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Author: admin, 31.12.2013
It’s not uncommon for every day citizens to upload a ridiculous video and it spreads across the Internet like wildfire.
One recent viral video that was brought to my attention the other day has people around the world filming a strange noise.
Further research, this movie examiner, came to two conclusions; it’s major marketing for the Godzilla movie in the works (directed by Gareth Edwards) or the rumored Cloverfield 2.
Jennifer BleasdaleSacramento Movie ExaminerJennifer started going to the movies at a very early age and never stopped. I wona€™t go into the blame and shame I inflicted on some of my older children to subdue their energy except to say that I have found some much better and more nurturing ways to handle training children. The girls had some interesting ways as well from saving millions of minute paper scraps to insomnia to forgetfulness to messiness to shirking chores to incessant arguing. No I dona€™t think Ia€™m the model parent, but I have made enough mistakes raising children to understand that we must let them be children not miniature adults. The educational psychologist came highly recommended by other homeschool parents here and determined that she would eventually learn to read (albeit slowly) but if she did learn the 'concept' of adding more than 10, he would be so pleased for her. Counting by odd numbers is a bit tricky but she's correcting herself if she slips up so that's awesome. Granddaughter thinks everyone in Grade 3 is just beginning level B so that's good :) In the beginning, there were a couple of younger kids she knew (in 'co-op') who were further ahead than she was in the Level A but she just determined that since they'd been homeschooling all along, they must have begun sooner than she did. Some real while others are insanely false, then we have the videos that are released by companies to promote an upcoming release be it movie (The Dark Knight), video game (upcoming Resident Evil 6 game) or even a TV show (Dexter). If you’ve seen it one assumes that it’s some sort of howling noise, or according to some a trumpet noise. At least with the predictions that the Mayans have left our civilization, most of us will be on edge when it comes to unexplained phenomena so it’d be a good time to take advantage of that for the sake of entertainment. Has the world been duped with this elaborate marketing ploy or is there an alien invasion underway complete with government cover ups? Ia€™ve handled this a€?problema€? in a variety of ways some positive and other definitely not. Through all this we accepted their oddities, embraced their individuality, and redirected what we didna€™t like.

When I let go of my vision of the perfect parent with the perfect children, I could accept childish mistakes from my children.
He cautioned that things change -sometimes for no reason- but he was very concerned that she 'might' never have the ability to understand change made for a dollar. I liked the concept of just learning 5 at a time rather than base 10 & liked the idea of using an abacus so I decided to try it with gdd.
For me, it sounded like the twitter whale was real and floating above us looking for a mate.
The exuberance and uncivilized actions of childhood are often labeled ADD, ADHA, Defiance Disorder, and a plethora of other maladies. I learned not to label behavior as ADD or Defiance Disorder or whatever the experts wanted to call it. My youngest son (now going into gr 9) is brilliant when it comes to math; he flipped through the book stating he would have loved it when he was younger.
I hope she will keep being able to learn but so far -in just a fraction over a year - has surpassed what the ed psychologist thought was possible. Buying expensive curriculum is a scary, but Montessori Inspired Charlotte Mason friendly Right Start Math really works for bright children and children who need extra help. We're a bit behind where I'd originally thought we'd be but that was including spots of time when her family was moving.
One hint - she was stuck on the 'family' of addition - we used the large circle & 2 smaller ones leading up to it but that wasn't clicking with her.
He did not say she would never learn but rather that he hoped she would but to be prepared if she couldn't.
And so - to keep myself from being frustrated some days & to be pleased with her in her progress, I keep a piece of work nearby which she struggled with before we began Right Start as a reminder to me. It is not in the nature of the child, especially the boy to sit still, shut up, and listen for more than 2 seconds.
Acceptance, redirection, and protection helped them develop into who they were destined to be not my preconceived notion of what they should be.
I learned to encourage their individuality instead of conformity thus encouraging leadership.

One day, I set the lil bears out on a placemat (all the same color) -> two bears, a space, 3 bears - then grouped her fingers in the same manner on her left hand. He will be as pleased as the rest of us that this program & her tenacity proved him wrong. But it is our job to civilize them, teach them how to channel their amazing energy, and help them develop their attention spans. Eventually as I allowed my children to make mistakes, embrace responsibility, and celebrate childhood, I saw them grow into amazingly strong and calm individualsa€”leadersa€”not peer-driven, praise junkies who follow the pack. By this time, she'd almost given up at understanding how one hand of 5 and the other hand could make up that number 10.
She could count up to 100 (with help) but seemed to have no idea what those numbers really meant. She is soooo pleased with herself - she even understands how to count out her own change to see if she's saved up the $9 + tax she needs for a CD she is saving for.
For instance, when he was learning to read harder, longer books for school, we read together.
I did nag him way too much about the drum noises and with exasperation ask him to bounce balls outside. When I saw him getting antsy during math or science, I asked him to hand me an eraser or a book off the shelf. When he would start in on his animal noises and flap his arms, I would suggest we go do ___ or ignore it altogether. My teenagers were embarrassed by his antics, but I absolutely forbade their correcting of him.

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