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Author: admin, 26.03.2015
The City of Murfreesboro is partnering with MTSU and the Christy Houston Foundation on the new $5.8 million dollar indoor tennis facility at Old Fort Park adjacent to the 16-court outdoor complex. A year-long survey posted on the t website has been asking residents what new services they’d like to see in town. After gathering the votes over the course of the year, the Toms River Recreation Department will now explore how feasible the choices were, said Recreation Director Eric Schubiger.
Schubiger explained some of the other options posted as part of the survey, which was an informal poll to gauge basic interest on ideas that had been brought up previously. The most popular idea, an indoor tennis facility, will eventually have a group of concerned residents and experts to look into how feasible the idea is before proceeding further. Councilman John Sevastakis said in previous council meetings that the feedback and discusion on what recreation options are most needed in Toms River have been ongoing, through the online survey and at the township's recreation committee meetings. Schubiger said his office heard from individuals who traveled out of town to play tennis indoors, using such facilities as Good Sports in Wall. Township parks such as  have outdoor tennis courts, as do the high schools, but Schubiger said an indoor option was the most popular result of the informal survey. An indoor tennis facility would enable tennis aficionados to play even if inclimate weather or the winter months closed the outdoor facilities, he said. Pine Lake Park in Manchester has a spray park, and in Colts Neck there is a more elaborate one at Dorbrook Park as part of the respective public parks systems there. The outdoor pool suggestion, Schubiger said, was put on the survey to see if an additional location was needed. Schubiger said that on the hottest July days, the Snug Harbor pool does get crowded and serve many families, but the suggestion was one more of access for a section of town than of overcrowding at the existing facility. He said adding trails, a type of “passive recreation,” was a popular choice with those who answered the survey. Currently trails for walking and biking exist at and parks, and walking trails are part of the  now under construction. Scoring less popular in the survey were options such as a miniature golf course, boat ramp and bocce court.
The survey remains available online and Schubiger encourages residents to continue to vote, here.
Hasanamba Indoor Stadium : An indoor stadium measuring 100m x 40m has been constructed at a cost of Rs. The spacious Indoor stadium has ample space for various indoor games like Basket Ball, Volleyball, Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess etc. This indoor stadium has wooden flooring, & is completely covered on all sides by glass windows.
For the very first time, the Hassan Indoor Stadium will be completely illuminated by LED lights .
For the back wash the requirement of fresh water is 12,000 liters, resulting in 48,000 liters of fresh water per month. The state of the art rain water harvesting system is based on a uniquely designed and patented system, using the principle of cohesion and gravitation. The storage and continuous input of filtered rainwater to the storage tank makes the Swimming pool self sufficient, without depending on corporation water.

Rain water when properly harvested with rainy filters using cohesion technology and gravitational pull , not only prevents the overexploitation of ground water source but also saves huge quantity of Corporation water and precious energy units required to pump in water resulting in enormous savings in energy bills to the city corporation. Reduces significant carbon foot prints by way of saving enormous energy resources used in the transportation of water to distant places. The available water is not only sufficient for swimming pool purpose but also sufficient for drinking and toilet usage for the whole year. Rain water when collected in a scientific way, is one of the safest and purest forms of water. In addition this water is good for skin of swimmers because the rain water does not contain any Minerals. The water inside the swimming pool heated with state of the art (Solar water heating system).
The swimming pool at Hasanamba Indoor Swimming pool is of half Olympic size i.e 18 Mtrs x 25 Mtrs. The swimming pool is designed with a concept known as overflow deck drain system where in a gutter is formed around the swimming pool during concreting which is in turn connected to a balancing tank of capacity 30,000 liters lying beneath the plant room. The pool is disinfected using Ozone gas which is produced at site using imported state of the art ozone Generator.Ozone O3 is an unstable gas as it is produced for commercial application and has a pungent characteristic odours. Using Ozone for disinfectioning gives more safety to swimmers against viruses, bacteria and other chemicals and it will cause no eye irritation which is common in swimming pools which use chlorine as disinfectioning system. The gaseous ozone generator produces ozone by mimicking the action of lightening on oxygen found in our atmosphere.
This state of the art squash court has wooden flooring and is covered on three sides by toughned glass. For the first time 50 watts Single LEDs are used which save an energy upto 80% of conventional halogen lamp lighting system. Swimming pool water is heated by solar energy (The conventional pools use either electricity or diesel). While this site may work decently well, a lot of functionality might not work as expected or as well if you were using a modern browser.
The City has removed the 11,000 square feet Ag Center and are now in the process of constructing a 70,000 square feet indoor tennis facility with eight courts and support facilities.
The top answer is an indoor tennis facility, while the suggestion of a spray park also proved popular. While Toms River once had a privately own racquetball club, that facility closed down years ago. Currently, Toms River has an outdoor pool at the Snug Harbor location but nothing like this, Schuber said. Currently the township has the Snug Harbor pool, off Fischer Boulevard in the eastern part of Toms River, and the question was one to see if the west and northern sections of town felt there needed to be a facility closer by. Currently a popular at the library during the summer is played outside on the steps of the downtown Toms River branch. Though those options exist nearby or in Toms River, they are mainly available to or by patronizing a local business. This swimming pool has top international facilities like heated swimming pool water, LED lamps inside the pool & has a seating capacity of 500.

For the first time, outside of Bangalore, such international level facilities have been created. In the history of LED technology for the first time 50W single LED is used for illumination. What sets apart this unique indoor swimming pool from other pools around the country is that this state of the art indoor swimming pool will meet its entire demand for quality water by a functional, nnovative and patented first of its kind rain water harvesting system. The storage tank built to hold the filtered rainwater is 2,00,000 liters Plus 30,000 liters  as balancing tank since the water can be used every day and thus the tank will be ready for holding the water of the next rains. Since the water is surplus, it can be used for other usage like drinking* and toilets purpose. The moment water temperature falls below a certain temperature, the motors would automatically switch on so that hot water would start flowing inside the pool. The pool is built using shotcreating technology wherein M20 grade concrete is sprayed under high pressure using guniting machine & a 300 Cfm compressor. In nature, lightning produces ozone by cleaving oxygen molecules found in ambient air into oxygen atoms. A high voltage power supply found inside the ozone generator provides the energy required to form electrical arcs, known as corona discharges, inside the patented corona cells.
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This span is supported because of crimping of metallic sheets which are placed on the side beams.
The concrete is sprayed on to the steel reinforcement in layers to attain the required thickness of concrete shell as per the structural design.
By operating system for 5 hours the complete pool water is circulated and filtered completely as a result it can have almost 5 turnover in the span of 24 hours. These oxygen atoms react with oxygen molecules to form tri-atomic oxygen, also known as ozone.
These corona discharges cleave the oxygen molecule into oxygen atoms which recombine to form ozone. Enjoy our monthly tennis mixers which will include 2hrs of court time plus light refreshments. These sheets are rust proof and the company has given a guarantee of 20 years against rust and paint peel - off.  This huge roof was casted IN ONLY 15 DAYS !
Once the filtration process is completed the pool water is free of dust and other suspended particles, dirt etc. Whether you want to amp up your game or just looking for a fun and social time we invite you to join us.

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