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Arches Tintus Formula Kapsul urunu ile ilgili soru, sikayet, olumlu veya olumsuz yorum yap?lmam?s.
Sitemizde yeralan urunler ambalajlar?ndaki ac?klamalardan, ureticilerin tan?t?m brosurlerinden ve internet sitelerinden al?nm?st?r. Al?sveris sepetiniz bos.Biraz gezinmeye ne dersiniz?51148 urun icinden sana uygun bir seyler olduguna eminiz. E-ticaret’e 2007 yylynda ba?layan Furkan Sa?lyk Hizmetlerinin hizmeti olan sitemizde satylan tum urunler % 100 orijinal eczane urunleri olup, Ystanbul ?i?li’deki eczanemizin guvencesi altyndadyr.
Bubchen, Chicco, Clarins, Lierac Paris, DDF, Vichy, Dermalogica, DDF, Vichy, Dermalogica, Nuxe Paris, Heliocare, Solante, Solecrin, Spectraban gune? urunleri, Clinerience urunlerini bulabilir, dermokozmetik urunlerin ayryntyly bilgilerine, kullananlaryn yorumlaryna ula?abilirsiniz. Sitemizde ayryca Mineral Makyaj, Mac Makyaj, Young Blood, Jane Yredale urunleri satylmaktadyr. Jerry pulled into the lot driving a hopped-up 1953 Studebaker Commander coupe, and I thought to myself, This guy must be all right. Thank you for putting this article together, enjoyed remembering Jerry Titus as he was one of best! Titus had been complaining about the handling of the car earlier in the weekend, and the front end of his Firebird had been apart a few times that weekend.
As for the problems with the Shelby team cars in ’68, there was an excellent story on the Ford Tunnelport 302 engines in Hot Rod magazine a few years ago.
As most others, I knew of Jerry through SCG and seeing him on the tracks here in California.
Jerry Titus was an innovator and had his own ideas about autos and how they should run and be driven.
We still have Dan Gurney and Sterling Moss, though most of Jerry Titus’ contemporaries have gone. Recete ile verilmesi zorunlu, Sa?lyk Bakanly?y ruhsatly olan hic bir urun sitemizde satylmamaktadyr. Dr Murad, Perricone MD, Organix Sac Bakymy, Physicians Formula Makyaj urunleri ile daha nice unlu markalar sitemizde kampanyaly ve indirimli olarak sizlerin hizmetine sunulmu?tur. The crewmember thinks that some cotter pin in the suspension either failed or fell out at some point, and that’s when the car veered into the abutment. In addition to the problems getting the engines to run an entire race properly, the team had problems with driveability (the Tunnelport IDLED at 5,000 rpm?
I followed his articles on prepping the early Sunbeam Alpines and copied it with my own where suitable. We shared a small stature and I was tickled that he made the obvious to him inclusion of power steering to his Trans-Am cars.

At the time, it was originally said that he suffered injuries from the steering wheel crushing his chest. Sitemizde sat?lmakta olan vitamin, bitkisel destek ve dermokozmetik urunleri tedaviye yard?mc? olarak tavsiye edilir.
Cotter pin ends are SUPPOSED to be bent back towards the nut, to keep the pins from vibrating loose, and the crewmember (don’t remember his name) said that some of the crew had problems remembering to make sure that cotter pins were properly bent. Especially, the need for an oil cooler when running the engine at high revs for an extended period of time. It was also noted that a four-into-one exhaust system outperformed the double two-into-one dual exhausts that lost power all through the range. He soon married our secretary, Anna (I was with Motor Trend at the time), another lovely person. I was hoping he would return to writing when his professional driving was done but alas it was not to be. Because Frick was more comfortable building cars than dealing with the public, the articulate Titus became the public face of Frick’s racing efforts.
With that combination of public-relations talent and automotive enthusiasm, it was natural that Titus would turn to journalism as well. His first of many articles was published in Speed Age in 1954, and Titus ghost-wrote for Sports Car Illustrated in the second half of the decade. After a brief stint as a Pontiac service manager, Titus’s writing skill drew him to California, where he joined the editorial staff of Sports Car Graphic. In the early Sixties, Titus was seemingly everywhere in the SCCA scene, either behind the wheel or documenting the people, equipment and events for SCG.
Part of this truth in journalism involved Titus actually driving the cars he reviewed, and it did not take long for his driving abilities to be discovered on the West Coast. Even SCG got in the act, sponsoring Titus in a factory-backed Sunbeam Alpine for 1962 and ’63. With Shelby-American driver Ken Miles already overworked with the Cobra program, Shelby invited Titus to take the wheel of a Class B Production G.T. In that car, Titus captured the 1965 Pacific Coast national championship, starting his transition from traditional, small-displacement, European-style sports cars into the American GT scene for which he is today known. Driving for what was to become the Terlingua Racing Team, he captured first place at Riverside. In 1967, Titus showed his commitment to racing by leaving SCG (by this time he had reached the Editor-in-Chief’s chair) and becoming a full-time driver. While Trans-Am was his mainstay, Titus was like many SoCal hot shoes in that he was still available to drive in any format, and did so.

Throughout the balance of his career, Titus was a presence in Can-Am, NASCAR and even Indy.
For ’67, Terlingua fielded cars painted bright yellow (jocularly called “Godawful Yella” by the team), which were easy to spot in a race field. And indeed they were worth watching: Titus dominated the Trans-Am season and went on to capture the Manufacturer’s Championship for Ford.
Although no Driver’s Championships were awarded until 1972, those retroactively applying the points system used to calculate the award have crowned Titus as the champion driver for 1967.
The transfer of engineering from the racers to the factory proved troublesome, and the team was plagued with engine failures and less-than-optimal performance. Perhaps dissatisfied with this, Titus made the decision to leave the Mustang behind for Pontiac’s Firebird. Titus and Godsall’s new T-G Racing team did not complete the Kent Trans-Am event with the new car, but after it was sold to Jon Ward, he and Titus drove it to a spectacular Touring Class win at the 1969 24 Hours of Daytona, also capturing third place overall.
The 1969 Trans-Am Firebirds, as built for the track, sported Pontiac’s well-regarded 400-cu.in. The team spent the season working through the teething troubles of the new engine configuration, and suffered three DNFs in 12 starts, but averaged a respectable fifth place in the other nine races, including a second-place finish at Sainte Jovite, Quebec. He was dedicated and tireless, and often averaged only three or four hours of sleep each night. He led by example, and expected the same level of commitment from those who worked with him. Unfortunately, as SCG would phrase it in his obituary, “outrageous fortune conspired to prevent Jerry from equaling the record he set in the Mustangs.” Titus finished only one race out of seven in 1970, taking seventh at Laguna Seca.
While practicing for the Trans-Am race at Road America, near Plymouth, Wisconsin, a steering-gear failure caused Titus’s car to slam into a bridge abutment. He was badly injured and died 17 days later, on August 5, 1970. He was roundly mourned by his family and the racing community alike.
The Titus legacy is not only in the vintage racing community—which continues to revere his legendary driving ability and the cars he built—but also in the efforts of his son Rick, who has made his own noteworthy career in driving and journalism.
One can only imagine how Jerry Titus might still impact the sport today, had fate allowed him more than four brief seasons of Trans-Am racing.

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