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Author: admin, 20.02.2014
I had to go back and fourth through all of your pictures over and over, each time I saw more that you have done with this project. Andy great looking Willy’s wagon,what did you use for the running boards and rear fenders? Im in the works of building my own show wagon, I have a 4 ink in the rear with a 3 link in the front ive got a 502 chevy crate motor in it with a heavy duty turbo 350 and a atlas transfer case everything is all in right now but have to do a lot of little things. Turned into an all out custom that we are enjoying taking out cruising on weekends and to local shows, where we have won several trophies!
Then the body work so ive been looing on the internet for different ideas on rear fenders reason for I have a 14 bolt rear end and a dana 60 front so they are a little wider then the stock.

Then I removed the flare and welded a piece of flat metal to the rod, carefully bending it over the rod and welding it in the fillet where it meets the body sheet metal. I seen your fenders and really like them so was wondering to get some more pictures from you to maybe make something like them for my wagon. Had to change up on exhaust, fuel pump, shocks, bump stops, ladder bars, sway bars, perches, u-bolts and plates, limiting straps, and rolled the pinion up for a CV driveshaft.
I also built a 47 CJ-2A with a Pontiac 400 auto trans and 35″ tires with Detroit lockers that was scary fast. Our tires stick out much further than the original fenders and we love how you did yours along with the running boards.

The effect I was looking for was as if the body had been made for this setup, with the contours flowing around it properly. There was a lot of measuring and looking and checking during the welding process to keep it all looking good.

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