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Author: admin, 11.02.2014
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLineIn August 2013 a video taken by Kimberly Wookey, in Terrace, B.C.
Not to mention capturing and redirecting dark matter as negative energy all over the planet. I try and keep an open mind but fact is a simple YouTube search will turn up dozens and dozens of credible videos documenting similar noises in the sky - people from all walks of life, city to country, young and old, all over the world, all reporting and recording the same thing.
Basically, every time I hear of things such thing my first thought is military applications - there's only so much testing that can be done on various doomsday weapons before you start making some very big and strange noises someplace.
It makes me think of the Norway Spiral, this extremely odd spiral of blue light erupting from behind a mountain in Norway a few years ago. Gotta say I heard chit like this twice at my house, both at like 3 am woke both me and my girlfriend up.

We have an increase in earthquakes, volcanos, sinkholes, critical infrastructure shifting (train derailments) and the list goes on.
And the stronger the pushing and pulling (distance reduction between earth and the approaching planet) the worse all of these things are going to get. But never really thought of it till now on how the pattern for the booms was always the same. Most UFO sightings are from the same source IMO, and I'm a lifetime aviation nerd and UFO nut.
It definitely, actually 100 per cent happened and looked exactly like that while it was happening. The Russians feebly claimed it was an out-of-control rocket and that was the end of that, it was never spoken of again.

Wookey and two others, captured the sounds again, same city, different locations and on different days, with Ms. So there is a very strange phenomena never documented before (ever) and even stranger is such a very, very strange phenomena has found scant airplay in the mainstream media and no credible official explanation, which is a clue to where it might come from. Eventually awesome weapons need testing in the open, and people are going to see and hear it.

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