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Author: admin, 28.08.2013
With Monster's Beats by Dr Dre Tour in-ear headphones, you'll hear your music like never before.
An ergonomic, noise-isolating design lets you listen comfortably for long periods of time, and keeps ambient noise from disturbing your listening experience.
With its Duraflex tangle-free cable, these headphones stay untangled, so they're always good to go when you want to listen to tunes.

An 8mm diaphragm and copper-clad aluminium voice coil deliver your tunes clearly and without distortion. Also includes multiple sizes of single- and triple-layer ear tips for replacement and comfort. Crafted with the most advanced headphone technologies and materials, these headphones are specially tuned to bring rich, dynamic sound and deep bass to your ears, so you hear every note, every beat and every detail with unparalleled clarity.

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