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Author: admin, 22.12.2014
The process removes excess earwax, fungus, candida, bacteria from the ear canal and it also helps the sinuses. This ancient therapy has been used for centuries to heal and purify oneself through the ear canal. Clear out these essential passages and help release earwax, buildup and debris from the ear canal. A hollow beeswax tube is lit and inserted into the auricular canal creating a partial vacuum which draws out impacted wax and fluids.

It is a Homeopathic remedy that has been used by Egyptians and Native Americans that can alleviate allergies, relieve pressure in sinuses and ears, and improves balance. Ear Coning is very simple to administer, a hollow cloth candle, (made from different herbs, natural beeswax, and essential oils) is placed on the edge of your ear, this creates a gentle vacuum.
Designed to stimulate the peripheral lymph system, ear candling uses fire and the natural vacuum the cone creates to clear out toxins and promote wellness.
It is used to increase peripheral circulation and also good to relieve sinus pressure, tinnitus and glue ear.Please contact us for a consultation and pricing.

The heat spreads over the acupressure points in and around the ear, which naturally extend throughout the body. Most people find the process very relaxing, especially when combined with a gentle neck massage.

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