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Author: admin, 22.05.2014
We are based in purpose built accommodation with specially designed sound proofed booths to ensure accurate testing.  A hearing loop is installed at reception, and we are fully wheelchair accessible.
We offer new technology digital hearing aids and provide gateways to other support services. The department also offers a specifically trained volunteer service coordinated by our own staff, and we offer referrals to Deafness Support Network for their help with assistive listening devices and further support for the hearing impaired. We can offer appointments for most services during the evenings and on Saturdays in some cases as well as during the week, minimising the time you need to take off work or school.  NHS hearing aids are free to NHS patients. There is public parking nearby.  You can relax in our welcoming centre with confidence that you are receiving the highest standard of care.

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Ruth Palet, Shea Hearing Aid Center’s hearing instrument specialist with more than 20 years experience, adjusts a hearing aid on a patient.
Shea Hearing Aid Center of Nashville is Brentwood’s one-stop-shop for all things hearing aids.“We are a full-service hearing aid center,” said office manager Connie Hooe.
A day clinic was set up at the centre in 2003 to provide interdisciplinary care for patients. Based at Macclesfield Health Hub, the service also operates regular clinics in community settings across the district; aiming to deliver a friendly, local service carried out by highly experienced clinical staff with over 100 years of clinical experience.

The annual Tinnitus Symposium organized by the Centre promotes interdisciplinary science communication.
Professor Mazurek is president of the XIth International Tinnitus Seminar, which is to be held in Berlin in 2014.

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