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Welcome to the new Picture Study Bible provided by Bible History Online with Maps and Background Information.
The Bible is a book that requires good understanding and explanation of the people, places, and events that it mentions. This is a growing project and you can expect to see changes and additions every day throughout the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Everything was much different than it is today, yet men and women and family values, and people's desire to worship God have always been inherent within people.
Archaeological notes, geographical notes, ancient documents and manuscripts, cultural notes, theological notes, articles from scholars, information about ancient history, ancient customs, ancient temples, ancient monuments, and a close look at people, places, and events from the ancient world that are explained in an easy to understand format.

The Bible world took place in the ancient near East, and during those times there were great empires like Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Greece, and Rome.
Craig Johnson, Yaacov Kuc, Chuck Smith, Jim Darden, Ron Haaland, The Translators of the KJV, and many others including Jesus, the Word of God. To fully understand we need to become familiar with Archaeology and history, the use of maps, pictures from museums, sketches from artists, and factual information from scholars who can determine with certainty that Biblical events are fixed facts in history. Studying the Bible begins with faith that the Bible is true, and the serious student of the Bible must be willing to look deeply at every aspect of the Scriptures.
Bible study is fun, enlightening, and spiritually illuminating, because the Word of God is alive and God's voice is real.

The Bible declares that the word of God became flesh, Jesus was the word of God in a human body.

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