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Author: admin, 02.05.2014
Reconditioned Testing and Inspection equipment is returned to its original manufacturers performance specifications both mechanically and electronically.
Today most customers require the power, speed and accuracy of a microprocessor based material testing system. Properly maintained older electro-mechanical or hydraulic testing load frames will last for decades.
Both options are equipped with a PC, monitor, printer and MTESTQuattro™ Material Testing Software. At Frank Bacon Sales, we understand that everyone may not need the power of a Pentium based tension and compression testing system. The GAUGE BUSTER 2 is a single channel Load, Stress and Load Rate Indicator for tension and compression testing and with optional auxiliary channels collects data values for ASTM C469 Modulus & Poisson's Ratio results. The eP2 Digital Controller performs mechanical tests on materials, products and components. Combining the eP2 controller with the PC based GaugeSafe Data Exchange software makes it easy to create and store unlimited number of test methods; save, export and print test results including stress vs. Serviced equipment is cleaned, serviced to a functional level, cycled and when applicable ASTM certified. We continue to offer the affordable Digital Indicator, Analysis and Control microprocessors and the more flexible and powerful Pentium P.C.
It is a presettable unit that operates both electromechanical and servo hydraulic testing systems. Although fully operational, this equipment may not always meet all the original manufacturers performance specification.
Other repairs are accomplished with our highly skilled supplier base and in-house technical staff. What has changed in the past decade are the increased reliability and accuracy of the electronic indicating systems, increased test result documentation and report format requirements and more detailed analysis, all in less time!
With the completion of painting and when applicable ASTM certification, this equipment is ready for the customers final inspection and training. It is a less expensive and easier to use alternative to PC based materials testing systems and is capable of performing tests in tension, compression, bend and torsion. The MTEST upgrades are available as a Data Acquisition system and as a Data Acquisition system with computer servo control.
The eP2 features load and crosshead position inputs plus enhanced closed loop servo control capabilities for accurate and repeatable testing.
On the servo control upgrades your electronic controls are replaced on both electromechanical and hydraulic load frames.
On hydraulic servo frames we generaly replace the existing hydraulic console with a new state of the art Servo Hydraulic Console.

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