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Tinea pedis is a foot infection due to a dermatophyte fungus, more commonly known as ringworm. The diagnosis of Tinea pedis is confirmed through clinical inspection by microscopy and culture of skin scrapings.
If treatment is unsuccessful consider consulting your doctor as there may be an untreated infection, reinfection from contact with spores in your surroundings or clothing, an untreated infected family member, or an alternative explanation for your symptoms such as dermatitis or psoriasis. All material on this website is protected by copyright, Copyright © 2009-2016 by DermDiagnosis LLC.
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The condition is most frequently due to trichophyton rubrum, trichophyton interdigitale, or epidermophyton floccosum.
Moccasin tinea is extensive hyperkeratonic tinea, which causes dry scaling of the sole, heel and sides of the foot (but not the top) and does not include inflammation. Some people are particularly prone which may be because they are more exposed to the spores at home or during recreational activities, their skin produces less fatty acid (a natural antifungal agent), they wear occlusive footwear, they wear the same pair of socks or shoes for long periods, they sweat excessively (hyperhidrosis), they have some form of immune deficiency such as HIV, or they have poor circulation resulting in cold feet.

Clusters of blisters or pustules on the sides of the feet or insteps may form in some versions or round dry patches on the top of the foot.

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