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Author: admin, 08.12.2014
After a wonderful conference, we’re driving several hours to Chattanooga (or further!) to spend the night.
It was shared earlier this week in a post how each person has their own job and fulfills ita€”we love working as a team. Here is my view Wednesday and Thursday mornings for my morning personal Bible time, as I sat on one of the multiple decks of the house where we were staying. In the midst of our busy travel and conference trips, the Lord often gives us an oasis providing rest for our bodies and refreshment for our hearts.
While we have been in Carrollton, Ga, we have been blessed to be given a beautiful home, in which to stay, situated far into the woods between two creeks.
Tonight and tomorrow, we’re doing a final conference on this trip in Columbus, Georgia. Tonight, we had just pulled in for the night to stay at the house, when some unknown liquid oozed from under the fridge. The coordinator provided a dinner of eastern North Carolina BBQ for us, and we enjoyed the different style of BBQ from the Kansas City style. Hearts again seemed open to the message that was shared, and we pray the Lord Jesus will bring lasting fruit in the generations to come. We'll often do a few songs after the last session, and here are the five youngest waiting to go up front.
Most of you probably dona€™t know but Dad and Mom were not raised in the a€?perfecta€? home.
35 years ago, amid the deafening crashes of an evening thunderstorm, in a little chapel in Missouri, they became man and wife: never dreaming of all the Lord would do in their lives. We pray that God will allow you to continue to let your light shine before men (and their families)!
We decided we needed to make a test jumper to get the size correct before she tackled my jumper from the matching fabric.
As you invest in teaching your children in various areas, it can sometimes be discouraging and wearying.
Right before our conference in Perryton, Texas last February, the project was spraying the texture on the walls upstairs.
Mom and we girls brought fabric over to the new house, and starting setting up our little sewing area. For some reason, I was thinking about your house today, trying to remember how long you have been working on it. We have enjoyed the pictures; they’re a real encouragement as we work on our own house!
Congratulations Dad and Mom Maxwell for your daily faithfulness in teaching, encouraging, instructing, correcting, guiding, and praying for John!
May the Lord greatly use you, John, as you seek Him in doing whatever He has in store for your life. I think this trip is a little unusual in the fact that we will be stopping at home overnight next Wednesday, packing up more books, and then heading to the Rogers, Arkansas conference Thursday.
This will be likely be my last post until we’re officially on the road, and then we can update you with pictures.
Dad has done an incredible job of giving everyone direction--I think it'd be a little overwhelming with so many helpers. We have eaten together around a table with just our family in a home for the first time in a month. We give Friday evening concerts, but this was our first mid-week concert for a church, and wea€™ve been hoping to fill in our trips with the Wednesday night concerts.

I can hear the rushing of a nearby creek, and the family is scattered around the house and surrounding areas.
Tonight, wea€™ll be doing a gospel bluegrass concert here in Carrollton, Georgia, and tomorrow night, wea€™ll be doing our normal, evening homeschool conference at the same church. Dad came from a broken home, and Mom was being raised by parents who didn’t know the Lord Jesus as their Savior yet. The joy and love they have for each other and the family is inspiring, and their unfailing devotion to the Lord Jesus shines through them. Your family has been a huge encouragement to ours and we are so thankful for all that we have learned from y’all! With that amount of sewing time in my schedule, I could keep up with making matching dresses or jumpers for myself and my girls every few months.
When Anna was about twelve, I put into both of our schedules time for me to teach her to sew. Anna discerned how to alter the pattern not only to make it fit, but also to make it look better. With 5 children 10 and under, I am currently in that season where I have to do all the sewing and sometimes I wonder if it’s worth the time. It is another good reminder for me to invest not only in the academics of my girl’s education, but also the homemaking part. Please share what pattern you use for your jumpers and also where you find your modest tops to go under them. She’s such a little sweetie, delighting people with her expressive looks and giggles. Everyone chose their own room colors, and some had multiple to add variety, so it became quite complex ?? . We had been anticipating this special time of fellowship with our neighbors, and we had a delightful time.
It’s a relief to know if we’ve forgotten something on this month long trip, we can grab it a week into it! Melanie must have worked a long time on dinner–it was simply delicious (thanks, Melanie!). I overheard John walking out of the bus with a guy who had come to do something here, and John asked if he thought we’d be ready in time. We’re all looking forward to being in the bus and on our way to Denver come Thursday. Thursday, we discovered our freshwater tank, brand new and already installed behind two other tanks, had a leak.
A large crowd showed up for that nighta€™s conference, and wea€™re grateful to Holly for all the work she did in publicity.
It wasna€™t until after Dad and Mom were married that they each realized their need of a Savior and repented of their sins. Now at sixteen, she is undertaking her first set of matching jumpers, ones we will use for singing outfits.
The test jumper came out great, and she is ready to begin sewing the four matching jumpers. I havena€™t had sewing time on my schedule for ten years now, but we continue to have many hand-made outfits to wear. However, trying to find modest clothing for my daughters and myself in the stores (including thrift stores) is almost more time consuming and you don’t know for sure you are going to find anything acceptable, either.
All of us (my mom, my sister, and I) have been blessed with being able to sew and, since having changed to dresses, I have been able to become better skilled in this area.

As my daughters, (8,6,4) watched my take on the new task, they encouraged me to continue when I made mistakes.
I am struggling right now (in my pregnancy) to find tops to go under the jumpers I am sewing for myself. I was blessed to support Elissa throughout labor, and I’m thrilled to have Calia here. We know, at this point, not all the projects will be completed, but at least enough for the bus to be livable, Lord willing.
After discussing it with the manufacturer, they gave us a phone number of a place that could fix it. We have showered and washed dishes without being concerned about running out of water.A  We have enjoyed the beauty of Goda€™s magnificent creation. Things were picked up and moved around, trying to discern what it was (could it be the apple cider? We enjoyed a quiet day at the house wea€™ve been staying at; wea€™re ready for tonighta€™s conference!
Yes, a family graciously loaned us the use of their house for three nights here in Georgia. We plan to drive several hours Saturday night to get a head-start on Sundaya€™s long drive home. God works in mysterious ways, and even though they were not raised in Christian homes, God has wrought a beautiful work in their lives that is far beyond measure.
She has already made a jumper for herself from the pattern she will use, but it was a bit too small for me.
I have recently begun setting aside time each week to teach my daughter to sew (the 10-year-old) and am looking forward to the day when she can at least help, if not take over the sewing for us. I still need to work at it, and I am not nearly as good at it as I would like to be, but if I keep up the work, I know I can be one day! He has transformed our lives through His grace, and we pray and believe that He will transform this sweet little girl into a beautiful, shining light for His glory. It certainly is encouraging to know that seemingly impossible tasks (like building a house) can be done together as a family.
This allows us a sweet opportunity of reflection, and I find I learn more about others when they share from their lives. Several families stayed around and talked, and truly, every city we go to, we see a distinct purpose for being therea€”even if ita€™s just one family out of the group who is in desperate need of what is shared. It was wonderful to sit around a table together last night and spread out in the living room for family Bible time. I tried on another jumper we had made that was the next bigger size of that pattern, and it was too big. Everyone pitched in again this morning, from running errands, to finishing touches on the bus, to trying to get personal things packed, to leaving all the Titus2 shipping things in order for G&G (Grandma and Grandad), and more. The refrigerator is actually from the old, tiny house that sat on the property our new house resides on ?? .

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