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INFINITY is concept in mathematics and philosophy that refers to a quantity without bound or end.
Significant changes to the Noise at Work Regulations came into force in spring 2006 yet even now many companies have yet to comply with the changes and are at serious risk from prosecution. It is estimated that 170,000 people suffer deafness, tinnitus or other ear conditions as a result of exposure to excessive noise in the work place. We can tailor a noise assessment of your workplace to ensure that you have the appropriate measures in place.
The noise assessor will identify noise hazards, and establish whether the lower and upper exposure action values are being exceeded. For further information, or to book your own noise assessment, please call us on 0115 984 9940 or contact us online and our sales team will be pleased to provide a quotation.
200An increasing number of UK employees are suffering from hearing problems as a result of their working environment. To ensure your business continues to function in line with health and safety legislation, and to help you protect your workforce from the acoustic trauma, it’s important to assess the decibel levels reached in your workplace, and implement protective measures if necessary.
If your workforce is consistently exposed to 80dB or more, then they are among the one million people in the UK who risk developing industrial deafness. Construction sites, factories, bars, clubs and call centres rank amongst some of the loudest environments in which to work.
To put 80dB into context, normal conversation measures around 66dB, and 80db is equal to an average alarm clock or the level of noise you’d be exposed to as a lorry drives past. Tinnitus, a common condition that currently affects around 10% of the UK population, is often a result of exposure to noise at work. While most people learn to live with tinnitus, it can impact on day-to-day life by affecting concentration, causing sleep problems and can even result in depression. If the cause of tinnitus can be established it can often be effectively treated, however in more extreme cases of audio trauma, hearing can be lost altogether. As a responsible business owner, it is essential that you familiarise yourself with the relevant legislation in place to protect employees from suffering acoustic trauma.
The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 (Noise Regulations 2005) states that employers must ‘prevent or reduce the risks to health and safety from exposure to noise at work’.
Protecting employees from acoustic trauma can mean anything from simply providing appropriate ear protection, to altering the layout of your workplace to minimise noise levels.
Allowing staff time for their ears time to recover if exposure to loud noise cannot be avoided – This means 16 hours of quiet if they are exposed to 100dB of noise, so no double shifts!

As an employer it is your duty to protect staff from sustaining acoustic trauma in the workplace. Exciting new developments are happening in Medicine every day but patients are flooded with information and cannot keep up with the latest evidence. A close family member of mine has been suffering from Crohn’s Disease for over 15 years. Doctors are overburdened with patients and (understandably) cannot dedicate the appropriate time and attention to each individual case.
I am the co-developer of MedNexus, a medical search engine for patients – think “Google for Medicine”. Through our search engine, you can find the most relevant content from a variety of sources: medical journals, government health sites, patient forums, etc. One to two weeks before the course there will be an additional one day intensive training ( 24th August  ) covering meridians, acup-points and some basic TCM theory essential for students from this background.
An elite body of professional acupuncturists and massage therapists promoting treatment and training with a proven record.
Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is one of the most common causes of disability in the UK, and the Noise Regulations aim to reduce the numbers affected by hearing damage or hearing loss at work. Our assessment complies with HSE guidance for employers - "Noise Assessments, Getting What You Need". In the noise assessment, the noise assessor will also estimate the personal daily noise exposure of employees and identify measures required to eliminate or reduce risk, control exposure and protect employees.
The noise assessor will also make recommendations on the selection of appropriate engineering controls, hearing protection programmes, health surveillance and PPE.
Legislation, best practice etc may have changed since it was written, so you should always seek expert advice which fully takes into account your individidual needs and circumstances.
Determine the length of the chain, and express the 50-lb force acting at A along the chain as a Cartesian vector. And with widely-used tools such hand drills and chainsaws measuring up to 115dB, it’s easy to see how damage can occur, especially with prolonged exposure.
Tinnitus can be described as hearing a sound, such as ringing or humming, from within the body.
The simplest way to do this, while protecting yourself from any possible legal action, is to provide adequate training to ensure they can recognise noise risks and know how best to protect themselves. Navigating the sea of information available online can be daunting at best, and dangerous at worst.

Patients not only have the ability but a responsibility to do their own research and learn about their diagnosis and the available treatments. Whether you are looking for the latest evidence, or to learn from fellow patients, you can find reliable and actionable answers at MedNexus. Our noise assessors are expert health and safety consultants who have many years of experience in delivering health and safety training. To discuss your specific requirements with one of our expert health and safety trainers and consultants, please call us on 0115 984 9940 or contact us online by clicking the envelope in the top right corner of the page. His journey from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital without any relief highlights the lack of consensus on courses of treatment and the heterogeneity of care.
The question is, how can someone without the benefit of a formal medical education make sense of and vet all the information they come across? Our acupuncture course is founded on the application of theory to the practical situation which is always supervised. After years of looking for a long-term solution to help manage recurring infections, he came upon an online article highlighting a simple day-to-day approach that immediately provided relief.
We want to provide a viable alternative to WebMD and all the pseudo-science you can find online, and enable patients to engage in meaningful conversations with their doctor. Students do lots of private study to achieve the standards required for safe and effective practice.
Determine the maximum weight of the crate that can be hoisted at constant velocity, and the angle q for equilibrium. This was not a recommendation from his doctors but information he had uncovered through his own extensive online research. Problem 3: The 2500-N crate is to be hoisted with constant velocity from the hold of a ship using the cable arrangement shown. Problem 4: Determine the force in members BC, FC, and FE and state if these members are in tension or compression.

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