to board – there was a quick document check and then access to the plane via an airbridge. On the outbound flight I had been sitting in one of the middle pairs of seats, but this time I was in one of the side pairs which are angled in the same direction but with the aisle seat set further back for a little extra privacy.
My aisle seat felt quite spacious because of the curved angle of the bulkhead but actually restricted legroom slighty. All the other features were the same as the middle pairs of seats, except for the lack of a central set of shared armrests that also lift up to double as a table. I had flown twice before in the Space seat and was immediately struck again by what a great product it is – as good as some airlines' (non fully-flat) business class.
The seats are upholstered in very pale grey leather, and each premium economy passenger is given a large, squishy, white cotton pillow, noise-cancelling headphones, a bottle of water and an amenity kit containing stripy socks, an eyemask, ear plugs, Clarins mini moisturiser and lip balm, a pen, toothbrush and paste. Side pair seats also have a left-hand armrest (on both seats) built into the side that can be lifted up or down.
There are handy features such as creating a playlist for your movies, ordering food and sharing films so you can watch what your companion is viewing. This was presented on a tray with crackers and cheese, a dessert of coconut macaroon mousse with fresh berries, and a choice of garlic, wholegrain or freshly baked olive bread. No animals are permitted to travel within the passenger cabin in shipping kennels or otherwise (excluding seeing eye dogs)." You can read ANZ's pet policy here and about its service dog policy here. Passengers disembarked ten minutes later via an airbridge into Terminal 1, and walked another ten minutes to immigration. Air NZ appears to have a policy allowing support dogs on board, not sure then why 2 were allowed. I just find it very odd that the couple both required service dogs, both of which are French bull dogs, hardly the first breed that comes to mind even for comfort service dogs. You may know it better as the Optimus 3D as this is a glasses-free 3D device loaded with fun. The dual-core 1 Ghz TI OMAP 4 CPU, glasses-free 4.3" display and dual 5 MP cameras on the rear are the treat with this baby.
There is the volume rocker and then that all important 3D button that brings you instantly into the 3D selection page. The buttons all feel nice and are easy to touch, the EVO 3D buttons were squishy and difficult at times. It has a light user interface overlay courtesy of LG that looks similar to the Samsung TouchWiz and overall it's not very intrusive and doesn't seem to slow down or lag the device like some other UI's. Linpack scores were extremely low but Quadrant and Vellamo lined up nicely with other dual-core phones available but was behind the EVO 3D in Vellamo.
The cameras on the rear are both 5MP so only record in 720p rather than 1080 but they do give you some great 3D video and image captures. Now that the lockout is over for NFL I'll try and get him signed as he catches everything I throw his way. First off the LG Thrill gets bonus points for having not only HDMI-Out but the cable was included, the EVO 3D does not feature HDMI out.

With AT&T's great #2 in the nation service and call quality (which was excellent on the Thrill, loud and clear) along with not having an intrusive user interface like the HTC EVO I'm going to have to give this one to LG. The 3D performance and technology is basically the exact same in both phones so its hard to call it. If you think 3D is a gimmick or a waste of space this phone is still equally as impressive and works great even if you never use the 3D aspects it has to offer.
There was, however, a deep space cut into the bulkhead in front of the adjacent window seat for legroom, and a shallower one in front of middle seats 23E and 23D (though I didn't like the look of these so much). There were a few crumbs in the tray compartment but other than that, everything looked pretty clean.
Even though the décor and leather upholstery is light in colour, it has worn well and still looks clean. Hot towels were handed out after take-off, followed by a choice of water, sparkling wine or juice, and food orders taken. There was no queue at the biometric immigration gates so was straight through and down to baggage reclaim were my priority-tagged case was waiting for me. US Department of Transport legislation regarding ‘non discrimination on the basis of disability’ requires that we, like all airlines operating to, from and within the US, must carry service dogs.
I think this is extremely odd and a clear breach of policy that ANZ should be held accountable for.
Also powering the Thrill 4G is Android 2.2 with an included 8 GB micro SD card for storage. Having the 3D show up on screen wasn't the easiest task but here are a few shots so you get an idea, but don't take these as actual results because it looks far better in real life.
You can record 3D with the Thrill and stream it over HDMI to your 3D ready 56" or whatever size home TV -- I love it! I feel like the potential for a headache is not as bad with the LG but that could be due to the brightness of the display etc. At first I didn't like the covers on the ports but I've grown to like them and its now a preference instead of just something I'd deal with. It sits right along the top of the list along with the Samsung Galaxy S II, Sensation 4G and even the PHOTON 4G we just reviewed. I am about to ship 2 dogs and 1 cat from NZ to the UK and there are very strict guidelines, concerning veterinary requirements, the sizes and construction of the cages etc. I've been comparing both and will post pictures below and so far the Thrill is ahead of the small 3D wolf pack. I myself don't own a 3D TV or I'd have tried out some 3D videos that is for sure, watching it from the device is plenty enjoyable if you are ok with just having 4.3" of real estate.
Now my last bit of info is the kicker, you can have this device with a new 2-year contact for ONLY $99 dollars from AT&T. Most importantly the animals have to be checked by vets to see that they are fit to fly and have microchips and there are vaccination requirements such as rabies. These policies are not specific to Air New Zealand."Where a passenger seeks to be accompanied by a psychiatric service dog (as was the case in the story you have referenced) they must provide documentation from a licensed mental health professional treating the passenger.
I'm thinking the newer generation TI OMAP 4 CPU is a little more efficient and thus helping battery life.
Not to mention the fact that shipping animals is far more expensive than buying a seat for them in the plane. Unlike US based carriers, we are not required to carry animals other than dogs."All carriers operating in US airspace have policies in place to ensure they comply with these regulations. It features true dual-channel RAM to help speed things along and keep all that 3D goodness smooth and pretty. Once they arrive in the UK they have to be checked by vets etc for general health and to see that they meet the requirements to be allowed into the UK. In retrospect I should have because the cause of my problem might have been discovered and perhaps I could have been moved.
I have absolutely no problem with guidedogs etc but really do not understand why these people were allowed to take 2 dogs with them. By all means do what can be done for people with psychiatric illnesses but it is unfortunate when it comes to flying that the US Government does not appear to treat allergies, particularly life-threatening asthma as a form of disability also.I am sure the couple in question benefitted from their pets being with them – they both looked both well and relaxed as they passed my seat a number of times throughout the journey.

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