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Author: admin, 15.01.2016
The New Balance Men's 1296 D Width Tennis Shoes Orange and Black are made for tennis performance.
I have a wide foot along with arch support issues so I have gotten particular about what I wear and have started wearing mens shoes because of the wider toe box.
Get the New Balance Men's 1296 D Width Tennis Shoes Orange and Black at Tennis Express today! With the performance features of the 996 staying the same in 2014 (click here for our review of the shoe from earlier this year) the shoe will receive some interesting colorways come January.
To provide superior durability, the 996 utilizes an NDURE cage that cradles the foot in a breathable, flexible package while innovative REVLITE cushioning keeps athletes light on their feet without sacrificing all-day comfort and versatility. The 996 comes with a one year NDURE guarantee, is available in multiple widths and is priced at $99.95 US.
Looking to capture the right balance between a high level performance shoe and world class stability, the all-new 1296 offers S-CURVE technology to allow for the best movement during practice through match time. Subscribe with our friends at Grand Slam Tennis Tours for travel updates, opportunities & discounts.
When the 1950s rolled around, their was a high demand for New Balance products, so much that athletes were asking for the tailored sneakers. The second year in the new decade 1961 the New Balance Trackster released which was the first high performance running shoe. To date, New Balance has expanded their running shoe company to a full athletic shoe empire, including sneakers catering to basketball, tennis and hiking. Watson's new outfit includes the New Balance Fall Tournament Racer Tank, which besides in this paradise blue exists also in glacier (grey) and poisonberry (pink), and the New Balance Fall Tournament Pleated Skirt, available in blue, black, white and black grape. I have always found New Balance court shoes to fit great and require minimal break-in time.

After several weeks of wear, playing two-three times a week, the shoes still dont feel broken in. I have a few foot issues going on - including an ankle that was sprained and can still easily roll and the tendency to develop callouses. The vibrant color of the New Balance Women’s 996 B Width Tennis Shoe Volt captures the New York energy found at Flushing Meadows while keeping you in step with the latest fashion trends. Upper: Combination synthetic and mesh with NDure forefoot cage for maximum durability in high wear areas.
Midsole: ProBank stability technology ensures optimal midsole positioning during lateral movements.
Outsole: Non-marking outsole with herringbone tread pattern provides multi-surface traction. Buy the lightweight New Balance Womena€™s 996 B Width Tennis Shoe Volt at Tennis Express now and experience a lightweight high performance shoe with maximum stability.
With premier technology including stability support and a long wear drag tip, this shoe really won't quit on court, keeping you stable and supported for every point. We love watching Tennis on the tennis channel and when I saw the commercial, I thought that I would surprise him with a pair of sneakers, so I went on line.
This high performance tennis shoe features tons of technology to keep your feet secure and stable.
11 Milos Raonic, New Balance tennis shoes are quickly becoming the most talked about sneakers in the industry.
At only 12.3 ounces, the 996 weighs-in as the lightest performance tennis shoe on the market.
Featuring a NDURE forefoot panel for durability and a LIGHTNING DRY lining to keep you cool under the toughest of conditions, the 1296 is a shoe designed for the serious player.

Upgrades to this already-stellar design include S-Curve technology, which offers unmatched lateral support and stability, as well as an NDURE forefoot cage and EVA foam footbed for ultimate lightweight comfort. I had bought my first pair of these at our local tennis shop and found the stability to be outstanding, so I had to go for another in a different color.
Constructed with ProBank stability technology plus REVlite foam for a lightweight feel, this model delivers high performance with superior cushioning. Responsive REVlite foam compound weighs 30% less than standard foams yet maintains the same level of cushioning and stability. With the New Balance 996 model already a staple on Tour and the upcoming 1296 model on deck, 2014 will certainly be a successful year for the company. In addition, the red and white zig-zags along the side where it attaches to the sole actually squeeze your toes and seem like they would create blisters on the court. Love to come to the net and this shoes are great for those who love the net for the quickness and comfort on your toes. After wearing the shoes on carpet for about 15 minutes I realized they would have to go back. I considered ordering a half size smaller and in a wide width, but ultimately decided to try another style.
I would not purchase this style again but I think I can get a decent amount of wear out of them this time.

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