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Tinnitus Masker Pro goes a step further than standard masking products , allowing you to experiment with an infinite number of combinations of sounds and frequencies until you find the best masking effect for your symptoms. Log-spectral distance, and check out Log-spectral distance on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. The log-spectral distance (LSD), also referred to as log-spectral distortion, is a distance measure (expressed in dB) between two spectra. In speech coding log spectral distortion for a given frame is defined as the root mean square difference between the original LPC log power spectrum and the quantize or interpolated LPC log power spectrum.

In the past, sufferers wishing to mask their symptoms usually ended up purchasing many masking CDs and hardware maskers in an effort to find a suitable masking effect for their particular tinnitus symptoms. You can then play the combination of sounds back in realtime, or record the sound output to wav or mp3. The controller integrates all of CODEC, DSP, EEPROM, I2C interface with PC in a single IC chip, so as not to have additional electronic components.
The tinnitus (ear ringing) can be reduced by the superposition of the tinnitus sound produced inside the cochlea and the masking sound generated by active tinnitus masker.

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