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Episodes of vertigo could last for minutes to an hour before a migraine starts and often continues with the headache symptoms. Vestibular migraines are treated the same way as any migraine headaches, using anti-inflammatory medications Diclofenac and other analgesics.
Some patients with vestibular migraine suffer from tinnitus (ringing in the ears), but without hearing loss. Dr Paulose FRCS, DLO is a Consultant ENT Plastic & Laser Surgeon with over 38 years of world class experience in Ear, Nose, Throat and Laser Surgery treating patients across the world from UK, US, Middle East to Asia.
News: We open another RJAgency Branch at Tagbilaran Bohol ( beside Bureau of Immigration ) last March 2010 come to visit us!
Just as we were finalising this newsletter a small package containing a DVD and (once we looked deeper inside) powerful book arrived in the post. And remember, please feel free to share this newsletter amongst family and friends who you know will benefit from its contents. Nyansapo - the weekly internet based community radio station hosted by the Ligali Organisation is still offline. When I first started writing this article over a week ago a significant change was talking place across North Africa. I say a€?quasia€™ because following his a€?departurea€™ the army took over and suspended the constitution as a means to outlaw the right to strike or protest; these ironically, are two freedoms that face similar legislative attacks in the UK. It is significant that we take note of events like this, what is happening in Libya and Bahrain and of course, what occurred recently in Tunisia because A they hold the key to refreshing our own memories of the latent power dormant within each and every one of us. But thirty years ago, another historic event also took place, one with echoes of what has been occurring around the world today.
Indeed, these events remind me of Ousmane SembA?nea€™s Les bouts de bois de Dieu, they teach us that alongside freedom of expression, the right to assembly (and its partner a€“ the collective withdrawal of labour) has always been one of the most powerful and dignified weapons in the arsenal of human rights for bringing about restorative change. In Britain, police agents infiltrate community groups some even organising events, others bedding and even wedding key members. Of course, the ConDem government are now promising that out of the millions, a few hundred thousand people will soon have their DNA profiles deleted from the police database under some soon to be created civil liberties bill. I suspect the majority of us reading this newsletter are actually afraid of freedom.A  I dona€™t mean that so called freedom to vote, freedom to shop or freedom to watch television nonsense. The freedom to embrace our identity, our culture and educate each other about our own beliefs and traditions without apology. It makes me wonder, have we become so comfortable with the perceived stability of oppression that the unknown a€?instabilitya€™ of freedom terrifies us?
Many of us now seem too scared to talk about what we want outside the imagined security of our homes. For too long, we have become accustomed to submitting to the will of those who we allow to assume authority over us without substantive challenge. When we obey their instructions we give up our own innate authority which was invested in us by our parents, our Ancestors, the Creator. Well if it is the a€?authoritya€™ that is causing the lack of freedom in our life, the lack of dignity in our life, the lack of justice, then perhaps it is time to let the a€?authoritya€™ go.A  But I dona€™t mean run away into the forest so that their pet werewolves can chase us down, attacking us from the back, but instead arming ourselves with a few good old fashioned wooden stakes, some blessed water and dealing with the problem of performing a messy tooth extraction and root canal treatment without any aesthetic face on. As African people it is important that we face up to our own culpability in perpetuating the condition we are in. Over the next few hours the friends a€“ many veterans of the environment protest movement and most in their 20s a€“ hatched a plan to highlight an alternative to the chancellor's cuts by focusing on corporate tax avoidance. As a campaign group they are not overtly revolutionary in their political thinking but I respect them for being both passionate and active. Garvin argues that although UK Uncut is based on some of the same principles it offers a more effective, engaged alternative.
You see it takes many of us time to learn that the government is not solely responsible for the censorship of ideas amongst an oppressed people, those of us who close our minds to freedom are. I am not opposed to entertainment media being shared in order to provide us with moments of relaxation in life, but when that entertainment dominates our personal timescape with culturally harmful content and vacuous elements for progression, ita€™s time to take a stand.
Despite this, those people serious about desiring change (and prepared to work for it) found another way.
A young brother I know who is passionate about our people is organising a screening of a film I made called The Walk. Also this month there will be another event taking place that simultaneously commemorates two elders in our community who through action facilitated progressive change, but also through publishing left a legacy, a blueprint for future generations to learn.
The annual Jessica and Eric Huntley conference this year is themed Get Up, Stand Up: Campaigning for Rights, Respect and Self-Reliance. The tragic story of Claudia Aderotimi, 20, the young African woman who passed away after a botched cosmetic operation is sadly not an anomaly. Claudia was a beautiful young woman desperate to seek acceptance in the misogynistic world of music entertainment.A Her decision to self-mutilate for fame led to her paying an estimated $1000 to opportunist a€?surgeonsa€™ who it is believed ultimately killed her with a lethal silicone injection.
These toxic ideas of beauty have for a long time affected African people by cultivating a powerful hatred of self - from the obscene wigs of human and horse hair sold by a€?Afro hair and beauty shopsa€™ to the macho-adolescent thug style perpetuated by media clowns and a€?fashiona€™ propagandists in the name if a€?urbana€™ entertainment. The Truth remains that the image of the natural African as ugly unless enhanced by western prosthetics to restore some semblance of a€?normalitya€™ is a gross deception foisted upon us from birth. There is little point in seeking to forever tear down cultural viruses unless we first work on the antidotes. From carnival to art galleries, to groups like the Colour and Movement collective aka Bro Alvin Kofi (Kofi Arts), Sis Jennifer Lewis (Pepperstorm) and Bro Ken McCalla (Yahwarts) to sculptors such as Elder Fowokan. You see unless we care enough to comment about what it is we like more than our dislikes, then those who are working and doing often grow fatigued and discouraged when continuing charitable acts that risk our own self for the health and wealth of others.
The African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust is another organisation in need of funding in order to continue providing us a service that can save our lives in a tangible way. You see it is our continuous engagement, re-evaluation and redefinition of what constitutes the legitimate African aesthetic that provides us with a tangible way of redressing the balance caused by a hostile anti-African paradigm that seeks to programme our young people to hate themselves. Over the next few weeks there will also be a whole series of events dedicated to the wellbeing of African women that are designed to encourage us to accept, appreciate and love ourselves by building healthy living environments.
Africaa€™s greatest resources may no longer be diamonds and gold, but instead, its big sun-drenched skies. At Stubbs Elementary School on Thursday, a group of four students carrying a plastic chain walked to the front of the auditorium during a Black History Month assembly. After the lesson in history, the four student-performers joined Butler and other church members for joyous African song and dance in celebration of [African] History Month.. A teacher has been banned from classrooms after spraying children of Asian origin with air freshener if she said she smelled curry.
Elizabeth Davies, 48, was struck off for at least two years for the way she treated children in her primary school class. A disciplinary hearing was told that Davies would say: "There is a waft coming from paradise" before using the air freshener. Teaching assistant Wendy Roe alleged she used the words "black bastards" in a low whisper on more than one occasion. Two sisters are facing jail after using stolen credit cards to pay for breast enlargement surgery.
They paid the bulk of the balance using card details provided by a friend working for a credit firm. Today, the sisters were convicted of five counts of fraud at Southwark Crown Court following a week-long trial. During the case it emerged that both women were desperate for surgery because they felt self-conscious about their bodies.
The multinational security company hired by the government to deport refused asylum seekers was warned repeatedly by its own staff that potentially lethal force was being used against deportees, an investigation by the Guardian can reveal. Details of how some G4S guards developed a dangerous technique for restraining deportees by bending them in aircraft seats is disclosed in official testimony drawn up by four whistle-blowers from the company. Their evidence was secretly submitted to the home affairs select committee in the aftermath of the death of Jimmy Mubenga, an Angolan man who died while being forcibly restrained on a flight from Heathrow in October.
The previously unseen testimony reveals that G4S managers were repeatedly alerted that refused asylum seekers who became disruptive on flights were being "forced into submission" with their heads placed between their legs.
The technique, which is strictly prohibited because it could result in a form of suffocation known as positional asphyxia, was nicknamed "carpet karaoke" by G4S guards.
The two ambulance staff whose negligence and callous malpractice led to the passing of Sarah Mulenga have been suspended whilst the case is being investigated. An ambulance team were called to assist student Sarah Mulenga, 21 at her home in Barking on 9 January 2011. People with sickle cell disorders experience excruciating pain and typically need emergency assistance including fluids and strong pain relief to manage the crisis.

The team from the London Ambulance Service (LAS) were called at 4:15 by Saraha€™s concerned landlady, Chinwe Moneke, 35 who found her collapsed in her bedroom. By 4:47 the ambulance had still not arrived so she called again explaining Sarah had sickle cell disorder and her health was in a dangerously poor state.
At Brent Councila€™s meeting on 15th February, the Councila€™s executive decided to expand Newfield Primary School and to demolish the centre of Mission Dine Club (MDC), a charity that provides vital services to the elderly and vulnerable. In order to justify the decision to demolish MDC Centre, the Council failed to mention that MDC built the centre, and wrongly claimed that MDC was in arrears of ground rent. Council claims it needs to expand Newfield Primary School, which was assessed at Grade 3 by Ofsted, to provide additional school places. The attack can last for days and in some cases can come in succession - several one after the other! As a small entity, the existence of Youthology hinges on Genevieve being the linch pin that holds the entire organization together.
Genevieve is a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs and has 12 years experience working within the fields of youth development and the social services. I have suffered from headaches since childhood and aged eight I was diagnosed with migraines.
During a general attack my first signs are usually dark patches in my vision, a stiff painful neck, earache with ringing and pain behind my eyes. An attack usually lasts 3-4 days and at present is followed up by another attack within a 48-hour period. I have received various forms of medications such as Triptans, Channel and beta-blockers, blood pressure, anti-coagulants, anti-depressants and anti-convulsants from various neurologists with no avail.
I have also tried alternative methods such as Vitamin B12 supplements, Fever Few, smelling salts, Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy at the Institute of Osteopathy. Over the years I have kept a diary, which has allowed me to identify and track my triggers.
Occipital nerve stimulation (ONS) involves implanting electrodes at the base of the head and an impulse generator at a site in the torso and connecting insulated wires under the skin. ONS is carried out in the UK by the National Hospital of Neurology and Neurosurgery London, which is the first centre in Europe to use the technique.
I am excited to announce that Centerprise have agreed to host a 36 week adult education program at their venue in Dalston taught by me. The course, Introducing Black History and African World Studies, is divided into six modules that are all focused on the black experience and taught from a black perspective. Dedicated to the parents for the 14 brothers and sisters and were murdered on Sunday 18 January 1981, 439 New Cross Road. Why campaign?A  What difference does it make?A  How can a successful campaign be carried out?
30th anniversary of the New Cross Massacre, Black Peoples' Day Of Action, Brixton and National Uprisings - what are the lessons for our youth and community today? 1791 marks the beginning of the Haiti Revolution - Haiti First Haiti Now - Reparations Now! Don't miss a chance to see this compelling drama from South Africa which follows a young girl (stunningly performed by first-time-actress Khomotso Manyaka) who fights the fear and shame that have poisoned her community. Premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2010 where it received a ten minute standing ovation and was awarded the Francois Chalias Prize.
A·A  Shortlisted to the final nine of the sixty-six  entries to the Academy Awards Best Foreign Language Film Category. Where: PCS LEARNING CENTRE (Victoria), 3rd Floor, 231 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London, SW1V 1EH.
This documentary chronicles the life and times of the noted African-American historian, scholar and Pan-African activist John Henrik Clarke (1915-1998). Both a biography of Clarke himself and an overview of 5,000 years of African history, the film offers a provocative look at the past through the eyes of a leading proponent of an Afrocentric view of history. Places for the film screenings are limited (ONLY 45 PLACES AVAILABLE), so if you are interested in attending please reply as soon as possible to reserve your place. In order for us to manage seating and room layout, we would be grateful if all who are attending this event could confirm their attendance in advance. Greetings, this is another in the succesful series where you are told to forget the Mockumentories and watch a REAL documentary. Inspirational films by and about the people of Africa, from archive classics to new cinema.
Today & every day you should reflect on the beauty that is Woman, you should remember those women that made a mark and those that continue to create marks, templates and finger print traces in this Universe we currently reside in.
Women you must never forget that all begins and ends with You, you are the root and you are also the flower. Women don't turn your back on your natural duties or shun your Goddess role, because when we do we leave the space in which we should occupy and reign in disrepair.
For more information about this day, please contact Sheryl Powell on 07984 979413 or Aamasade on 07794 388 425. An apology must be immediate and sincere enough to erase the anger caused by the offence.
Mashufaa is a martial are created for the mental, physical and spiritual upliftment of a generation of people who have become detached from themselves!
Benign Paroxysmal Vertigo and other causes of vertigo must be ruled out by full neurological examination including an MRI scan or 3D CT of inner ear. In children they will have occasional spells of vertigo and imbalance, but no tinnitus or hearing loss. It's title was simply NARM (Naming and Role Model) Highlighting African British Male Role Models 1907-2007 (ISBN: 9780954449254). We hope to continue broadcasting our honest and progressive discussion of community issues alongside pan African news, current affairs and feature reviews of cultural media and events later in the year. Millions of people tired of oppression and inspired by the possibility of self governance decided to exercise their natural right to freedom of assembly and association. As with regards to the constitutions, well just as in Israel and New Zealand, Britain has no written constitution despite its claims to be a progressive democracy!
The last time I wrote this editorial I focused on the tragic New Cross Fire and the subsequent racist investigation and media demonisation of our community that took place in 1981 by the British regime.
On the 2 March 1981 over twenty thousand people gathered under the banner of the a€?black peoplea€™s day of actiona€? and in an act of revolutionary protest kick started a process that began the transformation of Britaina€™s indolent approach to human rights across state institutions.
Today, as was yesteryear, corrupt agents within oppressive states continue seeking to deter and disrupt those organising for justice by use of immoral counter intelligence programs and tactics such as racist ethnic profiling and state bullying. Meanwhile millions of innocent people remain harassed as Britaina€™s police forces continue to abuse their stop and search powers predominantly targeting innocent young people. In almost every address to the people from Mubarak during the run up to his fall from power, the dictator was clear to make explicit reference to the young people taking part in the protests movement. Yet with this attitude we enable a situation where one by one we are being made redundant, systematically attacked in the workplace, daily harassed by debt collectors, all situations seeking to violate our dignity, our right to do more than exist a€“ our right to live free from sustenance survival. Well let me be clear about this, the problem is not simply economic, for although there is an economic component to our plight, it is politics that determines the unequal distribution of wealth and subsequently health.
Ita€™s like allowing a vampire into our home and then complaining that they have slaughtered our family and are now leeching off our blood. Likewise we need to face up to our responsibility to correct the mess we are leaving for our own children to inherit.
But the discussion at the Nag's Head, in Islington, quickly turned to politics and particularly George Osborne, who had just announced details of the government's A?83bn of public spending cuts. It has always been my belief that a small group of committed workers taking a creative walk can achieve far more than a mass group of complaining talkers making a rhetorical stand. Rediscover what actions are useful, who in our lives are reciprocal in being helpful and supportive, which of our possessions have practical use and for everything else a€“ let it go.
Today we have access to so many forms of media but chose to perpetuate ideas that maintain our ideological enslavement instead of liberating us from it.
Usage of Facebook alongside Blackberry phones in the US and UK are unimaginatively utilised as tools for wasting time, setting up parties, elitist groupings and even facilitating crime, in Egypt they became tools of mass mobilisation. If you want to meet up with like minded folk and perhaps even become part of a movement that can do more than just talk then please come and greet us. Far too many of our young people are influenced by the belief that beauty is how we externally present ourselves instead of recognising that it comes from within. This is not a problem isolated to any one gender, both a responsible for accepting and exacerbating this issue.

It starts in the posters that adorn a hospital ward continuing to the images we see at nursery, at school and throughout the media including the shameful front pages of some of our own national news publications. What we need to help heal us is promotions of natural African beauty, critique and appreciation of our own natural aesthetics, whether present in art, prose or cultural events. From animations like African Tales by Trans Tales to Operation Sankofa an event that promotes the idea of African dolls.
Check out details of the campaign and please make a donation to enable them to continue the work. Ita€™s an attempt at revolutionary poetry that normalises the day to day realities of our experience in literary art.
The passive waiting for an anointed one with divine abilities to come around and lead us to the a€?promised landa€™ must stop. He said when people want change and see movement in the right direction that they have a choice to either lead or follow it, but if they want to remain stagnant and simply waste energy complaining whilst others are moving then they are free to do so but should first simply get out of the way.
In coming years, the continent, known for the innovation and determination of its people, could provide enough solar energy to light up some of the worlda€™s biggest cities.
The pupils have recently developed a way of producing 14KW of clean electricity daily, and their project is touted to be the model which other nations in Africa could adopt.
Pat Butler, a Mother African Union Church member playing the character of a slave trader, asked the crowd how much they would pay for their peers. She was accused of having a "smug look" as she sprayed children in the class, where half the pupils were of Bangladeshi origin. Asked if she thought Davies was discriminating against the children on the grounds of their race, Roe said: "I think so. Rishona Downes, 25, and her older sibling Ramona, 27, each splashed out more than A?4,000 for the Harley Street treatments within weeks of each other. But it wasna€™t until six months afterwards that they were rumbled when a technology firm noticed they had unwittingly paid A?8,090 for the sistersa€™ surgery.
The Downes sisters stood impassive in the dock as the jury returned unanimous guilty verdicts against them after deliberating for more than five hours. The disorder is responsible for pain which can last for days and in some instances requires an immediate blood transfusion. As Saraha€™s health deteriorated Chinwe called the emergency services again at 4:30 to inform them of her worsening condition.
The decision was taken in spite of the fact that the consultation was flawed, and breached the Compact. The Council stopped contributing to running costs of MDC to offset the alleged ground rent arrears. Speakers against the expansion of Preston Manor school questioned the figures regarding school places. It is disabling and consists of a severe throbbing headache at the back of the head, pain and stiffness in the neck accompanied by visual disturbances or temporary blindness. Youthology is focused on personal development, creative workshops and access to employment, training and further education across various industries. Genevieve is a regular inspirational speaker, who has dedicated her life to nurturing young people to fulfill their potential and represent their local communities with excellence.
My triggers range from stress, sudden change of mood, weather, over exertion, sugar free drinks (Aspartame), eating or sleeping late, certain foods and many more. I now have a carer who attends my home to assist me with basic care needs when I am unwell. African governments are running to China for a€?soft loansa€™, a€?aida€™ and a€?investmentsa€™ but in whoa€™s interest are they? Explore the African roots in world cinema through BFI Southbank's monthly matinee programme of films and talks. A hot buffet and refreshments are available on the day, you can also look forward to a selection of arts & crafts stalls and a€?giftbagsa€™. Some people who have vestibular migraines will also see changes in their vision like bright or flashing lights, blind spots and visual disturbances. Written by the community worker and author Kwaku this amazing book does what it says on the lid and with the contribution of Ms Serwah, Nana amongst others sets out to list many Notable, Aspirational Role Models of African Descent (1907-2007) both living and now Ancestors. As a result, after a couple of weeks, the 82 year old Hosni Mubarak, Egypta€™s western backed president cum dictator was forced to resign. A Mubarak knew what most oppressive governments knows and A that is , that the real threat to their power is not from those of the older generation that tolerated historic abuses whilst bemoaning the state of affairs in their armchairs and advocating confrontational protest. Contrary to popular belief we have many people amongst us who are extremely wealthy.A  What we dona€™t have are many of those very same people who have the morals or integrity to take risks beyond causes that service their own need for personal self-gratification. Over the past few weeks I have also been impressed with the actions of a new UK based campaigning group named UK Uncut.
Whata€™s that saying we must align ourselves with those a€?walking the talk, not talking the walka€™ or something like that.
For change to be persistent, legitimates expressions of people movements have to be organised into an organised political state. A In fact, so threatened by their use in encouraging mass participation in revolutionary themed events, Mubaraka€™s regime blocked all access to mobile phone communications and internet based social networks to a total of 80 million people. As a result skin whitening creams are prevalent throughout our community, hideous tattooa€™s have become seen as a mark of short sighted trendiness, designer labels empty proof of self-worth and men and women dress in drab colours as if permanently attending a funeral. This time the paramedics took Sarah to hospital but by then her condition had deteriorated too far. In any case the Council has not explored ways of providing additional school places without demolishing MDC Centre, such as providing the playing field over a raised level. I have had many attacks where I have been found unconscious in shops, the back of a cab, my work car park, under my desk at work.
I am far from one to give up but at that point the option of death appeared better than what I was going through.
This procedure is not a cure but a management tool, which has been proven to work and save lives.
They will also have many of the more common migraine symptoms, like photophobia (unable to tolerate bright light), phonophobia (unable to tolerate loud sounds), severe throbbing head pain, nausea, or vomiting. From role models like Michael Williams of BIS PUblications to Bernie Grant, Menelik Shabazz and Jak Bubuela-Dodd.
Yes, the oppressor predictably fell back on using force and intimidation (leading to several hundred deaths) in an attempt to stifle people movement, but ultimately, the inevitable happened a€“ change occurred. Not only are those of us like this culturally illiterate, but despite all their accumulated a€?stuffa€™ they are simply and pathetically political incompetent.
You can get a copy by donating at Ligali, asking for it at a local library or visiting a local African bookshop. Supporters of MDC are astonished that Council has decided to demolish a community anchor built by a charity without offering alternatives or compensation to the charity for funds it used on building the centre. On one occasion my younger brother had to break into my house through my bathroom window and follow the instructions of the emergency services before they arrived to take over.
Living in severe pain more often than not, I am unable to work, socialize and have had to give up activities such as gym, dance and choreography as I realised such activity also triggers my attacks. I have always tried to remain positive and refuse to accept that this condition will rule my life, but I have now reached breaking point.
The cost of the procedure is approximately A?25,000 privately, which includes consultations, the operation and stay in hospital. This programme has been devised in conjunction with the African-Caribbean consultative group at the BFI Southbank.
Can we with the passage of time separate the descenants of those whose ancestors were slaves from descendants of those ancestors owned slaves? Its an impressive collection that puts paid to the notion that there are no male role models for our young people in the UK. I have several times found myself collapsed on the floor in my house, in severe pain with no recollection of what had happened.
I am now 30 and even the prospects of meeting a potential partner and starting a family in the future are bleak. I rely on friends and family to help me function on a daily basis and struggle to keep my spirits up.

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