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The Structural Laboratory of the Department of Civil Engineering and Mechanics at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee began its activities in 1970’s, and has since served as a prominent resource for state-of-the-art research and development activities in structural and materials engineering. A comprehensive range of static and fatigue-rated hydraulic actuators, pumps, universal testing machines, and servo-hydraulic test controllers allows the application of static, dynamic and fatigue loadings on specimens ranging from small test coupons to 60-ft-long bridge beams. A Tinius Olsen universal testing machine was modified in order to measure the adhesion strength of hard fouling organisms and epoxy studs (pseudobarnacles) to glass panels coated with test coatings. An engineering student poses next to a Tinius Olsen tensile testing machine, ready to write down the results.
The Structures Laboratory has a floor area of 162 square metres, and is equipped with four universal testing machines and a configurable reaction frame for testing structural components under static and cyclic loading.
Used in conjunction with the reaction frame, the system is comprised of 2 PXI multi-function chasses, 2 SCXI signal conditioning chasses, and a variety of transducers for measuring strain, load, displacement, and acceleration. This UTM is used for small timber and steel specimen testing, and lab demonstrations in a number of first and second year courses. We're a faculty who are passionate about education, and we strive to create graduates who are equally passionate about their career as a member of the civil engineering team.

This includes a 110,000-lbs servo-controlled MTS machine with hydraulic grips that can be used for fatigue and static testing of a wide variety of materials, One MTS 858 Mini Bionix test frame (axial and torsion), Four Instron 11 kip test machines, three hydraulic pumps (15 GPM, 70 GPM, and 140 GPM), and several actuators up to 220-kip capacity. The mode of detachment is monitored using a video camera, which is mounted underneath the glass panel. Basic education-related lab activities include tensile, shear, and compression testing of steel and timber specimens, stress and strain distribution in steel beams subjected to bending, failure mechanisms of reinforced concrete beams, column buckling, etc. We come from the civil engineering industry, and bring much of that experience into the classroom. The Laboratory, occupying 3500 square feet, has a main structural test area of 2400 sq ft (60 feet long and 40 feet wide) served by two overhead 10-ton-capacity cranes. Several different types of conventional and high-speed data acquisition systems are utilized to carry out tests.
Non-destructive testing equipment include acoustic emission, vibration monitoring, ultrasonic, ultrasonic imaging, impact-echo, magnetic flux leakage, strain measurement, photo elastic, holography, and magnetic particle. A data acquisition system allows simultaneous recording of force and displacement and overlays this data to the video source, which records the mode of failure of the various tests.

The laboratory facilities were significantly expanded in spring 2005, with the addition of a new building to accommodate a reaction frame and associated testing equipment (actuators, hydraulic pump, control system and data acquisition system). While it may appear at times that we expect too much of you, we're preparing you to succesfully take on the challenges you'll face in industry. The facility is also equipped with other instrumentation such as dynamic analyzers, signal generators, and electronic systems for instrumentation. The Structures Laboratory also contains a desktop demonstration shake table and is equipped with a gantry crane (2 tonnes capacity).

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