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Jim Jefferies then enters the studio and talks with Adam about a terrible benefit performance they were both at. Recent EpisodesGreg Fitzsimmons Gary Johnson and Matt Atchity JL Cauvin and Jo Koy Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub Jenna and Bodhi Elfman John Resig and Bob Phillip Heather McDonald and Matt Atchity Richard Schiff Kira Soltanovich Ali Wong and Vinnie Tortorich Dave Coulier and David Wild Matt Atchity AJ Benza and Jo Koy Natasha Leggero, Dr. Hersilia, a legendary figure who belongs to the earliest period of Roman history, is remembered for preserving the young city from its hostile neighbors through persuasion for the common good. While ancient sources offer differing accounts of how Hersilia came to be among the maidens who attended that fateful celebration of the Consualia in Rome from neighboring Caenina, Crustumerium, Fidenae, Antemnae and the Sabine settlement on the Quirinal Hill, almost all agree that she was a married woman at the time. The image on the left is a detail from the surviving fragments (a total of 22 meters) of the Pentelic marble frieze (thought to have been originally 184 meters long) depicting scenes from Rome's legendary founding and early history that may have once encircled the lower entablature of the interior nave of the Basilica Aemilia (constructed 179 BCE) in the Roman Forum.
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He also talks about some incredible cars, and the guys watch a couple videos from the race. They analyze the odds of who will win the Oscars, and whether or not current events will have an impact on who gets the trophy. Jim also talks about a conversation he had with Liam Hemsworth and the terrible Reality TV everyone is forced to watch. Livy celebrates this first Roman coniunx, probably a Sabine by birth, as a positive exemplum in Book 1.11, a chapter which she shares with her negative female counterpart, the virgo Tarpeia.
Most scholars date the frieze on stylistic grounds to the building's restoration in 55-34 BCE by L. Later he rants about people who don’t know they snore, and the insane amount of CHP officers trying to mess up their road trip.

Adam then talks with the Porcelain Punisher about a missing pair of long johns, and Alison reads the news. Later, they guys discuss telling the people who talk down to you to eff off, and the show wraps up with a conversation about ‘Best Funeral Ever’ and an Australian news story involving a snake on a plane. This frame is considered to be a representation of the Sabine brides at their Roman wedding. Some say that Hersilia had a son as well, named Hostus or Avillius, fathered respectively by Hostilius or Romulus.

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