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Se conoce como tinnitus a un sonido agudo como un silbido, pitido o zumbido que se percibe en los oidos en ausencia de estimulo. El tinnitus ocurre por lo general en condiciones que producen congestion del oido o la obstruccion de su conducto. Algunas afecciones del oido interno pueden acompanarse tambien por tinnitus como ocurre en el caso de la enfermedad de Meniere, trastornos caracterizado por la presencia de vertigo y zumbidos en los oidos o en trastornos mas complejos como los accidentes cerebrovasculares del tallo cerebral o la presencia de tumores en el oido.
El trauma acustico es una condicion que se presenta en personas sometidas a ambientes ruidosos sin una proteccion adecuada, o el en caso del uso prolongado de audifonos o permanecer cerca de cornetas con alto volumen. Estas condiciones producen un trastorno conocido como trauma acustico, que se acompana de perdida de la audicion y los molestos zumbidos que producen el tinnitus. Estas lesiones son irreversibles y las medidas a emplear tienen como objeto evitar que se deteriore aun mas la audicion. Welke merken tinnitus hoortoestellen zijn er momenteel op de markt en welke opties hebben ze?
Hoortoestellen waarbij de luidspreker in het oor bevindt, hebben een grotere bandbreedte en ook de ruis die zij eventueel genereren is breedbandiger. In het onderstaande overzicht zijn merken die dezelfde ‘moedermaatschappij’ hebben samengenomen.
Beltone heeft alweer een flinke tijd tinnitus hoortoestellen op de markt met de naam Tinnitus Breaker. Bij de Beltone True en Promis is het mogelijk om een ruis al dan niet gemoduleerd aan te bieden.
Het bereik van de ruis ligt over de gehele bandbreedte van het toestel (bij de luidspreker in het oor toestellen tot en met 10.000 Hz). Het merendeel (82%) van de onderzochte proefpersonen gaf overigens de voorkeur aan breedbandige ruis in plaats van ruis die beperkte was in bandbreedte.
Ook is het mogelijk de toestellen zelf het volume van de ruis te laten bepalen aan de hand van het omgevingslawaai. Oticon heeft de Oticon Alta2 Pro, Nera2 Pro en Ria2 Pro hoortoestellen voorzien van ‘Tinnitus SoundSupport’ (Ti versie).  Naast de traditioneel gebruikte ruissignalen die worden ingezet bij tinnitustherapie, zijn deze hoortoestellen ook voorzien van oceaangeluiden. Alle geluiden die worden gebruikt voor tinnitus worden aangepast aan het verloop van het audiogram (gehoorverlies).
Wanneer de omgevingsgeluiden voldoende luid zijn om de tinnitus te verlichten, wordt automatisch het aangeboden geluid waarmee de tinnitus wordt verlicht (bijvoorbeeld de oceaangeluiden) zachter gemaakt. De App beschikt tevens over ademhalingsoefeningen en spierontspanningsoefeningen die ook bruikbaar zijn zonder de Oticon hoortoestellen. Phonak heeft in de Audeo Q hoortoestellen recent een zogenoemde Tinnitus Balance Generator geimplementeerd.
Wanneer de ruis in een luisterprogramma wordt geactiveerd staat zowel de microfoon aan als de ruis. Het outputniveau van de ruis wordt gelimiteerd op 85 dB (A), terwijl bij 80 dB(A) er een waarschuwing wordt gegeven in de programmatuur.
De tweede generatie Quantum en Moxi toestellen van Unitron hebben in alle hoortoestellen een ruisgenerator zitten. Er kan zo dus een programma gecreeerd worden met alleen ruis, ruis met versterking of alleen versterking. Bij de Siemens zijn alle hoortoestellen, behalve de Sirion in te zetten als tinnitustoestel. Bij de Siemens toestellen is het mogelijk vier verschillende therapiesignalen te selecteren: witte ruis, roze ruis, spraakruis en hoge tonenruis.
Daarnaast is bij de Mind, Clear en Dream serie ook een breedbandige ruis aan te zetten die op grond van het audiogram ingesteld wordt. People with tinnitus often characterize their tinnitus as “ringing in the ears” or a “buzzing sound.” The American Tinnitus Association (ATA) describes it as a subjective noise that only the patient can hear. About 50 million people in the United States experience tinnitus to some degree and, in severe cases, seek medical attention. HR: Why should hearing care professionals who traditionally focus on hearing impairment get involved in tinnitus? Clint Keifer, AuD: As audiologists, we possess an in-depth understanding of the anatomical, physiological, and psychoacoustical aspects of the auditory system. Wendy Switalski, AuD: In conversations I’ve had as an audiologist and as a consultant to audiologists, it is clear that these conditions coexist for so many of our patients. Clement Sanchez, AuD: Tinnitus can be a problem for those who are hearing impaired and have a hearing loss. Sanchez: Hearing aids can be very effective if they can reduce the symptoms related to the tinnitus.
A clinician can play a vital role in helping the patient deal with the sounds of everyday living, instead of avoiding sounds all together. Switalski: Professionals interested in expanding their services have so many resources available. Practices may begin by simply offering tinnitus assessment, patient questionnaires, or surveys. Keifer: Ideally, practices would be “full-service,” but in practical terms, it is difficult for any one practice to offer every possible solution. Sanchez: Assessing tinnitus can be challenging, so clinicians who decide to add a full-service tinnitus treatment plan have a few details to consider. Aside from my traditional practice, I used to schedule consultation with tinnitus patients 1 day a week and this worked well. HR: I’ve heard that tinnitus patients can consume huge amounts of practice time and many dispensing professionals are not adequately staffed for that. Sanchez: Yes, tinnitus patients will need time to express their fears, frustrations, and the discomfort they are experiencing because the sounds they hear are unclear and can be difficult to describe. I would describe the tinnitus consultation as “a mix of charisma and empathy,” where clinicians can focus on gathering the information that can benefit the treatment. The MADSEN Astera2 features a dedicated tinnitus assessment module designed to help clinicians address increased claims for tinnitus and hearing loss disability. The new tinnitus test module we have developed as part of fundamental audiometry in MADSEN Astera2 supports the professional through a series of integrated questionnaires. Keifer: Tinnitus treatment protocols should not be rigid, but rather they should adapt to the individual. The treatment may also involve retraining strategies, amplification, masking, sound therapy device application, support group attendance, and so forth. Sanchez: In addition, it will entail an in-depth hearing assessment, such as audiometry with UCL, immittance, otoacoustic emissions (OAE), and auditory brainstem response (ABR). The full tinnitus psychoacoustic test battery is designed to improve patient counseling and test precision. Visualization of the tinnitus on the audiogram is a great experience for a patient who has looked for help for years and may have felt misunderstood at times.
The electronic questionnaires—Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI), Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) and Tinnitus and Hearing Survey (THS)—can be saved in NOAH and are designed to eliminate the need for paper records.
The next step is explaining that, for example, a 7 dB tinnitus is quite a small issue that can be managed.
Once again, dialogue with other professionals is important and should be considered from the very beginning. HR: What types of equipment should you consider for your practice when starting up a tinnitus treatment program? Switalski: Having access to the proper audiometer features is important for performing a tinnitus assessment. Otometrics has developed a dedicated tinnitus management tool for audiologists, which is integrated with our clinical audiometer, the MADSEN Astera2. As part of Tinnitus Awareness Week (2 - 8 February) information stands have been set up at benenden hospital. The stands, in the outpatient department and in the dining room, were set up by staff nurse Linda Stone. Tinnitus is often described as a ringing in the ears and can take on the form of high pitched noise with mechanical, electrical or musical qualities. The prevalence of tinnitus increases with age, although there are a growing number of children with the condition.

The Benenden Hospital Trust , whose registered office is at Goddard's Green Road, Benenden , Cranbrook Kent TN17 4AX is a Company limited by guarantee, Registered in England and Wales, number 3454120, and is also a registered charity, Registered charity number 1065995.
Studie „Evaluation der Wirksamkeit von Selbsthilfegruppenarbeit in der Deutschen Tinnitus-Liga e. Can be effective in many defined pathologies: when treatment of tinnitus is given to a medical conditions that have a known diagnostic procedure by objective means (such as audiograms, imaging and blood tests) and may respond to Surgery tinnitus treatment, Antibiotic medications or removal of medications that may cause tinnitus as side effect. More details about treatment for tinnitus by the metabolic approach (that is my contribution to the severely affected sufferers) will be discussed at the end of this page.
Tinnitus is a sensation of sound when such ambient sound does not exist outside the head of the sufferer or may come from a structure near the ear of the patient, inside the head or neck.
Possible origins are: (1) contraction of a muscle, (2) turbulent blood flow inside a blood vessel. The subjective type of tinnitus is heard only by the sufferer, while the objective tinnitus can be heard also by others. Such tinnitus is typically a pulsating sound that can have the same counts per minute as the heart rate (when a blood vessel disease is the origin), or a different number then the heart rate of the sufferer (when involuntary muscle contraction makes the noise).
When the intensity of the tinnitus becomes louder and annoying, it is called "acute on chronic".
When a sufferer is experiencing disturbance to his sleep-waking cycle (irregular biological clock), anxiety, irritability, hyperacusis (noise intolerance), Depression, less productivity at work, inability to derive pleasure from social life, sport, movies and family life – it is a severe medical condition. Treatment for tinnitus (with the metabolic approach) is very effective for severe tinnitus patients.
When the patient have a severe tinnitus (called also: intractable tinnitus or intolerable tinnitus), he is seeking for help. When the patient have plans to start in legal processes against any medical insurance, the probability that effective tinnitus treatment will help him is very low.
Types of tinnitus that are considered as resistant to treatments, but may be cured by the metabolic approach are: 1) Chronic tinnitus without any known disease.
In patients with tinnitus that is considered treatable, but did not respond to the medical treatment: It means that if a sufferer has one of the above medical conditions and the medical treatment (with western approach) does not help him, he or she should be referred to a treatment with the metabolic approach (which is also a western medicine). The expert should do re-assessment of the general health of the patient and his intra-cranial auditory pathways. Even in a group of people who are exposed to phonal trauma (such as high energy explosion, shooting of cannons, loud sound of speakers in rock concert) only few of them remain with chronic tinnitus.
Het tinnitus hoofdkussen is gemaakt van hypoallergeen materiaal met een diep in het kussen verwerkt speakersysteem. De opnames zijn geladen op de meegeleverde MP3 speler en hebben een totale tijdsduur van 18 uur. Bijna elk merk heeft zo zijn eigen mogelijkheden en extra opties al dan niet in samenwerking met een smartphone. Op dit moment zijn het de toestellen uit de True en Promis serie die deze speciale optie voor tinnitus hebben.
Dit geeft een zeegolf-achtig geluid.  De snelheid van de modulatie kan ook worden ingesteld. Uit onderzoek is gebleken dat 68% van de personen de handmatige controle over het volume van de ruis prefereerden.
Oceaangeluiden hebben als voordeel dat ze een breed frequentiespectrum dekken (van laag naar hoog) en dynamisch zijn. Daarnaast kennen de toestellen vier verschillende modulatie opties, die toepasbaar zijn op ieder breedbandig geluid dat kan worden aangeboden voor de verlichting van tinnitus.
Zodra de omgevingsgeluiden in intensiteit afnemen wordt het verlichtende geluid  vervolgens weer harder gemaakt (Automatic Level Steering). Ook kan de aanpasser de meest problematische tinnitusfrequentie en het dB niveau ingeven voor een nog nauwkeurigere aanpassing van de ruis. De smartphone wordt via bluetooth verbonden met de om de halsgedragen afstandsbediening de Compilot. In de E-10-16-20 van zowel de Quantum2 als Moxi2 toestellen kan worden gekozen voor een witte of roze ruis of een op het audiogram gebaseerde ruis. De gebruiker heeft de mogelijkheid wanneer de maskeerruis aanstaat deze zelf harder of zachter te zetten. De eerder besproken Phonak App is ook bruikbaar met de Unitron Quantum en Moxi toestellen die met een streamer werken. Het signaal wordt aan de hand van het audiogram ingesteld en is daarna per kanaal fijn af te stellen. Dit zijn de XS 12 G2 (16 sliders instelbaar in de software) en de XS 6 G2 (8 sliders instelbaar in de software).
In some cases of objective tinnitus, physicians can identify the symptom with the use of a stethoscope placed on the neck or directly in the ear canal. There is currently no known cure for tinnitus; however, there are advanced devices and treatments today that can help alleviate tinnitus symptoms.
Drs Sanchez, Switalski, and Keifer share their thoughts on the benefits of tinnitus assessment, and provide advice to audiologists and hearing care professionals who are interested in adding tinnitus assessment to their practice. As hearing care professionals, we are skilled in diagnostic, counseling, and rehabilitative approaches to managing auditory disorders. And for some of them, treating the tinnitus is necessary to address the concerns that led them to seek hearing care in the first place. They may have difficulty sleeping, be unable to concentrate, and experience irritability and high stress levels. A hearing aid can amplify soft sounds, which can have a “masking” effect and helps to decrease the contrast between the environmental sounds and the tinnitus.
This is an important step to address the patient’s fears and provide supportive tools when the tinnitus is too intense. Today, tinnitus management tools also include sound enrichment devices, sound generation pillows, as well as sound generators like MP3 and relaxing music. Are there different levels at which practices can participate, or should every hearing care practice seek to have a full-service tinnitus treatment plan? They can also provide informational counseling and supplement their fittings with hearing instruments that include features and options for tinnitus relief. My recommendation would be to offer as many options as possible within the means of the practice and the practitioner.
Collaboration with other professionals like ENTs, psychologists, and general practitioners is helpful. Prior to the consultation, patients can fill out questionnaires in the waiting room to avoid external influences during the test. While proper diagnostic testing and quantification measures should be performed for hearing and tinnitus aspects, the treatment options will vary greatly based on the individual and should focus on addressing identifiable needs.
Tinnitus can be viewed as a spectrum disorder where trying a combination of approaches may be necessary. Highlighted in magnifying glass on lower left is the electronic questionnaires for the TFI, THI, and Tinnitus and Hearing Survey (THS), which saves in NOAH and eliminates the need for paper records.
Clinicians should ensure they are working with a subjective tinnitus and characterization via the existing questionnaires, like the Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI), Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI), and Tinnitus Handicap Questionnaire (THQ). Testing efficiency and immediate availability of measurement results allow more time for consultation. Test results will provide the professional with information concerning the effect of an external sound on the tinnitus. A high-resolution audiometer in frequency (1 Hz) and intensity (1 dB) is required to perform a characterization of the tinnitus. Today’s clinicians and audiologists can now more effectively evaluate the tinnitus and its impact on the lives of their patients. She said: "My interest in tinnitus began when a patient said to me that they were mourning the loss of silence. The objective tinnitus can be detected by a mini-high quality treatment for tinnitusmicrophone and amplified, transferred to a speaker in real time or recorded, and transferred to an amplifier and a speaker after the recording. Mild or moderate levels of this condition are not known enough in the out patient clinics of hospitals and audiological clinics because most of those who have it are non-help seekers. After the litigation process is over, there is a chance that the treatment will help, or even will become a "cure tinnitus treatment". When the interpretation of the objective tests is that there is no evidence for pathology that may cause tinnitus, it is possible to apply the metabolic approach.

In many mild traumas such as small cut-wounds, miniature burns, or even obstruction of small vessels in the heart – the curative mechanisms of the body can cure the damage. After the beginning of the tinnitus, the curative mechanisms of the individual start to repair the damage. The principle of applying the metabolic approach is to identify the systems that failed to take part in the repair of the damage and enable them to take part in the healing process. Dit slaapsysteem is speciaal ontwikkeld voor mensen die slecht in slaap kunnen komen door Tinnitus (oorsuizen).
De opnames bevatten natuurgeluiden, stereo relaxmuziek, witte, roze, blauwe ruis en relaxmuziek welke zijn gecombineerd met natuurgeluiden.
El tinnitus puede afectar a uno o ambos oidos y aparecer de forma episodica o ser constante, por lo general aturde y afecta la calidad de vida de quien lo padece dificultandole ademas conciliar el sueno. De meeste merken hebben tinnitus hoortoestellen die samenwerken met een streamer waardoor de tinnituspatient de mogelijkheid heeft geluiden vanaf zijn smartphone, MP3- speler of geluidsinstallatie over zijn hoortoestellen af te spelen.
Beltone heeft naar de voorkeuren van tinnituspatienten voor de diverse opties onderzoek gedaan.
De ruis kan zo worden ingesteld dat deze de vorm van het audiogram volgt en loopt door tot voorbij de 10.000 Hz. Naast deze aan het audiogram gekoppelde ruis, kan er ook gekozen worden voor zogeheten ‘witte ruis’ of ‘roze ruis’.
Per programma bestaat de optie de ruis aan of uit te zetten en ook kan gekozen worden of het omgevingsgeluid via de microfoon doorgelaten wordt of juist niet. Hierdoor is voor iedere tinnituspatient ongeacht zijn budget een tinnitushoortoestel beschikbaar.
Bij de Widex Clear en de Dream is via de streamer mogelijk geluiden vanaf een smartphone of MP3-speler naar de hoortoestellen te sturen.
With this clinical foundation, few other health professionals are as well suited to help those with tinnitus. For example, the US Center for Health Statistics estimates that tinnitus was reported by 25% of those who are hearing impaired and have hearing loss. The hearing care professional needs to consider these issues if they want to succeed in managing the hearing loss on top of the tinnitus.
However, it’s important to check the effect of the external sound on the tinnitus before introducing the benefits of wearing a hearing aid to the patient.
Additionally, training from hearing instrument manufacturers and collaborating with colleagues can be valuable.
Then be sure to include information that the patient may benefit from—like additional options or resources not offered at your practice.
It is important to consider that treating patients with tinnitus requires the ability to listen and a high degree of patience. When testing patients with tinnitus, clinicians should consider scheduling a dedicated time just for consultation because it will take longer than usual and the patient is expecting a solution.
For this, I would recommend using an analog visual scale of relief to set the objective from the very beginning. When the patient becomes more comfortable describing their situation, the clinician should then begin to drive the conversation.
Then the follow-up treatment can be done online, where the answers provided previously can help clinicians evaluate the impact of this strategy. This may include education, information, or recommendations for further medical evaluation or treatment by other professionals.
Psychoacoustical tests are also important and can include pitch and loudness matching and minimum masking level (MML).
If there is a positive impact, like an attenuation of the perception, a strategy like the TRT (Tinnitus Retraining Therapy) can be considered.
The duration of the tinnitus is not related to the tinnitus treatment when the metabolic approach is used (see later in this article: more about metabolic approach).
If the sufferer experienced disappearance of his tinnitus for prolonged duration, and then a new onset of tinnitus started, it is a "relapse of tinnitus".
Examples are: frustration from ineffective tinnitus treatment that he had before, fear of the tinnitus treatment, the patient is in the middle of a process of litigation and he does not want to loose the opportunity to sue his insurance company, the sufferer has inability to finance the treatment or low expectations from the outcome.
In most of the patients with sever tinnitus the expert is taking the anamnesis (medical history), examining the patient (ear nose & throat and Neurological examination) and referring him to objective tests (audiogram, ABR or BERA, MRI of the temporal bone and brain or fMRI).
Soldiers who are exposed to the noise of shells report of having tinnitus that lasts few seconds to several hours.
Ook wordt het kussen veel gebruikt door mensen die moeilijk in slaap vallen door stress, posttraumatische gevoelens, psychische ervaringen of verslaving.
Hieronder worden de diverse merken met hun speciale tinnitus toestellen in alfabetische volgorde gepresenteerd.
Mogelijk komt dit doordat de modulatie tussen het linker en rechter hoortoestel niet synchroon liep. De generator kan worden geactiveerd in alle luisterprogramma’s, maar het is ook mogelijk een specifiek ruisprogramma te activeren. Standaard zitten er geluiden in de App van vogels, krekels, klokkenspel, de zee, een haven, regen, een kampvuur, een boerderij, zeilen en een station. De ruis is per frequentieband volledig instelbaar en dus ook zeer smalbandig te maken indien gewenst. In Amerika blijkt de vraag onder veteranen naar tinnitusmaskeerders groot en Siemens scoort met dit brede aanbod daar dan ook goed.
Er kan gekozen worden voor alleen ruis in een programma, maar tevens is het mogelijk om de ruis te combineren met het luisterprogramma. Ook bij deze Widex toestellen kan desgewenst het volume van Zen-fractals of ruis met behulp van de volumeregelaar of afstandsbediening geregeld worden. Good tinnitus resources are needed in every community to bring new exposure and business to your office. The Tinnitus Clinic at Oregon Health and Science University found that 90% of their patients who have tinnitus also have some degree of hearing loss. If the patient can accept a sound generating strategy, many hearing instrument manufacturers deliver interesting solutions today—with or without an amplifier for the hearing loss. Februar 2014 in Düsseldorf mit Nordrhein-Westfalens Arbeitsminister Guntram Schneider.
In order to start treatment for tinnitus, the expert should start the medical evaluation from the beginning in the two types of patients.
A help seeker can be a victim with acute onset, or someone who was non help seeker for long time, and recently became a sufferer of severe tinnitus. De nieuwere Beltone Promis heeft de mogelijkheid om deze gemoduleerde ruis tussen de toestellen te synchroniseren, zodat deze aan beide zijden gelijk loopt.
Uw client kan ook zelf eigen geluidsfragmenten of muziek selecteren en in een oneindige loop afspelen.
Het is raadzaam daarvoor een afstandsbediening te gebruiken in verband met de beperking van de regelaars op het toestel.
Widex ontwikkelde de Zen-programma’s om mensen die last hebben van tinnitus te helpen ontspannen zodat hun tinnitus minder bepalend wordt. For example, a clinician may have to wait for the patient to fall asleep using a sound generator pillow. Insbesondere betonte Bergmann, dass es dem Verein darum ginge, für die Belange der von Tinnitus Betroffenen einzutreten. Elk Zen-programma kan ingesteld worden conform de voorkeuren van de client voor wat betreft toonhoogte, tempo en volume. September fand in der Schön Klinik Bad Arolsen die Mitgliederversammlung der Deutschen Tinnitus-Liga e.

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