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The DVD salutes the band's 50th anniversary with a 2006 live Air Jamaica Festival performances featuring many artistes such as "Merrymen","Arrow", "Ernie Smith","Pluto","Sparrow","Marcia Griffiths","Keith Lynn", "Ken Lazarus","Byron Lee & Dragonaires" and others.Video clips of classic hits(tiney winey & Jamaica Ska)) and a history of Byron(Soccer high school days) and the Dragonaires (Dragon Ears) are also displayed on the DVD.
The CD compiles old classics featuring the dynamic Soul duo,"The Blues Busters","Mighty Sparrow", "Eric Monty Morris","Toots & the Maytals" with hits like "Behold","Wings of a Dove", "Soon You'll Be gone","Only A Fool","Sammy Dead" & "Bam Bam",respectively. To counter the Black and white, knicks seem to be going full color!This for weekend home games and holidays. Knicks dominant color has always been orange, so it's fitting that they would finally come around and go All Orange.
I always wanted an orange Knick uniform but this is hideous, you have to put some blue and white in the uniform, orange on orange really really? The best thing about them is that they will act like the invisibility cloak from Predator when our players stand in the orange paint areas of our home court- should enhance our defense no end.I do actually quite like them, though maybe because anything would seem better than those terrible green uni's. This site is not affiliated with the NY Knicks or the National Basketball Association in any way. Great music, the English call it Two-Tone because the bands there usually wore a lot of black and white.
When you see a Knicks logo in the background of an NBATv telecast, you notice the orange first.

Can anyone photoshop it to see what it would be like with solid blue writing and blue sleeves? Whoever said they should have made the blue lettering a bit thicker on the front was right. I saw a great show with English Beat backed by early (before Michael Stipe became a colossal douche) REM back in the day. It's what the team is known for, the dominant color, so I'm happy that they chose to honor it and go All Orange.Also, Melo = Syracuse = New York = Knicks. At least yours has some contrast.The all orange is an insult to the Knicks tradition of celebrating New York. Couldn’t stand the later Marley stuff, although his early music, recorded in garage studios was fun! There's a good chance they might look a bit darker when they actually wear them at the garden under normal lighting instead of against the white background. The West Kingston trip inspired Lazarus and Lyn to write Jamaican Ska, which remains one of the band's biggest hits. The jackets feature a tricot liner for comfort and team accent colors around the team logo and name while the shooting shirt features the team practice logo on the front in accent colors.

Because of its longstanding ties to Carnival in the Eastern Caribbean, the band is usually associated with calypso and soca, sounds synonymous with that region. But on Uptown Top Ranking, Lee and the Dragonaires show their versatility with Dumplings (their first hit song), Jamaican Ska, Soul Ska, Rocksteady, Hot Reggay and Don't Call me Nigger, Whitey. Because of that tag, Lyn believes they never got their due from the masses, especially as a ska act.
Critics argued that The Skatalites, ska's greatest exponents, should have made the trip.
They made their name as a show band before hitting with the Seaga-produced Dumplings in 1959. The band enjoyed a chart revival during the 1980s when Lee launched the successful Jamaica Carnival.

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