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A simple and effective definition proposed by Jastreboff states tinnitus is a phantom auditory perception.
Epidemiological studies suggests approximately 50 million people in the United States have tinnitus and a quarter of those who suffer from tinnitus experience depression, loss of concentration, sleep problems and loss of enjoyment of life. People who suffer from tinnitus and sound sensitivity issues have been told for many years there is nothing that can be done for their condition.
Unfortunately, there are many claims on TV, on the internet, and in newspapers asserting to have a cure for tinnitus. Although TRT was developed for the tinnitus sufferer, it has been found to be effective for the treatment and management for all sound sensitivity disorders.
KATS has recently added Neuromonics as a treatment device and treatment protocol option for people who suffer with tinnitus and sound sensitivity issues.
What started as intermittent ringing in my ears became a constant distraction ruling my life.
Appointments are available by calling the phone number below, or by using our contact form.
I’m 41 years old and study the BA in Archaeological Studies part-time at the University of Sheffield as a mature student.
Three trenches were opened onsite and the Trench Supervisors; Ken Dash, Jane Woodcock and Joe Page, would come to me and request a context number and recording sheet. The trays would come into the Finds Room where I would sort through them in turn, separating them into materials such as metal, wood, bone, plastic, glass, ceramic etc.
Pretty simple you’d think, but my responsibilities also included greeting members of the public who wished to be on the dig.
Engaging with visitors is essential on a community dig, and in the Finds Room Sally had created display boards of information, maps and photographs of the farm site throughout history. Due to the number of interesting finds, I created a special tray and once those finds had been suitably recorded I placed them there for visitors to look at. The day was much of a sameness with trays coming in, trays being processed, context numbers being issued, participants and visitors being greeted. As the personal belongings of all participants and staff were kept in the Finds Room, I was also responsible for ensuring the security of the room. Usually Rachel Walker-Higgins, a friend of mine, had been assisting me in the Finds Room, but she was poorly that day, and I would like to thank her particularly as without her help I would never have coped with the demands of the role. Discrete stereo earphones with low weight, great sensitivity and excellent isolation from ambient noise, delivering high clarity sound. The MAXI by Bellman & Symfon is a revolutionary assistive listening device that uses digital state-of-the-art technology to bring out speech and music in difficult listening situations.
Items displaying this symbol are blind accessible.These items can be used without sighted assistance. It is commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears.”  It has been described by sufferers as hissing, roaring, whooshing, chirping, music, clicking and whistling. However you chose to define it, it is a significant problem for a quarter of the people who experience it.
Historically, these people suffering with tinnitus have been told they have to “learn to live with it.” Not only is this untrue, but it enhances the feelings of hopelessness and fear by enhancing the belief that tinnitus is an incurable disease.
During counseling sessions, you will be taught about the auditory system and other systems in the brain that are relevant to the source of tinnitus and to the origin of the suffering that sometimes accompanies it. Sound sensitivity issues sufferers can typically resume a life full of activity following the TRT treatment plan.

I was absolutely exhausted and barely functioning on a basic level, but once onsite I’d be okay to a degree. I visibly lose my balance occasionally, but what people don’t see is me concentrating as hard as I possibly can to remain upright and avoid walking into people and objects.
I have just completed year 3 of 6, and for the second year running I volunteered my services to Sally Rodgers, Community Heritage Officer at Heeley City Farm, for the community dig during the Festival of British Archaeology. That was my very first time on a dig, and due to my disabilities I’d requested to be used where I could best contribute. Each pile would then be placed into a finds bag labelled with the context reference (as detailed above) but additionally a unique three digit finds number would also be allocated and recorded on the Finds Register. My duties involved ensuring they were properly attired (suitable footwear and clothing), that adults were aware of the age restrictions for children, ensuring all participants had completed the relevant documentation including photography permission forms, and introducing them to Sally, Dr Roger Doonan (the Site Director and one of my lecturers) as well as Jane, Ken or Joe out at the trenches. This encouraged visitors to ask questions and make observations, particularly the older generations who recalled living in the properties before they were demolished for a doomed relief road during the 1970’s. The huge excitement was all of us standing around Roger’s vehicle during the morning whilst we listened to Rony Robinson on BBC Radio Sheffield. Unless another member of staff was present I would secure it if needing to go elsewhere on the farm site such as the cafe (which is excellent!) or the toilets. I would ensure the large table where I worked was tidy, that all finds trays were processed in the order they came in, and that all paperwork was in the correct folder. The MAXI is intuitively user friendly and it is designed for those who prefer an easy to use device offering large tactile controls with clear indicators.
The instruction demystifies tinnitus relegating it to a neutral signal with about as much importance as the refrigerator running. Neuromonics has been proven to be between 80-90% effective in the treatment and management of tinnitus and sound sensitivity. With the help of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) and a professional specializing in tinnitus treatment, the ringing is no longer noticeable. Some people tell me I’m NOT disabled, but as my abilities have been severely restricted since I developed these conditions five years ago (including costing me my job at the time), I beg to differ. Due to the balance system no longer being automatic, my brain has to therefore think about walking and standing, so every task (physical and mental) uses up those limited energy resources very quickly.
This year I accepted the role of Finds Officer, partly for the opportunity to become more involved and to learn more, but also as being on a summer dig is a requirement for a module I’m taking next academic year.
When recording finds and structures the context in a three dimensional space is essential in mapping the distribution of those finds.
The Finds Register records the finds number, site and trench codes, context number, number of items in the bag, weight, and a brief description of the contents such as clear glass, or bone fragments etc. I would ensure these people were introduced to Sally so she had the opportunity to record their stories for future use and interpretation of the site. Of particular interest was the button stamped GR for George Rex, made by a company called Firmin & Sons Limited (which was stamped on the reverse). He’d been out at the site previously to interview Roger and participants regarding the dig and interesting finds. All staff would close the shutters, ensure all tools and display boards had been brought inside and we’d signed out before the room was secured and the shutters brought down.
They helped me feel like I have a value, that my disabilities haven’t made me worthless, and that I still have something to contribute to society and the world around me. The MAXI offers clear crisp superior sound quality, with enhanced digital technology to clarify speech and reduce annoying background noise and feedback.

TRT has been demonstrated to be 80% effective for habituation of reaction and perception of tinnitus. The second component, sound therapy, utilizes sounds to decrease the contrast between the tinnitus signal and the background neuronal activity. During your evaluation, it will be determined which treatment is most appropriate option for you. A nasty head cold triggered a balance disorder and associated symptoms including chronic fatigue syndrome, tinnitus, hyperacusis (sensitivity to certain tones and pitches of sound), anxiety and depression.
They started manufacturing buttons for the military and then the Police in 1677 and are still in business today! Sally was talking to Rony live by phone and we found some of the comments really funny, such as the “Knicker Hoard of Heeley”. Because our senses work not on the absolute value of a stimulus but on the difference between the stimulus and background, enhancement of the level of sound coming to the ears results in a decrease in the tinnitus-related signals reaching the brain. Fortunately here in Sheffield we have an incredible Audiovestibular Department at one of the hospitals, staffed by very attentive and compassionate people.
Every time a Trench Supervisor discovered a new layer of different material (different soil layers, rubble layers etc) or if they extended their trench I would assign them a new context number made up of the site code, trench code and a unique reference number. As part of a research project in conjunction with Heeley Historical Society and the Hawley Collection at Kelham Island Museum, we had information from the Trade Directories and Census Returns for the addresses we were excavating, and we knew a Policeman resided in one of the properties as a lodger at one stage. A collection of lady’s underwear had been discovered earlier on in the dig, and this had produced much hilarity amongst the volunteer staff. The MAXI has no complicated menus and along with it's distinct ergonomics, high contrast coloring and soft grip materials the MAXI really is a device like no other for those who insist upon flexibility, quality and ease of use. Our goal is to facilitate habituation of both the tinnitus reaction and tinnitus perception. After five years I now know that if I exert myself mentally or physically one day, I need to rest completely for a week in order to recover properly. The site of the farm was once residential housing built during the latter part of the 19th Century and we want to know about the structures and the people who once lived there during the houses’ entire history. This layer in the trench would be labelled and all finds discovered in that context would be labelled accordingly. There is no “cure”, but a programme of specialised exercises set and monitored by a physiotherapist to retrain the brain into interpreting the signals for your balance correctly.
That means doing absolutely nothing; no housework, no visiting friends or family, no going food shopping, no attending medical appointments, no studying.
I also provided the Trench Supervisors with additional finds trays with relevant context tags where required (which was happening more and more frequently in Trench C!). Essentially, you’re being re-taught how to stand and walk and sometimes it can take years as pushing yourself too hard does more harm than good. Heaven help anyone who touched my recording sheets – including the Site Director – as I’d threaten to bite them!

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