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Captain Titus is a Captain of the Ultramarines Chapter and the main protagonist of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. His closest battle brother is Veteran Sergeant Sidonus, who became an Astartes a few decades before Titus. Titus still mourns the recent loss of his own mentor, Captain-General Trajan, who was killed by Eldar in a routine mission gone horribly wrong.
From his first battlefield encounters, Titus became interested in the thinking behind his enemy's attack. Knowing it meant his death, Titus launched himself at the enemy, stabbing his sword deep into the Sorcerer's chest even as the Sorcerer blasted him with Warp energy. Titus and a company of Ultramarines are sent to the Forge World of Graia to stop an Ork invasion intent on stealing Imperial weapons, including a Warlord-class Battle Titan. Titus's gold armor trim and a vox conversation that takes place in Chapter Six with Squad Solinus (identified as a 2nd Company squad in the 5th edition Space Marines Codex) mark him as the 2nd Company Captain, which raises some timeline questions, as the current Captain of the 2nd Company is – and has been at least since 855.M41 – Captain Cato Sicarius. While an official statement made on Relic's official Space Marine forum (now defunct) states that this game takes place in an alternate timeline to avoid questions of the canonical nature of the game's events and characters, it is not irreconcilable if the possibility that the Space Marine game takes place further into the future, after either Cato Sicarius has been slain, reassigned to another Ultramarines Company, or ascended to the position of Chapter Master. According to the Prima guide he is 175 years old, 7 ft 2 in (2.18 m) tall, and weighs 750 lb (340 kg).
He was recruited by the Chapter and passed initial training, excelling at every challenge to become the best of the recruits. On the battlefield, giving in to anger led to close calls where only his natural fighting ability saved his neck. He is a trusted comrade, and his connection to his battle brothers has grown stronger with each campaign. Titus knows that Leandros quotes the Codex Astartes and jumps into situations with such zeal because he wants to impress his commander.

While his Space Marine training gave him the big-picture understanding of alien strategy, Titus wanted to understand more about how small groups of enemies fight on the ground.
His ability to predict how a group of enemies would attack saved many lives over the years. In one of the darkest days in his memory, Titus and his squad went up against a Chaos Sorcerer who wielded blasts of Warp energy like malicious lightning. The last thing Titus felt was vengeance at seeing the Sorcerer breathe his last, and then all went dark.
However, this would canonically require either Cato Sicarius, Marneus Calgar or another canonical Company Captain (such as First Company Captain Agemman) to have been slain, which are major canon decisions to which licensees are not privy to make.
Although considered relatively young as Astartes come, he is a decorated veteran of several major campaigns and his exploits have earned him a reputation as one of the most skilled Ultramarines in recent memory. When he became a full Astartes and finally faced his first battle against aliens, Titus knew he had found his place in the world. In time, he learned to keep his temper under control, but even today that control breaks when something blocks his ability to do what he knows needs to be done. So many Ultramarines have fallen over the past 150 years that the relationships with his surviving comrades are even more important to the hero. Sidonus has seemingly seen it all, and his "been there, done that, no problem" attitude instantly serves to defuse tense situations. Titus remembers what those first heady years as a Space Marine were like and doesn't rebuke Leandros too harshly for his enthusiasm.
Now that he has inherited command of Trajan's company, Titus aspires to be the kind of leader that Trajan was. With every battle, he experienced firsthand how differently each alien species and daemon horde fought on the ground, and gradually, patterns of tactics emerged.

Now that he’s a Captain, Titus works to instill the same critical thinking in the men under his command. The energies struck down the Ultramarines one by one, until only Titus remained to face the Sorcerer. Although Titus understands why they must be vigilant, he still feels resentment over the fact that anyone could doubt his proven devotion to the Ultramarines. Titus mentions the Aurelian Crusade (the campaign of Dawn of War II) as already being a past event, and the splinter fleet that the Blood Ravens fought in the Aurelian Crusade was a splinter of Hive Fleet Leviathan (which first appeared in 997.M41), so Space Marine must happen after that. Avoidance of possible storyline conflicts was one of the major reasons behind the introduction of a new Chapter (the Blood Ravens) for all Relic's earlier Warhamer 40,000 games. Combat was as natural as breathing, and his spirit soared knowing that he was fighting a holy battle against the enemies of the Imperium. Outside of combat, his temper shows itself in a burst of cutting words and in steamrolling over the opposition to take what he thinks is the right course of action. As a Company Captain, the men under his command are dearer to him than his own life – if one of them is killed, Titus will not stop until the enemy responsible has paid in blood. To better understand the enemy and their motivations gives him insight into their strengths and weaknesses and into how to exploit those weaknesses in battle.

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