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Wax in the ears is a common and easily treatable cause of deafness, discomfort, and sometimes ringing in your ears (tinnitus).
The skin cells lining our outer ear canals include tiny glands, similar to sweat glands, which produce wax. Most people's ears clear the wax, which probably comes off on our pillows and towels etc., at a rate which means that it does not build up. Deafness can be caused by other problems in the ear, and if there is not enough wax to explain your problem, a doctor will be able to discuss possible causes for your symptoms, eg fluid collecting on the other side of the ear drum when the tube which drains from the middle ear to the throat (the eustachian tube) has become blocked, as after a cold.
If you think you have ear wax blocking your ears, either buy some wax softening drops, from the pharmacy, or use a couple of drops of warmed (body temperature) olive oil into your ear two or three times a day, for a few days. If you have ear pain, a temperature, or are otherwise concerned, you should speak to or see your doctor sooner. If you know that you have a hole in your ear drum (a perforation), you should not put drops in your ear without having first discussed it with your doctor or a competent medical advisor. If you keep getting ears blocked with wax, it may be worth using a couple of drops of olive oil into each ear once or twice a week. Your employer can reduce noise levels by isolating noisy machinery from workers not involved in its operation, enclosing it in a sound absorbing box or erecting sound absorbing barriers and by keeping machinery and equipment in good order so it operates efficiently. If you are experiencing any of the warning signs of hearing loss, discuss ways to control and reduce your exposure to the noise with your supervisor and Work Safety Representative. I have been trying to find a way to explain to our newbies who are not familiar with computers, where we are and how to get around to the different areas to see our information or find people to help.
Last year I wrote a three part article on the role of the Speech Pathologist with patients undergoing radiation treatment to the head and neck.
I will remind the Speech Pathologists that the exercises that will be presented are by no means a complete list of appropriate exercises and that ALL exercises are not meant for every patient.
Shaker Exercise: This exercise is used to improve opening of the pharyngo-esophageal segment by directly influencing hyolaryngeal motion. If the patient is at risk for trismus usually due to tongue base involvement, the patient is also given several additional exercises for mandibular range of motion and strength via resistance exercises. As I previously mentioned, not all patients were able to be given all of the above exercises due to a variety of reasons. With all the exercises, the patients are to be instructed that exercises should be performed without pain. Ototoxicity often goes undiagnosed because hearing loss may be slight or restricted to the upper range of higher frequencies. When physicians are administering medications known to cause hearing loss, it is recommended the patient receive regular hearing tests by a certified audiologist.
Loss of balance related to ototoxicity may be more difficult to diagnose than hearing loss. A number of promising therapies to prevent or reduce hearing loss caused by ototoxicity are currently being investigated. People who suffer permanent hearing loss may elect to purchase hearing aids from a qualified audiologist, or, when appropriate, receive a cochlear implant.
It also important to limit exposure to loud noise and wear hearing protection in noisy environments because prolonged exposure to loud noise can worsen the effects of ototoxic drugs.
Approximately 20% of persons who receive a standard dose of Cisplatin experience hearing loss. Noise exposure before, during and after Cisplatin therapy can compound the degree of hearing loss caused by ototoxicity. Yes, taking large amounts of aspirin on a regular basis can cause hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Otoprotective agents and drugs are currently being developed to prevent hearing loss caused by ototoxicity.
Radiation treatment to the head and neck region can be damaging to the external and middle ear systems. Specific damage to the middle ear can result in conductive hearing loss, a temporary or permanent loss of hearing caused by fluid build up in the normally air filled middle ear space. The most important factors or reasons that contribute to radiation induced damage to the ear are tumor location and the amount of radiation to the auditory structures of the ear. After the MRI results were known, I received a letter from my surgeon’s secretary stating that he wanted to see me again, and soon. I did not know what reaction to expect from Susie, but on the way home I tried to prepare myself for the worst case scenario. I did not sleep well that night, probably because of a couple of healthy glasses of scotch whiskey prior to going up to bed. I stood up and simultaneously raised my right hand in case there was still any doubt of my existence. This, being one of his many funny comments in the sketch, went flashing through my mind but I found nothing to smile or laugh about it at this time. The nurse gave me directions to the portable cabin in the hospital grounds where it was to be given; we had noticed it on the way in. I released my clenched hands and opened my eyes to find the young lady with two syringes full of my red stuff and a bit of material in place which she asked me to hold and shortly after put a piece of tape upon it to keep it in place. Still feeling pleased with myself, there was only the CT scan left on the agenda, and it would be all over for the day.
When we arrived, after checking in, I was most surprised to see that there were only a few people waiting in the CT area. My Dad turned 84 on February 17th and even though I wasn’t there, in Florida, to celebrate the day this year, you can bet I was thinking of him. There is another story about Dad that is equally telling and perhaps more revealing of the true character of the man. The topic for this article was planted in my mind while I attended a memorial service to celebrate the passing and life of a Nu Voice Club member recently, held at the church where he was a well respected and active member for decades.
As moving as the service was, I was also moved, in a personal way, by the fact that two other club members sitting on either side of me in the back row did not stand, nor open a hymnal, or even try to sing along during the two hymns. Since the memorial service I’ve learned that the TEP speaker still teaches music, and was a singer of note.
When I left the service my first thought was that I come from a different era of total laryngectomy rehabilitation. In addition to the joy we feel when we sing, hum or whistle there are benefits for our chosen method of speech. There is a word for what I am trying to convey while considering the benefits of singing again. How well I remember attending a John Denver concert with a friend and family as a gift a few months post-op. Whistling is pretty easy once you learn to direct the air in your mouth in and out with a bellows effect over your curled tongue and puckered lips.
It is so much fun to destroy the myths of what some choose to believe as fact about what we can no longer do as total laryngectomees. Later, I learned that they told my wife, who was there with me night and day, that she had better prepare herself for the worst.
I know it was terrible, but when I try to get back and reconstruct the real sensations- I cannot- it just slips away. A few days later when I came back to my senses, I started to draw and write in my note book. I made drawings, influenced by a book I read before sinking into the mad trip that took me away to an unknown reality, and became a part of it.
It was my privilege to edit Rosalie’s columns ever since she started writing for Whispers on the Web in September 2006. I received the following note from her daughter, Victoria, which she asked that I share with you all to let everyone know just much the outpouring of support has meant to her and her family. I have been truly overwhelmed by the kind emails from people who got to know my mother via WebWhispers. She was a real character and a very special lady, and it seems this came across loud and clear on WebWhispers.
The kind emails, filled with love and humour, sent by your members had me in tears - for all the right reasons.
My mum had a lust for life and thirst for knowledge which made her never boring and always inspirational. As a fellow journalist I would like to write something for your March or April issue, depending on when your deadline is. Victoria will, of course, have this space next month, something I bet Rosalie would just love. For now, I am missing a very special person, whose gift for writing and friendship brightened our world.
It only causes problems when it builds up, which may be due to over-production or difficulties in the natural clearance of the wax.

The point seems to be that this acts as a protective layer, which traps dust and other particles which get into the ear.
If this happens, hearing is reduced, and there is an increased likelihood that stagnation may lead to an infection building up behind the obstruction. We all produce wax, what you are looking for is evidence of the wax actually blocking off the ear canal. Worn or damaged parts should be replaced and protectors kept near the area of nois18 September, 2009ber, 2009rom noise. The subject line of that Email will start with [WebW] and will be Plain Text with no attachments Compare this delivery to the post office.
Many of you said you found the series useful but had wanted more information regarding the specific exercises that were incorporated into our program.
Even the core exercises in the basic program that were given for prophylactic purposes to patients with no oral and pharyngeal complaints were tailored to each patient with regards to their tumor site and radiation beam course. If there was no pain involved in yawning, the patient was told to hold for 5 seconds and not given the option of three seconds. If there was no difficulty or aspiration risk, the patient was told to hold for 5 seconds and not given the option of three seconds. This exercise requires maximum speech pathology assistance to assure the patient is appropriately performing this exercise. This exercise is one of the harder to perform and therefore, the speech pathologist must be diligent in their training of this exercise. It is extremely important that the patient utilize correct positioning while performing this exercise.
Therefore the specifics will not be published here as they are readily available in the literature.
Some intravenous antibiotics and antineoplastic drugs used to treat certain cancers are known to cause sensorineural hearing loss and tinnitus.
The inner ear contains both the hearing mechanism and the vestibulocochlear nerve, the nerve that sends hearing and balance information to the brain.
Patients may notice a change in their hearing, but it may not be significant enough to report. By monitoring hearing on a regular basis, it may be possible to discontinue the medication, or reduce the dose so no further damage is done. These changes may take place gradually, over time, and may be confused with the effects of the condition the drugs are meant to treat. However, they are still in the research phase and are not available yet for wide clinical use or application. Physical therapists can help people with balance problems learn to rely more on vision and the sensations from muscles to achieve balance. However, this percentage varies widely depending on the study cited and the contribution of other factors.
It is extremely important to limit the amount of noise exposure during and after the cessation of Cisplatin treatment. However, the hearing loss and tinnitus effects are temporary and reversible about 2-3 days after aspirin intake is stopped.
However, these drugs are in the experimental, developmental stage and are currently not available for use. The external (outer) and middle ear carry and transfer sound from the environment to the inner ear part of the ear. The Eustachian tube connects the middle ear to an opening at the back of the throat or pharyngeal area, acting to equalize the pressure in the middle ear space. If the tumor is located close to the ear structures, the possibility of collateral damage from radiation is elevated. This story is dedicated to my wife and children for the support they gave me before, during and after my ordeal. This would end up being one very thick one with an additional thin one by the end of my journey. She immediately gave me a cuddle and a kiss and then turned her attentions back again to seeing to the tea.
I arose shortly after, as instructed, and left the chair with a swagger that John Wayne would have been proud of. We walked towards the map of the hospital located just outside the main entrance to establish where the unit was located within the hospital. There was a lady in a wheelchair, waiting with a man, who I assumed was her husband; also a chap wearing a turban who was on crutches that were parked neatly beside him, and a mother, who again I assumed, was with her teenage daughter dressed in a gown. Once she was happy, she left to go behind a screen, telling me that she was about to start the scan and to keep as still as I could.
Yes, it is true, he is a bit slower and certainly a lot deafer, but his good and honest love of family and what is right and true about life is the legacy he leaves to us all.
Then I got word that my favorite writer and dear friend, Rosalie Macrae, had unexpectedly passed away. Of course, she had a long and illustrious career as a journalist years before she ever wrote for us and it was easy to understand why; she just sparkled with wit and insight and her columns were ALWAYS a joy to read.
If I feel it is too soon maybe I could write something for the next month and could then include details of her funeral.
There is a great wealth of knowledge and information to be accessed and obtained from our website, email lists, and newsletters. Other people have either one or both ear canals that is narrow, or that is at an angle which slows the natural passage of the wax. You can also gentle swish your ears with warm water while showering from a nasal bulb syringe of the type that is often used for suctioning infants noses. Through the red horizontal menu, you can proceed to the Library where you can look up, read, and educate yourself on lots of subjects pertaining to us. Emails may be delivered to your post office box, where you go get them when you want but most of us have email delivered right to our computer and it is stored on our computers, as in being delivered by our postman and left in your mailbox. If you are replying to one already written, 'reply to all' will bring up an email already addressed to both author and the WW List. Another reason is due to VoicePoints articles being read by more than just professionals and I do not want patients doing these exercises on their own without professional guidance. The originally reported exercise protocol was to have the patient perform this 5 times each, 5 times a day, this same frequency was utilized.
The originally reported exercise protocol utilized was to have the patient perform this 5 times each, 5 times a day for a total of 25 gargles a day. One of the best training methods that I have found, is to have the patient place their hand on my thyroid cartilage while I perform the maneuver, this way they were able to feel not only the intensity of the swallow but the hold of the laryngeal elevation as well.
This exercise is performed by having the patient protrude the tongue out of the mouth and while keeping the tongue out of the mouth, the patient is asked to complete swallow.
Additionally, if the patient has had a radical neck dissection, it may be advantageous to engage assistance from physical therapy to assure adequate patient abilities with this exercise. Additionally, due to the precautionary measures that need to be taken with this exercise, I believe the specifics are best left out of this article. Most all of these are widely published, however, should you desire the specific patient directions the protocol used, please feel free to email me and I will be happy to provide you with this information or any other information regarding this article.
They are educated to stretch or resist to the point of strain, just never to the point of pain. If permanent hearing loss occurs, the audiologist can counsel the patient about hearing loss and possible treatment strategies and alternatives to improve communication and understanding. If ototoxicity is suspected, balance tests are available, including a platform balance test, and a rotary chair. These factors include the mode of drug administration, tumor site, age of the patient, renal (kidney) function, prior cranial irradiation, other drug interactions, noise interaction, individual susceptibility and cumulative dose. Hearing protection should be worn diligently in the presence of noise for at least 11-12 months after the end of Cisplatin therapy in order to avoid the synergistic effects of noise exposure and Cisplatin on the health of the inner ear.
Possible radiation-induced changes to the external ear include erythema (redness), dry and moist desquamation (peeling and skin weeping), ulceration, atrophy, external ear stenosis (narrowing of the ear canal) and otitis externa (or infection). Likewise, higher levels of radiation dose increase the risk of developing damage to the auditory structures. He placed it in a basket to his left and simultaneously with his right hand, picked up, presumably, the next patient’s details, already placed on his desk in readiness. The scan was soon over and the radiographer came back into the room and helped me down from the couch. You can look under Activities to see what plans the group might have for the yearly dinner or the WW Cruise. However, since I had ongoing requests for this information, I decided the benefits for those who would be helped should out weigh any possible inappropriate use. The other cautionary note with this protocol of exercise is that the research was not completed before I left the facility were I started this program and, to my knowledge, the research protocol is no longer being monitored.

However, when this situation occurred, a substitute exercise or a modification of the exercise was attempted.
The Yawn exercise not only improves tongue base strength but also works on mandibular range of motion; both major areas of emphasis in the radiation protocol. It is extremely important that the speech pathologist be absolutely certain that the patient is performing a complete swallow in order to gain the benefits from this exercise.
While performing this exercise, the patient should lie on their back with their face looking at the ceiling. And, yes we have already covered mandibular excursion in the yawn exercise, so we do not add another.
These, and other tests, determine how a patient responds to motion and changes in body position.
Susie poured us both a cup and we sat at the dining room table sipping the freshly made hot brew. The portable cabin was not more than 30 yards from the main entrance, not far but opposite the mobile MRI trailer I had been to before.
We double checked where I needed to go using the board on the wall located opposite the hospital main entrance. Susie reached for a magazine on the table in front of her and proceeded to flick through its out of date pages, not finding much of interest. This exercise focuses on tongue base strength in a repetitive motion unlike the previous yawn exercise which was in a static motion. In my experience, this is one of the most underused exercises given by Speech Pathologists. But the patient is also given stretch exercises for jaw lateralization, jaw protrusion and jaw retraction.
Many times one must be reminded that they are not dealing with the muscular tissue of the young or an athlete! Bagas Wicaksono, SpTHT, from Kemang Hospital, tinnitus can occur due to noise induced hearing loss. However, I can tell you that the results up to the time that I left were extremely promising not only in the data collected but in overall clinical observations. To make yourself yawn - Open your mouth as wide as you can and inhale a large amount of air to the back of your throat.
This exercise most likely also assists in laryngeal motion as well but we don't have any clear data to support this notion. If the patient had no swallowing problems, they may have been trained in performing this every time they took small sips of water.
It is not that the exercise is not given; it is that the frequency of practice is rarely given at the research protocol level. These are given in individual motions utilizing a hold as well as via a complete circular motion made by the jaw made in both directions to assist in rotary rage of motion.
On the other hand, if the patient is experiencing radiation induced pain, exercise needs to continue. Taking the same walk and sitting in the same chair as I had before, I watched the surgeon peer through his spectacles at the notes before him, turning the few pages back and forth, as if to confirm a comment on one sheet tied in with another.
The main reason for recommending songs, for which we already know the lyrics, and familiar rhymes, is that it’s less emotional than trying to express our thoughts in conversation. Ringing ears as a result of this cause happened after the ear hearing a loud noise at close range. Physicians in both Radiation Oncology and Otolaryngology commented on how they appeared to be seeing significantly less patients with pharyngo-esophageal segment problems as well as overall dysphagia. Part one of the exercises is to flex the neck by attempting to or actually touching chin to your chest. Mandibular strength exercises incorporated resistance via the patient's hand to both opening and closing. With thumb and forefinger of his left hand now stroking his chin and without making eye to eye contact, he started to talk to me. Patients themselves would comment on the assistance the exercises provided them as they experienced more difficulty when they would stop doing the exercises. The patient was encouraged to set up this exercise in the restroom and do at times to reduce interference with their daily activities. These simple resistance exercises appeared to have the most gains in reducing trismus and even improving mandibular excursion if it had been reduced during radiation treatment. The radiographer reappeared and called for me rather than any of the other people, who by now had been waiting longer.
Then, the ears also give a reaction in the form of the appearance of the ringing sound.Well, within reasonable limits, ringing in the ears will soon disappear.
If the patient was at risk for aspiration while performing this exercise, the patient was trained in a dry gargle technique. I have found that with many patients, especially those with dry mouth or tongue base involvement, that performing this exercise 15 times in a row, may be too time consuming or just not physically possible. The patient must be highly encouraged to persevere with the exercises through the radiation induced pain (not exercise induced pain) and complete all exercises as prescribed. The other good news about these exercises is they are not original and many of them have research evidence behind them for use to improve, but not as prophylactic exercises. In these cases, I encourage my patients to decrease their repetitions at one setting and increase their frequencies of the repetitions being assured that they perform a total of 45 a day. Most patients will not be able to hold this for the entire 60 seconds initially; therefore the speech pathologist will need to train the patient on how to maximize the repetitions to counteract the reduced hold time. However, if this is not possible, it is highly stressed to the patients to do a minimum of at least one set of all their exercises even when experiencing significant radiation complaints.
Dad talked to the fellow and determined that his grades were good, his musical ability outstanding and that the length of his hair was unimportant.
A popular guide with this protocol was 7 repetitions, 5 times a day to correspond with the previous exercises. The second part of the exercise is to repeat the previous exercise (neck flexion) without holding. Permanent damage is what can make tinnitus sufferers may experience a decrease in quality of life. Several tips and suggestions were provided to the patient including the possible need to gently bite down on the tongue (for anchoring) to assist you in swallowing. This is simply having the patient touch his chin to his chest while maintaining the previous described position. The patient was also educated to the fact that the further the tongue was protruded from the mouth during the swallow, the harder, and probably more beneficial the exercise. If the ringing due to infection, blood vessel problems, or heart disease it could disappear if addressed,” said Dr.
All patients were initially instructed to perform this exercise while looking in a mirror to assure that the tongue tip is completely out of the oral cavity during the entire swallow and to be sure that the tongue tip was not sitting in the bottom lip, which is a common occurrence. However, recent literature suggests that adding two additional sets of 30 to this protocol may also be beneficial. Bagas, as quoted from Detik Health page.In addition because of loud noises, tinnitus may occur due to infection, abnormalities in the blood vessels, exposure to drugs that do not fit, until the occurrence of a head injury. If the patient was unable to master this exercise, they were trained in holding their tongue with gauze or their fingers as an initial exercise.
It is suggested that patient do this exercise set before arising in the morning and again before going to sleep which would make only one time during the day that they would have to do this. In cases caused by infection, drug use, and blood vessel disease, ringing sound can disappear after the trigger is overcome. This exercise is somewhat controversial in the rehabilitation to laryngectomees and should absolutely not be done by any laryngectomy that has not had this prescribed specifically to them. The nurse started to fill out a couple of plastic covered forms that I was to take with me to the lab.
Also in the ear there are tiny organ which controls the balance of the body, so that people do not fall when standing and walking. Because, now people are living in conditions that appear more noise, especially those living in urban areas. Even for each migraine attack in the same person, the symptoms that arise are not always the same. Menopause can be very scary for a woman because it means they are no longer able to have a child.

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