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Author: admin, 13.03.2016
One thing we do here at Rings & Things are make these magical little baggies full of mixed Swarovski Crystals called crystal jams. For this one, I used 8 bicones on each loop, and made 8 loops, so a total of 64 bicones per earring. Hi Erika, We don’t have a template specifically for these, but I am pretty sure that I have seen plastic drawing templates at art stores, that are similar. And, we don’t have that exact Crystal Jam any more, but we do have a few Crystal Jams with brown beads.

So when I started working here at Rings and Things, I soon became addicted to everything Swarovski!
I love crystal jams because they are carefully selected assortments that contain several colors that coordinate.
I used some beautiful shell pearls, large Vintaj bead caps, cute little Vintaj bird charms and niobium earring wires.
I think that this technique could really be applied to all different beads and cording so go nuts with it!

I have been wanting to make something with one of the crystal jams for a while so when a co-worker suggested these tassel earrings, I couldn’t resist.

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