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SummaryThree-quarters of youngsters in Flanders have experienced temporary ringing in the ears, and 15% have the condition permanently, figures that one KU Leuven student finds appallingAn epidemic? A University of Leuven (KU Leuven) student has launched the online platform De Tuut van Tegenwoordig (The Buzz of Today) to warn other young people about the risk of tinnitus, or ringing in the ears. If you walk away with only one thing from reading my blogs this past year, I hope you know how vital it is to stand up for what you believe in.  Start conversations. Whether you advocate for something as widespread as putting an end to bullying, or for something as personal as making someone smile more often, your goal is the same—to improve quality of life. Semantics is the content portion of language, referring to the meaning of words.  Every utterance has some type of meaning to it, otherwise it wouldn’t be said in the first place. 13) Notice– code attention to a person, object, or event and include a verb such as see, hear, look, watch, etc. It only takes 1 concert or major sporting event to cause temporary hearing loss or temporary tinnitus (ringing of the ears).
To give you some perspective on what different dB levels sound like, here is a link to the CDC website. Vocal hygiene isn’t something we constantly think about, but it’s important for preventing voice disorders such as laryngitis and laryngeal carcinoma (cancer of the larynx and vocal folds).
I understand that teachers feel the need to yell at their classes to get their attention when they’re too loud but this is technically breaking two rules of vocal hygiene at once!
Answer: Vocal folds slam into each other at speeds of about 70 miles per hour when you clear your throat!
Knowing the signs of communication disorders is half the battle, since you are unlikely to seek help for something that you consider to be typical development. In Symbolic Level I, children require life-size, realistic props during pretend play.  They only represent events that they frequently participate in such as sleeping, eating, or washing. The good old days of Pre-K… going back to the classroom after lunch and playing… different stations set up around the room: puzzles, the kitchen area, a store complete with a cash register, maybe even a space to play doctor.
Play is one of the 3 behavioral aspects of the Sensorimotor Stage of cognitive development.
Carol Westby is a Speech-Language Pathologist who has written articles about play development in young children. Object permanence is established in Presymbolic Level I, so that in Level II, the infant starts to become active problem solvers. If you have taken an introductory psychology course you probably remember learning about Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development.
The Sensorimotor Stage can be broken up into 6 substages, 3 of which are conceptual and 3 behavioral.
Toddlers have quite an impressive and expressive vocabulary of 150- 300 words in their lexicon, or personal dictionary. It is not until about age 6 that they start to master the use of complex sentence structure.
Now onto MLU…which is pretty impossible to understand without knowing what a morpheme is, but we have that covered. Counting morphemes in child samples is a bit different than counting morphemes in fully developed adult speech. After the MLU is calculated (total number of morphemes divided by number of utterances), the SLP will be able to see which developmental stage the child is in with regards to language development. And that is the underlying goal of all Speech-Language Pathologists, to improve the quality of life for patients they treat. Blogging over the course of this past year as I took my first steps toward becoming an SLP has been an amazing experience, one that I will always remember. Two factors that have to do with levels of hearing loss are the intensity of the sound and the duration of the sound. After all, we use and abuse our voices so frequently that we do need to take precautions to protect them.

You should limit talking in loud environments and you should be within 3 feet of the listener when you speak.
ASHA has recently launched a campaign called “Identify the Signs” to highlight just how important early detection of communication disorders is. For example, one sign for a child is that they “do not follow or understand what you say” beginning at about 1 year old.  There are also links here to additional resources for topics such as Noise Induced Hearing Loss.
It is not until Symbolic Level VI (3 to 3 ? years old) that children begin to carry out play using replica toys. The thematic content of this stage includes acting out activities that the people around them regularly participate in, such as cooking, cleaning, or reading. Today we expect so much from children, too much sometimes.  We can’t forget how important play time is for healthy development (it certainly touches social, cognitive, physical, and language elements of developing). As mentioned in my previous post, play allows children to learn about their world and the people in it. There are 2 Presymbolic Levels and 8 Symbolic Levels that children go through during development.
They are now able to navigate a toy with levers and buttons, learning cause-effect relationships of their actions (if I push this button, music will play). They are Sensorimotor (birth to 2 yrs), Pre–operational (2 to 7 yrs), Concrete Operational (7 to 11 yrs), and Formal Operational (11 yrs and up). The early word combinations children use at around age 2 are already following predictable word-order patterns. Their MLU increases (average length of utterances) and there is an increase in the complexity of sentences they communicate.
They will now start to use and comprehend figurative language — such as idioms, metaphors, and similies—to represent abstract concepts.
A striking three-quarters of them had experienced temporarily tinnitus, largely caused by a lack of ear protection when attending concerts. I have always believed that the best educators are the most passionate ones– those who truly want the best for their students are most effective. For example, you might say something like “I drove my new car” which includes attribution (referencing “new”) and action (“drove”).  As a child progresses from Phases 1 to 8 of language development, their utterances become more complex and are eventually capable of coding for more than one Content Category, just as adult speech can. Although, looking back at those concerts after being introduced to hearing science, I realize that the ringing ears and overall muffled world I experienced when the concerts ended could and should be avoided. The bar at the top allows you to match up the intensity of a sound measured in dB with the length of exposure it would take for hearing loss to occur.  For example, a chain saw reaches levels of 110 dB. From personal observations, I can tell you that yelling won’t make kids want to listen to you anyway, so there really is no point. This has to do with the inhalation of pollutants in general, so second-hand smoke is equally harmful.  Caffeine can dehydrate you, so combat this by drinking plenty of water. For example, a child may go straight from pretending to be asleep to pretending to eat without any links in between. What will happen when the day comes where our school systems become so focused on 4-year-olds sitting rigidly at desks reciting things and supposedly learning to read?
Westby explains that play is “a means of expression and a means of interpretation.”  The expressive aspect of play allows the child to show us what their mental representations of the world are. Problem solving is also important for meeting needs of the child.  If an object is beyond their reach, they might point to that object while looking at an adult.
The most critical of these stages relative to language development is the Sensorimotor Stage so let’s discuss that in more depth. From being a newborn who cries to get attention, to a 2 year old who speaks in 2 or 3 word utterances this is certainly a critical point in language development for children.
Even though they are only saying a couple words at a time, they will typically be in the subject-verb-object order that the English language employs. Children start using interrogative and imperative sentences, and are able to use several bound morphemes.

To calculate the MLU, first you need a language sample from a child consisting of about 50-100 utterances. If a child says “choo choo train” when you ask what he is playing with, it would count as one morpheme if there is no other evidence that he says “train” by itself.
This is partly due to the child’s increase in working memory (short term memory) as they get older allowing for sentences to be longer. Flanders has one of the largest number of summer music festivals per capital in Europe.“In the media, you only find stories about people with tinnitus who get depressed,” Lecomte told Het Laatste Nieuws. I’m not going to stop going to concerts– and you shouldn’t either– so I will absolutely be wearing those earplugs next time around! You only need to be exposed to this noise for less than 2 minutes for it to cause hearing loss.
Little kids aren’t built to sit still all day, they need time to explore and interact with their peers.
They exhibit their knowledge and how they apply that knowledge to real world situations.  As an interpretive tool, play allows children to learn about people and events.
Imitation, the duplication of a behavior, is also a factor in language and cognitive development. They now have the cognitive abilities needed to sort through these abstract and sometimes out of order syntactic structures found in poetry.
This word has one morpheme since it cannot be broken down into smaller components each with their own meanings.
To get this sample the SLP can record a session in which they ask the child questions and create a dialogue through play interactions.
After all, the musicians themselves wear noise reducing devices when they play—one of the reasons they don’t realize it if their mic unexpectedly cuts out. So instead, to grab their attention, try flickering the lights or clapping your hands a couple times.  Teach them these are signals for them to pay attention to. Previously (in the Pre-Symbolic levels) there was only single-word use that was very much context-dependent.
Instead of trying to stuff their hand through a small opening of a container to retrieve the contents, the child will turn the container over for the contents to spill out.
You put your hands in front of your face and the baby genuinely thinks you disappeared because he can’t see you. After the language sample is attained, the SLP then counts the number of morphemes the child said and divides this by the number of utterances. So if the child was riding in a car, he might say “car,” but he would not say it if he merely saw a car. When object permanence is fully developed at around 8 to 12 months, the infant knows you are still there—that things are permanent and now can be represented cognitively (and most likely is wondering why you find this game so amusing). It causes the reader to slow down because the word order is not what we are used to seeing.
Chances are if your child says something you think is out of the blue, it is actually an imitation of something they heard in their environment (from hearing you talk or from watching TV). Infants learn that one event causes another event and that their behaviors can lead to certain effects. When infants start to use words at about 12 months, they can start using language to get what they want, but before this they can use gestures as communication tools. In the Sensorimotor Stage, one form of play that is exhibited is symbolic play, where children use one object to represent another.

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