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Author: admin, 29.01.2014
If the water fails to mask your tinnitus, it simply means that the pitch of the sound of water was not adequate to drown out your tinnitus. If you have hearing loss, there is another tinnitus masking instrument that acts as both a hearing aid and a masker. Other sounds like a whirring fan, soothing sounds from a fish tank, indoor waterfalls, an air conditioner that’s turned on or nature sounds – all these may be helpful in drowning out tinnitus. A number of these tinnitus maskers come in CDs and are also offered for use in media player devices like the mP3 and iPod. The sounds in these machines eliminate the ringing, buzzing or whistling noises in your ears which are magnified when everything around you is quiet. The sound you choose for daytime will most probably be different from what you will need for the night since it’s a lot quieter at night.

In a few individuals, residual inhibition occurs when the decreased level of tinnitus continues even after the masker is removed or turned off. Using our patent-pending Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, NuEar Tinnitus Technology Products create a customizable and comforting sound stimulus that you and your hearing professional can fine-tune to soothe the unique, irritating sounds you hear and take your focus off your tinnitus. CareCredit® offers a range of affordable plans for hearing aids and hearing loss treatment costs. If the gushing water masks the annoying sounds in your ears, you are a good candidate for tinnitus masking.
Tinnitus masking might still be of help once the pitch of the masking sound is adjusted accordingly. There are so many options you can choose from that you’re sure to find the right one for you.

Well, since a hearing aid intensifies background noise, the annoying sounds in your ears are partially masked.
The pitch, loudness and kind of sound that will give you relief will all depend on the characteristics of the sound that you are experiencing. Others offer tinnitus masking relief by playing comforting sounds like ocean waves, which are more soothing to the ears.

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