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Founders Tinus, Schalk and James met as first year varsity students and have been close friends since. In 2005 they founded Virtual Africa, specializing in the relatively new art of 360° imagery and focused their efforts on creating high quality interactive imagery for the South African tourism market. The problem at that time, conventional solutions required more than an hour to capture a 10 gigapixel image and the technology could therefor not be used at sporting events or concert.
Fast forward the part where they figured out to capture images 20 times faster than the best existing solution, got permission to capture an actual event, built custom machines, software and code, jumped on a plane to the States, trained 15 international photographers, employed 20 permanent staff, developed a sustainable business model and funded the expansion of the company to do business on 6 continents – and you arrive at Fancam, today.
A company, that came into being through innovation, but grew to be the global leader in a new marketing medium by hard work and ingenuity. Building a business that’s a first of its kind takes a special team of individuals and we’re really blessed to have 15 very special individuals hammering away at it in our head office in Cape Town.

Developers, designers, production managers, photo editors and social media specialists collaborate to design and deliver Fancam-based marketing campaigns to clients around the world. Jacob Hendrik Pierneef (13 August 1886 – 14 November 1957) was a South African landscape artist, generally considered to be one of the best of the old South African masters.
Most of his landscapes were of the South African highveld, which provided a lifelong source of inspiration for him.
Pierneef’s work can be seen worldwide in many private, corporate and public collections, including the Africana Museum, Durban Art Gallery, Johannesburg Art Gallery, King George VI Art Gallery, Pierneef Museum and the Pretoria Art Gallery. After completing their respective studies, they soon found that their collective ambition and problem solving skills where more than the ‘sum of the parts’ and started collaborating on a number of projects and ventures. We’ve also learnt that receiving  a 3:00 am call from one of the founders is not the most unusual accordance in a work week. His distinctive style is widely recognised and his work was greatly influenced by the South African landscape.

Pierneef’s style was to reduce and simplify the landscape to geometric structures, using flat planes, lines and colour to present the harmony and order in nature. We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. This resulted in formalised, ordered and often-monumental view of the South African landscape, uninhabited and with dramatic light and colour.

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